Presentation for JISC Webinar - making the most of course information 130712


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These are the slides from the making the most of course information project seminar 13th July 2012 for PCA

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  • Both FE and HE Students used UCAS, Online and the University website as the first point. FE students were specific and said that they went to the PCA website first – this may mean that they already knew they wanted to go here. It is worth noting that HE students were note specific as they cast a wider net, they did not refer specifically to PCA.
  • Expression was made of the degree of importance, some were high and some whilst important weren’t pivotal was. Mode of transport was remarked upon frequently i.e walking, cycling, buses. Not moving out included the financial independence staying at home provided. With 50% of FE and HE students rating location as very important.
  • Same results for both HE and FE
  • Some of these factors only changed in importance once factors outside of their control changed the situation.
  • HE also included – Success rates, meeting the tutors, information on the tutors, employability etc
  • What is interesting to note is that FE and HE students gave fairly high importance to all factors listed, so were heavily influenced by the opinions of others.
  • FE found the website to be the most important, whilst HE found the interview a fraction more important, interestingly both weren’t particularly bother by social networking sites or league tables - 81% of HE Students place the interview as very important, with FE finding the website the most important source of information
  • A high importance was placed on meeting the course team and tutors before making the decision by both FE and HE students.
  • Presentation for JISC Webinar - making the most of course information 130712

    1. 1. JISCMaking the most of Course Information Project Elaine Garcia & Kerry Dungay
    2. 2. Stage 2 – Dissemination of Research from Stage 1• Survey included 29 Questions designed from pilot open ended question• 2 week window to respond• Utilised surveymonkey• 94 HE Students responded• 29 FE Students responded• Questions such as…..When you first thought about choosing a course how important werethe following factors to you……
    3. 3. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 6 6 3 2FE Students 2 2 1 1 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 UCAS 26 The website 24 Online 21 College Prospectus 12 9 Onsite 7 Word of mouth 5 Open day First place students looked 4 Professional referral HE Students 4 Google 3 Other 3 Already studying at… 2 Leflets/newspapers 1 Radio
    4. 4. When first thinking about choosing a course, factors that were important. FE Students HE Students• The most important factor was • Almost 100% of respondents course content said that course content and facilities and resources were• Other important factors were very important facilities and resources, atmosphere and • Atmosphere and career related career related issues issues were also very important• No one found course content unimportant
    5. 5. Location, Location, Location FE Students HE Students What was important about location14 What was important about location 2512 2010 8 15 6 10 4 5 2 0 0
    6. 6. Changing my mind…. Have any of the factors that you thought were important / unimportant changed as you are getting closer to making a decision about where and what you wanted to study next?• FE STUDENTS • HE STUDENTS o Yes 31% o Yes 33% o No 69% o No 67%
    7. 7. What changed?FE Students HE Students• Costs and course tutors became a • Tutors and course content more important factor became more important. • Moving away and reputation became less important
    8. 8. I needed to know about... When you have been thinking about a course is there any information that you would have liked to have had relating to the course or institution that you have been unable to access so far?FE Students• 72% said they did not need HE Students more information. • 79% said they did not need more• Types of information required information included: • Extra information on module o Financial information was the highest on the o Learning outcomes information agenda o Hours spent with staff and self study
    9. 9. Who’s opinion really matters?FE Students HE Students • 94% said that previous students’• Almost half the respondents (not on same course) opinion was place importance on the opinion fairly important of their parents • 83% said that parents were fairly• Careers advisor opinion was important largely fairly important • Students’ opinions already on the• Followed by girlfriend/partner/ course were also rated as boyfriend important
    10. 10. Important information sourcesFE Students HE Students How important were the following sources of How important were the following sources of information to you when you were trying to find information to you when you were trying to find information about a course or institution? (FE) information about a course or institution? (HE)25 70 Very Very Important20 Important 60 Fairly 50 Important15 Fairly Important 40 Neither10 Important or Neither 30 Unimportant Important or Fairly 205 Unimportant Unimportant Fairly 10 Very0 Unimportant 0 Unimportant
    11. 11. When can we meet? From your experience how important do you think it is to meet the course team / people who will be teaching you before you make the decision about what / where to study?• 58% of FE Students felt it was very important and 38% fairly important• 76% of HE students felt it was very important and 23% fairly• Neither group considered it unimportant.
    12. 12. What this means for our Stage 2 Project• Highlighting important information to students: – Course Content – Tutors experience – Tutors research and experience – Utilising GuildHE CREST Mahara System and working with ULCC to link aspect of staff portfolios to fields within XCRI-CAP and provide students with a greater range of information so they can choose the most appropriate course and are more likely to make the right choice