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The Evolution of Mobile Development Tools - from Mobilize 2013
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The Evolution of Mobile Development Tools - from Mobilize 2013


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Presentation from Jay Srinivasan, Appurify …

Presentation from Jay Srinivasan, Appurify
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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 2. THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE DEVELOPMENT TOOLS SPEAKER: Jay Srinivasan Co-Founder and CEO Appurify Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 3. The Evolution of Mobile Development Tools (or) How to Launch Better Mobile Apps Jay Srinivasan, CEO and Co-Founder, Appurify Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 4. Mobile application development is broken Limited use of continuous integration, automated testing Lack of mobile-specific debugging and performance tools Inefficient launches, stability/network/laggy client issues Find problems post launch Results in poor ratings & lost revenues Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 5. Users punish apps with bugs DAU#by#days#post#launch# App#2# App#1# 0 10 Stability,) performance,)) and)quality) 20 30 Reten6on)and) ra6ngs) 40 50 DAU)and) installs) 60 Revenue) App1 and 2 are similar games, released around the same time Main difference was time spent on QA prior to launch It’s not just the first launch—buggy updates will hurt you as well Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 6. Appurify’s working on fixing this! Mission to create comprehensive mobile lifecycle management platform Founded early 2012 Funded by Google Ventures, Foundation Capital, Felicis Ventures & others ~20-person engineering-focused team in San Francisco Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 7. Over the last 1.5 years, we’ve worked with mobile developers to pinpoint ways to improve launch quality How to launch better apps 1.Test and optimize on real devices 2.Not just real devices. Real user conditions too 3.Automate! Manual testing not enough 4.Not just functionality. Stability, network, lag are critical Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 8. 1. Test and optimize on real devices Your users are on real devices, not simulators and emulators Many crashes, memory issues, network issues will only show up on real devices Appurify provides: Dedicated, shared or private device clouds Simulate network, location, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer events, device memory Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 9. 2. You need to test on real user conditions as well FTUE$comple?on$rates$for$the$same$app$on$AT&T$vs.$Verizon$ 90%$ Comple'on)rates)on) AT&T)below) minimum)threshold) for)organic)app) growth) 80%$ 70%$ 60%$ Verizon$ 50%$ AT&T$ 0%$ FTUE*1$ FTUE*2$ FTUE*3$ FTUE*4$ FTUE*5$ FTUE*6$ Wednesday, November 13, 13 Real user conditions as important as real devices Network performance, battery consumption, memory usage are leading causes of poor performance
  • 10. 3. Automate! Manual testing not scalable for mobile Too many devices and operating systems to test on (>40 combinations just for iOS!) Too many user conditions to test on Manual testing is going to miss bugs, and will slow down releases Many open source or free automation frameworks out there Appurify runs all frameworks on real devices, continuously from your build server Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 11. 4. Not just functionality. Stability, network, lag are critical Classification of 1-star reviews (Top 200 apps in iOS app store) Functional bugs are not the only drivers of poor ratings Non@perf.( related,(47%( Laggy(client( perf.,(5%( Wednesday, November 13, 13 Crashes,( bugs,(40%( Slow( network( perf.,(8%( Users particularly intolerant to crashes and network issues Appurify provides pre-launch crash reports, network waterfalls, performance statistics, and powerful ondevice run-time debugging tools
  • 12. Questions or more info? Contact: Wednesday, November 13, 13
  • 13. Wednesday, November 13, 13