Best electric cigarettes


Published on Electric cigarettes are a much healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Have a look at this PowerPoint presentation to find out more

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Best electric cigarettes

  1. 1. The electronic cigaretteThe electronic cigarette is a fairly new device developed to simulate a traditionalcigarette by making an inhalable flavoured mist. Ecigarettes tastes and looks justlike a classic cigarette, but it comes without having the health risks smoking is sonotorious for.The ecigarette is really a safe option for tobacco smokers who are in search of arisk-free alternative to tobacco, but are not ready to quit the habit altogether.Some also find it a much more gradual method of giving up smoking, usingelectric cigarettes as a cessation device. 2
  2. 2. The different parts of an ecigThe wonderful thing about poweredcigarettes is there very simple design.They are split up into 4 main sections:the LED which lights up as soon as e-cigis breathed through, the battery, theatomiser which warms the e-liquid andthe cartridge which holds the ejuice. Thecartridge is also the mouthpiece of thee-cigarette thats breathed through. Thebatteries can be recharged and thecartridges may be replaced, helping tokeep the costs down. 3
  3. 3. Automatic or manualWhen picking an e cigarette, youve gotthe option between an automatic and amanual ecig. Its advisable to begin withan automatic ecigarette as it is definitelythe simplest type and will turn on theinstant you breathe through the ecig.Manual electric cigarettes are excellentfor those that have been smoking ecigsfor a while as theyre going to offer youa great deal more control althoughtheyre less convenient as you have gotto hold a button to operate the e-cig. 4
  4. 4. E-juice or E-liquidThe e-liquid is made from a propyleneglycol or glycerine based solution. Theliquid could be flavoured with a hugeselection of different flavours, by far themost popular being tobacco flavour -making the switch as authentic andseamless as you can. Fruity flavours arepretty popular for all those that have beensmoking ecigs for a long time. You caneven select the nicotine content of the e-juice. Usually, you would begin with highernicotine levels and then slowly weaningyourself off if you choose to. 5
  5. 5. No ashTobacco cigarettes are incredibly dirty.They produce ash, stain things yellowand make you clothes smell. This wasyet another pitfall with cigarettes inaddition to the enormous health risks. Ecigs are not only more healthy, theyrealso much cleaner. Powered cigarettesrelease a harmless, odourless smell anddue to the fact absolutely nothing isburnt, theres no ash. 6
  6. 6. Different sized ecigsE-cigs vary in size and appearance. Someare very similar in appearance to regularcigarettes; others look more like a ballpoint pen. Every model sharescompatible parts, regardless of whichmanufacturer produced them. There arevarious pros and cons to each type of e-cigarette, including the life of thebattery, size, user control and durability.There are plenty of ways to customise ecigs like lots of colour options, as well as“bling!” 7
  7. 7. Different sized ecigsIt is generally accepted that “vaping” orusing an electronic cigarette as analternative to tobacco and poses muchless of health risk. E-cigs do not containany tobacco as such, however nicotine hastraces of tobacco as nicotine contains avery small amount of tobacco. Having saidthat, the reason cigarettes are so bad foryour health is because they burn tobaccoand that youre breathing in tobaccosmoke. E cigs however just heat the e-juiceand for that reason they dont give off anyharmful carcinogens 8
  8. 8. If you are looking to buy an electronic cigarette, visit for reviews and discount codes 9
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