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Cisco Networking Academy in Veneto
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Cisco Networking Academy in Veneto



Novembre 2002 - Bruxelles, comitato delle regioni presentazione presso il parlamento europeo dell'esperienza di Regione Veneto nel programma Cisco academy

Novembre 2002 - Bruxelles, comitato delle regioni presentazione presso il parlamento europeo dell'esperienza di Regione Veneto nel programma Cisco academy



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Cisco Networking Academy in Veneto Cisco Networking Academy in Veneto Presentation Transcript

  • Networking Academy @ Regione del Veneto
  • Cisco Networking Academy Program is…… Public Private Partnership between Cisco, Governments, Educational Institutions, NGOs and industry created to teach students how to design, build and maintain computer networks Combatting the digital divide beyond mere product donation
  • PPP is This project is part of the development programme designed by CNAP Italia for the Italian public administration View slide
    • Select the right Partner
    • Political Sponsorship and Executive Leadership
    • Make clear mutual objectives
    • Communivate to the stakeholders
    • Define and measure success metrics
    • Early success is imperative
    • Governance models to drive adoption
    Lessons Learned lead to Best Practices If we could do it again… View slide
  • Regione del Veneto at a glance
    • 4.5 million inhabitants
    • 9% of Italy’s GDP
    • Economy based on SMEs
    • Unemployment lower than the National average
    • Strong need for ICT training and innovation
  • Global E-Learning Laboratory 2 96 ,000+ Students Currently Enrolled 123 ,000 + Graduates 25,000 Online Tests Daily 6,000,000 + Total Tests Taken 10180 + Academies, 1 43 Countries 30 ,000 Instructors
  • Partnership set in 2000
    • In March 2000 the Veneto Region and Cisco Systems Italia finalized a co-operation agreement to set up a Regional Academy in Veneto (see Resolution 918 dated 21 March 2000 by the Regional Council and IT Dept. Chief Official's Decision n. 9 dated 4 May 2000).
  • Expectations from Regione Veneto
    • Take the lead in developing ICT skills creating professional skills in networking
    • Leverage the partnership with a key ICT vendor to implement the Regional e Government strategy
    • Upgrading of teachers' technical skills,
    • Deliver e Learning opportunities to schools
    • Develop a culture for ICT internationally recognised certificates (CCNA certification)
    • Solve regional ICT skill shortage and make available properly trained workforce to businesses
    • Strengthening co-operation between the academic and the business world with immediate feed-back from the courses
  • The role of the Regional Government
    • Become a Cisco Regional Academy and committed to create a proper number of Local Academies in the Region
    Regione del Veneto Regional Academy Local Academy Local Academy Local Academy Local Academy Local Academy Local Academy Local Academy Local Academy Local Academy
  • The Academies
    • Comune di Padova – Local Gov
    • Provincia di Padova – Local Gov
    • Provincia di Venezia – Local Gov
    • ARPAV - Vocational Training
    • IUAV – University
    • T. ZUCCANTE – High School
    • T. 8 MARZO – High School
    • ITIS BARSANTI - High School
    • Postal Police Venezia
    • Regione del Veneto – Local Gov
  • Milestones and Results February 2001 July 200 0 R.A. instructos training November 2001 April 2001 September 2001 June 20 0 2 May 200 2 January 200 2 time Impact in the region LA delivery case studies. Start L. A. instructors training Regione Veneto become R. A. Created 10 Local Academies Start Students Training in 6 LA First Students graduated Vega launches 2 nd R.A.
    • The Local Government gained a active role in delivering training and developing ICT skills for the local SMEs economy
    • The ICT certification (CCNA) is integated in the education curriculum and training schemes of the Local Academies
    • The Program is supporting the Regional eGovernment strategy and Action Plan in terms of creating the needed skills in the Pulic Sector
    • The resources from the ESF (European Social Funds) have been stramlined and used to support strategic regional initiatives (eGov Action Plan)
    • Vega Technologic Incubator started a second Regional Academy more focused on transferring networking skills directly to business
    • Best practices and transanational experiences are being shared with other Academies across Europe
    • eLearning and learning tools are becoming well known and used also beyond the schools that joined the Program
    2 years after: benefits observed
    • In May and June 2002 trainees (high-school teachers and engineers) prepared a project to cable a new office block of the Veneto Region.
    Example of benefit: Threaded Case Studies/1 (TCS) www.its8marzo.it/CCNA/TCS.htm
  • A joint pilot project in Veneto Region (Italy)
    • The project was prepared following technical specifications and standards acquired during the first three semesters of the Cisco Networking Academy. Trainees who had been given basic project preparation skills were able to transfer such skills to a real and fully operational project.
    Threaded Case Studies/2 (TCS) www.its8marzo.it/CCNA/TCS.htm
  • A joint pilot project in Veneto Region (Italy)
    • The TCS project is an integral part of the Networking Academy scheme. It represents the first contact with real work conditions, project preparation and problem solving with the aim of creating a Local Area Network in a difficult and delicate environment.
    Threaded Case Studies/3 (TCS) www.its8marzo.it/CCNA/TCS.htm
  • Main contact (Regione Veneto): gigi . cogo @ regione . veneto .it Main contact (Cisco Systems Italia): adepalma @ cisco .com
  • © 2002, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Session Number Presentation_ID