Summary of GigaOM Research Sector RoadMap report on SDN


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The full report focuses on the outlook for the software-defined networking market.

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Summary of GigaOM Research Sector RoadMap report on SDN

  1. 1. GigaOM Research Sector RoadMapTM highlights Software-Defined Networking by GigaOM Research analyst Mark Leary
  2. 2. Executive summary Software-defined networking (SDN) represents the next big wave of networking investment. As with previous networking trends, such as ethernet connectivity and voice over IP, full market acceptance and widespread deployment of SDN will take five to 10 years to develop. During this time, solutions and suppliers will rise and fall. This report identifies six market disruption vectors that will help separate the leaders from the pack as the market develops: •  technology leadership, •  partner ecosystem, •  customer care, •  application build-out, •  solution completion, •  market delivery.
  3. 3. Disruption vectors Disruption vectors are areas in which the key SDN suppliers will strive to gain an advantage. These disruption vectors present both opportunities and threats: •  Technology leadership •  Partner ecosystem •  Customer care •  Application build-out •  Solution completion •  Market delivery
  4. 4. Sector RoadMap In the Sector RoadMap, each vector is weighted according to its ability to drive advantage in the SDN market. The established suppliers are ranked according to their emphasis and execution across all six disruption vectors. The higher the score, the greater their ability to leverage these disruption vectors and assert their position in the SDN market into the future.
  5. 5. Sector RoadMap •  Number indicates company’s relative strength across all vectors •  Size of ball indicates company’s relative strength along individual vector
  6. 6. Companies to watch Alcatel-Lucent
  7. 7. Key takeaways •  Standards are still evolving, products are still developing, partnerships are still forming, and buyers continue to learn. All of these factors mean the SDN market remains wide open. •  Participating vendors are presented with many targets of opportunity in the SDN market because of the inclusion of multiple customer segments and network segments. With so much promise, both broad- based and specialized suppliers will be able to find success in the SDN market if they execute properly across the disruption vectors.
  8. 8. To access this report, sign up for a free 7-day trail of GigaOM Research at
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