Content Marketing Made Easy


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Use high-quality content to attract high-quality traffic, which leads to high-quality customers, This presentation shows you how to take one idea and turn it into 21 different pieces of high-quality content, which you can use for marketing purposes

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Content Marketing Made Easy

  1. 1. Content Marketing Made Easy Turn One Idea Into 21 Pieces of Marketing Material
  2. 2. Use high-quality content toattract high-quality traffic, whichleads to high-quality customersThis report shows you how totake one idea and turn it into 21different pieces of high-qualitycontent, which you can use formarketing purposes Gihan Perera
  3. 3. First, follow thesesteps to write a high- quality article thatsolves a problem foryour target market...
  4. 4. Go to and lookfor attention-grabbing headlines on magazine covers Magazine cover headlines are written by highly-paid marketers, so you can tap into their expertise!
  5. 5. Pick a headlinepromising alist, not justone item
  6. 6. Change the headline to match your topic “Concealer tips from the pros” “Customer service tips from the pros” “Social media tips from the pros” “Dog grooming tips from the pros” “Wedding planning tips from the pros”
  7. 7. Write a 400-500 word article on this topicStart with a brief introductoryparagraph, then write 5-6 pointswith a paragraph to explain eachpoint, then end with a concludingparagraph
  8. 8. Now, let’s look at 21ways to leverage this article ...
  9. 9. 1. Publish the article on your blog Think of your blog as a journal for your business – it will be the hub for everything else you do If you don’t already have a blog, create one free at
  10. 10. 2. Publish it in your e-mail newsletterAn e-mail newsletter allowsyou to send material directlyinto your subscribers’ in-boxIf you don’t have an e-mailnewsletter, create one freeat
  11. 11. 3. Submit the article to This allows other people to copy your article and use it in their material – as long as they promote you as well
  12. 12. 4. Post the article on Google+Google+ allows you to postentire articles, and Googleuses them in search results
  13. 13. 5. Offer to post the articleon somebody else’s blog Look for blogs that reach the same target market as yours, but written by non-competing authors
  14. 14. 6. Offer to submit the article tosomebody else’se-mail newsletter
  15. 15. 7. Print it on your letterhead and post it to 20 key people in your network People do still appreciate getting material by mail
  16. 16. Create an audioversion for the peoplewho prefer to listen ...
  17. 17. 8. Read it out loud, recordit and post the MP3 file on your Web site as a free download
  18. 18. 9. Post the MP3 file to yourpodcast (audio newsletter)A podcast is an audionewsletter – deliveredautomatically to listenersIf you don’t have a podcast,use to create it
  19. 19. Now let’s make it more visual ...
  20. 20. 10. Turn it into a PowerPointpresentation and publish it Think of Slideshare as “YouTube for PowerPoint”
  21. 21. 11. Publish the same PowerPoint presentation to AuthorStream.comAuthorStream is not as big as Slideshare, but it still has a large number of users
  22. 22. 12. Save the PowerPoint slides as individualgraphics, and use them to create a series of printed postcards
  23. 23. 13. Use to create an infographicfrom the article’s content
  24. 24. Let’s make a video ...
  25. 25. 14. Record aYouTubevideo, talkingthrough thearticle pointby point
  26. 26. 15. Save your PowerPoint slides asindividual graphics, and use to create an animated slide show Animoto turns a collection of pictures into an attractive slide show with music and animation
  27. 27. Expand the article to create even moresubstantial content ...
  28. 28. 16. Expand each of the points in thearticle and turn it into a special report,which you publish as a free PDFdownload on your Web site The report should be about 4-5 pages long
  29. 29. 17. Upload the PDF reportto Issuu.comThink of Issuu as “YouTubefor special reports”
  30. 30. 18. Turn the article intoa one-page diagnostictool, and publish this asa PDF reportFor each point in thearticle, replace theexplanation with asimple 0-5 rating scale
  31. 31. Make it an event ...
  32. 32. 19. Conduct a free Question & Answer teleseminar Use a service like to conduct the teleseminar
  33. 33. 20. Run a free educational webinar on this topic Use to conduct your webinar
  34. 34. 21. Use a Google+ Hangout to run an educational videoconference call on this topic This is similar to the teleseminar, except participants can see you as well
  35. 35. Good luck with your content marketing! Leveraging your thought leadership
  36. 36. Visit for free resourcesThe Expert Gold newsletterThe Internet Business Revolutionwebinar seriesThe Expert Gold Radio show Leveraging yourMore e-books and special reports thought leadership