Why smokers are switching


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This Slideshow looks at why smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes. http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk is an electronic cigarette review and discount site. Get your ecig discount code and order direct

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Why smokers are switching

  1. 1. A lot of people are mindful of the healthhazards surrounding cigarettes but yet anenormous number of cigarette smokerscontinue to smoke tobacco cigarettes.This is typically because they takepleasure in tobacco smoking far too muchor that theyre addicted and cannot stop.Theres now a healthier alternative - thee-cig.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 2
  2. 2. Look after your healthThe majority of smokers are institutionalised by their habit and cannot escape thegrip of smoking well into old age. Only when smokers get old do they start tonotice how rapidly their health is declining, and this is often way before theyreach their natural life span. This is usually a terrifying prospect for a lot of peoplewho smoke, and for that reason many want to change the outlook of their futureand live longer. In this regard, e-cigarettes are appealing to people who cannotstop smoking. Some individuals find it difficult to give up, so the e cig offers anexperience very similar to the genuine thing. However, instead of harmful tobaccosmoke filling their lungs, smokers inhale a harmless perfumed vapour.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 3
  3. 3. Safeguard the health of those around youIn some cases, those around people whosmoke are the people that suffer the most.If passive smokers health starts to getworse or if their respiratory systembecomes damaged due to inhaling thesmoke of others, this can severely impacton the mental health of the smoker.Powered cigarettes help to eliminatepassive smoking which helps everybody. Ittruly is the beginning of a lengthy road torecovery, and powered cigarettes helppeople to resist the temptation to go backto tobacco cigarettes.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 4
  4. 4. Spend lessThe cost of smoking is large and its verylikely to get even bigger as taxes rise. Aspowered cigarettes do not containtobacco, they are not susceptible to thesame tobacco taxes and are for thatreason significantly cheaper thantobacco cigarettes. Typically, e-cigs workout around 70% cheaper for the averagesmoker. Think of what that additionalcash could possibly be used on.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 5
  5. 5. Smoking can be environmentally friendly tooFires emit an enormous level ofdangerous chemical substances into theatmosphere that adds to globalwarming. By smoking a traditionalcigarette, you are adding to this also.Despite the fact that this is on a lotsmaller scale, you will be effectivelylighting a fire each and every time youlight up a cigarette. Multiply this by theamount of cigarettes smoked everysingle day, the effects are substantial. Byswitch to electronic cigarettes, you arestopping this from happening.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 6
  6. 6. There are a number of different flavoursProbably the most popular ecigaretteflavours are the tobacco flavours. This ismainly due to the fact it is a good way ofgetting tobacco smokers to change to ecigarettes. Once smokers have made thechange however, they generally becomea lot more adventurous and begin tryingthe fruit flavours and move away fromthe traditional flavours.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 7
  7. 7. NicotineNicotine is the addictive element incigarettes. It is contained in most ecigarettes to help encourage tobaccosmokers to switch. Without nicotine ofcourse, moving over to ecigs would berather challenging. It is possible to havingsaid that, purchase ecigs without anynicotine and a lot of ecigarettemanufacturers allow you to to decide onthe nicotine content and therefore itspossible to wean yourself off nicotineentirely.http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 8
  8. 8. If you are looking to buy an electronic cigarette, visit http://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk for reviews and discount codeshttp://www.best-electric-cigarettes.co.uk 9