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  1. 1. TopTeam World Creating Business Value
  2. 2. In Brief TopTeam World is a consulting firm specialized in offering high value and creative coaching & mentoring services to the Executive Management of Greek and International Companies with a specific focus on Strategy Implementation including Business Development, Operational Excellence, Brand Leadership and Top Team Effectiveness. 2
  3. 3. Creating Value The Business Case for Strategy Implementation Formulating strategy is a difficult task, but making strategy work – executing or implementing it throughout the organization - is very often more difficult. This is the reason why in more than 90% of cases strategy is partially or not at all executed (Fortune Magazine), failing to deliver the value expected by the shareholders. The road to effective strategy execution is full of obstacles and dangers, among which: • Planning and execution are inter-dependent. They are part of an overall planning-execution-adapting process where the involvement and interaction of planners and doers is a must for achieving a successful strategy implementation. Creating and developing a leadership team combining these capabilities is a key challenge for the CEOs, requiring leadership excellence and effective top team coaching. • Execution must be a well-planned process. Time and continuous effort are required in order to align all elements of the organization, combining short-term results with the achievement of the long-term strategic objectives. The execution can combine business integration and/or business transformation (i.e. for mergers & acquisitions) with culture and leadership change that will require complex and inter-related action plans at all levels of the organization. • Execution usually involves many people. Communication and strategy decoding play a key role in cascading the strategy at the lowest levels of the organization and across functions. Making the strategy actionable within a large multinational organization with different business lines and geographical locations is a major challenge for the leadership team. In short, Key Success Factors for a successful implementation of strategy include Managing Change as a transformation mechanism involving all processes of the operating model, working on People Engagement at all levels in order to reduce stress and insure engagement, and building a “Real Team” at the Top with appropriate leadership capabilities. 3
  4. 4. Delivering Value Gilles Gambade Business Coach and Mentor • 2008 Managing Partner at TopTeam World. 1998-2008 Director at Hay Group Business development and delivery of large scale projects in Leadership and Business Background Transformation (France, Spain, Italy, BA, Business Administration & Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Marketing, Israel, Egypt). MSC, International Finance, Post-Graduate Diploma in 1996–1998 General Manager of CHYMA Operational Research, (Production and distribution of chemical Certified Expert Consultant in products). Leadership Transformation & Organization Effectiveness, 1993–1996 Project Manager International Certification in Health Care International (Development of a Executive and Team Coaching new hospital), Union des Assurances de Certified NLP Practitioner Paris, Ergodata and TVX Gold (Mergers & Certified Assessor for Barrett Values Acquisitions, Business Transformation). Model (Culture Tranformation Tools) 1990–1993 Ass. General Manager of Mednet Memberships (Health care insurance management). French-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce 1987–1990 Senior Manager in ADDAX (Consulting in Organization and Information E.E.D.E. Technology ). International Coach Federation Founding Member of Hellenic In France, Project/Country Manager in Oil Coaching Association Engineering Industry in Middle-East, USA, Northern Europe and Africa, and Director Beautiful Soul (Social Entrepreneurship in Africa) in the Strategic Consulting Services. 4
  5. 5. Business Focus Creativity Mentoring & Coaching in Strategy Implementation • Business Development (B.O.D and CEO): Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Joint Ventures, Business Turnaround, Commercial Partnership Operational Excellence (Management Team): Strategy Review, Business & Operating Model, Strategic Planning, Corporate Mission & Vision, Performance Score Card, Change Management and Culture Transformation • Leadership Brand (Management Teams): Leadership Development and Executive Coaching • Top Team Effectiveness (B.O.D and Management Team): Team Development Programs and Team Coaching. 5
  6. 6. Indicative Clients Abertis Group Alcan Alfa Laval Allianz Alpha Bank Alumil Astra Zeneca Citadel Group Credit Agricole Group Eurobank Excel Maritime Greek PPC Groupama Titan/Ionia Janssen Cilag OSG Pfizer Printec Group Contact Details PZ Cussons - Minerva Renault Group Sarantis Group Mobile: +30 6944295181 Savola Foods Office: +30 2107454603 Shering Plough Athens Tower, 2 Messogion avenue, 11527 – Athens- Greece 6