How To Cure Acne


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How To Cure Acne

  1. 1. ==== ====Read this amazing story, you too can have clear skin ====Almost everybody in this world suffer from acne. The severity may vary from mild to highly severedepending on the age and the pimples. Acne is commonly found in young adults who areteenagers. For these people the changes in the hormone secretion during the puberty willstimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. When dirt combines with oil, it leads to thedevelopment of bacteria. As a result, pimples are formed and pimples are generally found in face,chest, and neck and in some cases they appear in shoulders also.People in the age group of 12-24 suffer from temporal acne and their pimples will go away even ifthey dont take treatments. But acne may appear in adults too and adult acne must be treatedproperly to maintain healthy skin. To treat acne, the main reason for the cause of acne has to beidentified.When you suffer from acute acne you must consult a dermatologist for further treatment. Manypeople use ointments that are prescribed for their friends or relatives. Every person has a uniqueskin and a different reason for the appearance of pimples. Hence it is necessary to visit a doctorfor acne treatments.The acne treatments will always result in slow disappearance of pimples. There is no singletreatment that produces magic or treats acne. The medication will last for six weeks for providingcure. The treatment that was effective with one person may not have the same result on the otherperson. The dermatologist must analyze the skin and the cause for acne for curing it. If anyointment promises magical result for acne, just ignore it.Various home remedies are followed to cure acne. These home remedies can be followed whenthe problems are mild.oDrink lots of wateroWash your face often with a good quality face wash to clear the dirt and the oil that hasaccumulated. The dirt might block the pores resulting in the development of bacteria. The poresmust be open so that the skin breathes.oMake a paste of baking soda and apply on your pimples. This helps in reducing the itchy feelingand the reddish nature of the swelling.oMake a paste of oatmeal and water and apply on the pimples for atleast twenty minutes.oMake a paste out of smashes apple and four tablespoons of honey and apply on your face. Thisface mask will reduce the oil in the skin and nourishes the skin.
  2. 2. TreatmentsSevere cases of acne might develop pustules and cysts on the skin with a transparent fluid fillingthe pustules. When not treated properly these cysts will break down and the fluid will affect thearea of the skin that is exposed to it. It is necessary to visit a dermatologist to get the prescribedtreatment for acute acne.oPeel treatment - a mixture of glycolic acid and light chemicals will loosen the black heads andreduce the pain. This should be done by a dermatologist.oComedo extractions - acne is sometimes called as comedo. The black heads and whiteheads areremoved directly in this treatment. This will cure acne faster but it must be done by an expert.Check the qualifications of your dermatologist before taking this treatment. If this treatment isimproperly finishes, then the skin may be affected by streptococci and staphylococci infectionwhich will result in scars.oSurgery - for larger cysts that contain fluids, the only way to cure them is to open the cyst anddrain the puss. The pustules are surgically extracted but the scar will remain.oLaser therapy - the latest technology in acne treatment use the laser beam to destroy thebacteria that is causing the infection. Small scars can also be treated using laser and they willdisappear after the treatment thereby removing the irregularities in the skin.oAcupuncture - this involves stimulating certain points in the body to activate the self repair systemin the human body. Though there is no proof for this treatment many people are taking thistreatment as it has no side effects at all.Over the counter treatmentsCertain medicines that provide cure for common acne are available in the market. Thesemedicines can be used for curing acne but they produce slow results. Mild acne can be treated bythese common medicines.Benzyl Peroxide - this is a bleaching agent and a mild composition can be applied on pimples.This will remove oil and will stop the development of P.acnes which is responsible for causingacne. This should not be applied on hair and must be carefully used. Otherwise, the skin willbecome very dry.Resorcinol - this removes whiteheads and blackheadsSalicylic Acid - this will reduce the itch and the pain. But it cannot fight against the bacteria norreduce the oil secretion.Sulfur - this is used in combination with the above chemicals for curing acne. The actual reason forthe effectiveness of sulfur is still unknown.B5 vitamins - certain dermatologist prescribe consumption of b5 vitamin pills as it fights against
  3. 3. acne.PrescriptionThe above home remedies can be followed to cure acne. But if they dont work you need toconsult a dermatologist. The doctor may prescribe any one of the following:oTopical microbials - climdamycin and erythromycin are antimicrobials used for curing acne.oTopical Retinoids - these are vitamin derivatives that are commonly prescribed for acne withswelling. This may lead to irritation to some skin types and may cause the skin tobe more sensitiveto sun.oOral Antibiotics - these are also used for caring acne as they fight against p.acnes.oOral Contraceptives - these will restrain the hyperactive sebaceous glands thus minimizing theserum that is produced.ProductsAcne can be cured by creams, gels and foam that can fight against p.acnes or control the oil thatis produced. Creams are prescribed for dry skin and gels are prescribed for oily skin.Generally doctors will prescribe medicines along with some of these products for curing acne.Certain products may cause itching but dont scratch your pimple. Also always consult a doctorwhen you have acne and dont follow self medication.Visit Acne Articles to know about Acne Home Remedies.Looking for Web Content Writer. Look No further...CWS Content Writer Services are pioneer in Health / medical Content Writing. We have In houseTeam, of Professional Medical writers to satisfy your requirement. Get Unique Health RelatedContent At Lowest rates.Article Source: ====
  4. 4. Read this amazing story, you too can have clear skin ====