Organising a business conference in london


Published on This PowerPoint presentation looks at things to consider when organising a conference including the different conference venues in London

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Organising a business conference in london

  1. 1. Planning a conference in LondonMerchant Taylors’
  2. 2. Conferences A lot of organisations run conferences to get new clients. Seminars are a very good method of demonstrating your competencies in front of prospects. Furthermore they give you the opportunity to meet prospects and with any luck, close those vital contracts.Merchant Taylors’ 2
  3. 3. The audience is key An amazing conference demands a great audience. Unless the right guests attend, you are not likely to get a lot of business. Like with all marketing, it all comes down to targeting. To do this though requires time which means booking a venue that will do a great deal of the planning for you.Merchant Taylors’ 3
  4. 4. London Being the business hub of Britain, London is the perfect location to hold a conference but with lots of good conference venues in London, deciding on the appropriate venue can be extremely tough. Of course one of the simplest ways to arrange a conference is to hire an event planner. They will arrange everything for you and take responsibility should something go wrong. This however is an added expense and one that many people cant afford as they try to keep costs to a minimum. Assuming that you will organise the seminar yourself, what should you search for to make sure your expo is effective?Merchant Taylors’ 4
  5. 5. Pick a conference venue that is easy to get to A venues location may have a large impact on the number of delegates that show up. The harder it is for delegates to get to the conference venue, the fewer delegates will attend. Its a good idea to pick a London events venue with a good location which is close to the majority of your guests.Merchant Taylors’ 5
  6. 6. Drinks and Canapés Its normal to give guests drinks on arrival. This can be an excellent opportunity to impress also. Rather than just offering coffee and tea, how about offering fruit drinks as well and some canapés.Merchant Taylors’ 6
  7. 7. Service Making sure that youve invited the correct delegates is fundamental. Usually though, sending invites is done last and the top priority is placed on choosing the conference venue and arranging audio-video equipment. When booking an events venue, you need to book one thatll look after most of the organising for you. This will enable you to focus on inviting the right guests.Merchant Taylors’ 7
  8. 8. Size of the venue The venue size can have a huge influence on your event. Impressions are very important and booking an events venue that is too large could make your seminar appear unpopular. It also wastes your budget. The main reason people book the wrong sized venue is because they dont know the number of delegates that will show up when looking for conference venues in London. The simplest way to get around this problem is to hire an events venue that has several conference rooms and will enable you to move rooms if required.Merchant Taylors’ 8
  9. 9. Are you looking for a conference venue? Give Merchant Taylors’ a call 020 7450 4459 Taylors’ 9