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Travel software for travel agents and tour operators, multilingual, Azure coud based. Enquire today how our travel software can enhance your travel operation. No setup is needed - SaaS model is available.

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Travel software

  1. 1. choosing the right solution for your business
  2. 2. Choosing travel software Travel is an enormous industry, with numerous fields, areas and specializations Various fields require different types of travel software, from BigData analysis to online booking distribution Choosing the right travel software for your business is essential for efficient growth cycle and expansion.
  3. 3. Travel software for tour operators Tour operators by their nature, require tour operating systems, usually consisting of several components:  Inventory management –storage of prices and availability for different travel products  Packaging capabilities – ability to combine various travel products stored in the inventory  Accounting modules – invoicing and financial controls  Booking engine – ability to sell inventory products online  B2B – business to business distribution via online travel software  3rd Party connectivity – real time connectivity to external suppliers and GDS systems for immediate booking
  4. 4. Travel software for travel agents Travel agents usually require less complicated software, compared to tour operators:  Online booking engine with access to hotel, car and flight resources  Ability to package products dynamically – aka dynamic packaging  Order management control  Simplified accounting capabilities  Larger travel agencies can also provide b2b to redistribute to smaller agencies and agents
  5. 5. Travel software for travel networks There’re dozens of travel networks and travel agent network worldwide Usually agents join specific network to gain access to wider selection of resources at negotiated prices, thus having larger profit margins or higher commissions Travel software in this case will be combination of tour operating software and solutions for travel agents, with HQ having larger infrastructure and each participant having a partial system installed with limited capabilities.
  6. 6. Travel software for TMCs Travel managements companies (TMCs) serve both corporate clients and other organizations, which require professional management of their travel expenses TMCs require a special blend of travel software, one that is capable of providing full tour operating capabilities on one hand, with more advanced GDS capabilites on the other In addition, TMCs like to provide their clients extranets, similar to agent b2b access, to allow self booking capabilites
  7. 7. Travel software for OTAs Online travel agencies (OTAs) sell directly to consumers and rely on real time connectivity to wide range of travel resources and suppliers Most commonly OTA’s have own development centers and perform major of the development in-house. However, providing OTA’s with aggregated resources of numerous hotel, car, flight and other providers via XML API can save them months of development
  8. 8. Travel software as a service SaaS is becoming very popular, and with cloud computing advancing, installable solutions will quickly disappear from the travel software landscape There are numerous advantages to travel SaaS models, especially for small and medium size travel companies The resources needed to develop own software usually will outweigh 5 to 1 the cost of SaaS usage.
  9. 9. Carsolize travel software Carsolize has developed a widespread infrastructure to accommodate needs of several market segments, from small agencies to large OTAs and tour operators Carsolize travel software as a service will help you concentrate on business development, rather than sinking in the technical aspects of data mining We invite you to visit our website and check which solutions can fit best for you and your organization.
  10. 10. Contact us Email: Website: Phone: 00972-3-5345465Thank you! Carsolize team