Fast, Flat and Free: How the Internet Has Changed Your Business


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Do you know the Internet has changed your business, but you don’t know how? And – more importantly – perhaps you don’t know what to do about it.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t know the rules have changed. They think Internet marketing is about branding, hype, advertising, mass markets, needs, traffic, transactions, copywriting and better products and services.

It’s not. It’s about personality, value, reputation, niches, wants, communities, connections, buying frames and better experiences.

If you’re a business owner, you must change your business to stay ahead.

My new book "Fast, Flat and Free" shows you what has changed, and helps you create a practical strategy to take advantage of the incredible opportunities.

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Fast, Flat and Free: How the Internet Has Changed Your Business

  1. 1. Fast, Flat and Free How the Internet Has Changed Your
  2. 2. You know the Internet has changed your business
  3. 3. You know the Internet has changed your businessYou might not know how and you might not know what to do about it
  4. 4. You know the Internet has changed your businessYou might not know how and you might not know what to do about itMaybe it hasn’t touched you yet ... but it will ... soon ...
  5. 5. You know the Internet has changed your businessYou might not know how and you might not know what to do about itMaybe it hasn’t touched you yet ... but it will ... soon ...You know it’s only a matter of time
  6. 6. Here’s the problem … Your customers and clients can get access to your products andfast services instantly, from somebody else and somewhere flat else, and for little or no cost. free
  7. 7. The World Has Changed ... Have YOU?
  8. 8. Our life is fast – “soon” is too slow, and “tomorrow” is way too late
  9. 9. The world is flat – we can get whatwe want from anywhere and anyone
  10. 10. We want it all free – and somebodysomewhere, can give it at that price
  11. 11. The Road Ahead Become an authority Build a community Sell with respect
  12. 12. YOUR YOUR YOURBUSINESS MARKET MARKETINGshow your serve a make face niche connectionslead with give what set buying value they want frames invest in build your deliverreputation tribe experiences
  13. 13. Show Your Face, Not Just Your BrandInternet users connect with people,not businesses. Be the face of yourbrand. Your customers want to learnabout you as a person, so they canmake a real connection. 1. Claim your on-line identityDo This 2. Design a positioning statement 3. Put it all together in a video
  14. 14. Lead With Value, Not With HypeBig companies with deep pocketscan still succeed by throwing moneyinto advertising campaigns, butmost business owners cant. Leadyour marketing with value instead. 1. Be an expert 2. Publish high-quality articles Do This 3. Leverage with a blog, newsletter, podcast, slide shows, video, etc.
  15. 15. Invest in Reputation, Not Just AdvertisingMany people will hear about youon-line before they ever visit yourWeb site. Establish, build andnurture your on-line reputation in anumber of places – not just on yourWeb site. 1. Extend your reach with social mediaDo This 2. Learn from peers and colleagues 3. Monitor your reputation on-line
  16. 16. Serve a Niche, Not The Mass MarketMost businesses cast theirmarketing net too wide, scared thatthey will miss opportunities andlose market share. Take theopposite approach: Find a niche,and serve that niche. 1. Identify a nicheDo This 2. Make sure it’s profitable 3. Adjust your marketing
  17. 17. Give Them What They Want, Not What Youve GotMost businesses sell what theyvegot, even if its not what thecustomer wants. This cansometimes work, but its hardly thebasis for a strong on-goingrelationship. 1. Conduct on-line surveysDo This 2. Know the right questions to ask 3. Interpret and use the results
  18. 18. Build Your Tribe, Dont Chase The CrowdBuild and nurture your "tribe" – thenetwork of people in your business.These are not just your customersand clients – they are other peoplewho influence your businesssuccess. 1. Insource, outsource and crowdsource 2. Collaborate with peersDo This 3. 4. Affiliate with influencers Engage more with customers 5. Sell to advertisers
  19. 19. Make Connections, Not Just TransactionsThe Internet has changed the entirebuying process. Buyers are ready tobuy when they perceive a need.Sellers are ready to sell when theyspot a prospect. Now, the buy cycleoften starts long before the seller iseven aware there is a cycle. 1. Get permissionDo This 2. Write a high-quality newsletter
  20. 20. Set Buying Frames, Not Just Features and BenefitsYou dont know somebodys frameof mind when they are visiting yourWeb site. If theyre in the wrongframe of mind, they just wont buy. 1. Create a path for site visitors 2. Write a compelling home pageDo This 3. Be more persuasive on your Web site 4. Use a sales letter template
  21. 21. Deliver Experiences, Not Just Products and ServicesIts no longer good enough to selljust products or services. In simpleterms, products can be outsourcedto China and services can beoutsourced to India. What cant beoutsourced are experiences. 1. Improve the product experienceDo This 2. Improve the buying experience 3. Fix your shopping cart
  22. 22. About Gihan PereraI’m an Internet coach for thoughtleaders, experts and businessprofessionals.I’ve been using the Internet since 1987;and since 1997, I’ve been helping businessowners do better e-marketing and e-learning.
  23. 23. Did the Internet change your worldwhile you were looking the other way? Fast, Flat and Free will show you what has changed, and how you can take advantage of it in your business.