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01 metode aps

  1. 1. Administrasi Pekerjaan Sosial METODE PEKSOS
  2. 2. Methode Peksos Ada lima metode utama Peksos, dengan dua pendapat pemilahan;  Dipandang sebagai metode yang terbagi kedalam  Primary method : casework, group work. Dan community organizing  Enabling method: research, dan administration  Dipandang sebagai metode yang tidak dapat terpisahkan, disebut dengan the problem-solving method; yang difokuskan dalam memahami dan pemecahan masalah yang berkaitan dengan social functioning dan social relationship.
  3. 3. Peksos yang berperang sebagai: Dalam setiap metode praktik pekerjaan sosial, seorang peksos memerankan:  Casework ---- ?  Group work ----?  Community Organzing ----?  Administrasi ----?  Research ----?
  4. 4. Pengertian Process of transforming social policy into social service................ ....a two way process:  Transforming policy into concrete social services  Use of exeprience in recomending modification of policy (Kidneigh;1950)
  5. 5. Pengertian Process of working with people in ways that release and relate their energies so that they use all available resources to accomplish the purpose of providing needed community service and programs(Tracker:1971)
  6. 6. Pengertian May be thought of as the action of staff members who utilize social process to transform social policies of agency into the delivery of social services.(Skidmore;1995)
  7. 7. Dari perkembangan definisi: Kata kunci definisi administrasi pekerjaan sosial adalah :  ............  ............  ............  dst
  8. 8. Persfektif pada APS Case Management Transformasi Kebijakan Management organisasi
  9. 9. Prinsip dasar APS Acceptance,  Saling meneriman dan terbuka antara pemimpin dan anggota staf lainnya. Democratic involvement in formulation of agency policies and procedure  As staff members become a part of particippatory administration, they perform better. Open Communication  Share all ideas an feeling, and act, react with honesty and integrity
  10. 10. Basic principles Trecker Social work value  Leaderships Community and client  Planning need  Organization Agency purpose  Delegation Cultural setting  Coordination Purposefull relationships  Resource utilization Agency totality  Change Profesional responsibility  Evaluation Participations  Growth communication
  11. 11. Kompetensi Administrator Pengetahuan (Knowledge) Sikap (Attitudes) Kemampuan (Ability)
  12. 12. pengetahuan Knows the agency’s goals, policies, service and resource Has a basic knowledge of the dynamics of human behavior Has a comprehensive knowledge of community resources, especially those related to his or her own agency Understanding the social work methods used in the agency
  13. 13. Pengetahuan Knows Management Principles, process, and technique Well acquainted with the professional association in social work Understands organizational theory Knows evaluation processes and techniques
  14. 14. Sikap Respects each staff member as a unique individual Recognize that no person is perfect and accepts Wishes to provide a physical setting and emotional climate that will help bring out the best in each staff member Aware of the importance of values Has an open mind and is receptive to new ideas Recognizes that the welfare of the agency is more important than any worker, including the administrator
  15. 15. Kemampuan Accepting  Setting priorities Caring  Delegating Creating  Interacting with the Democratizing community and Trusting professions Approving  Decision making Maintaining personal  Facilitating equilibrium and balance  Communicating Planning  Timing organizing  Building  Motivating