Rob Bernard: IT Solutions For A Low Carbon Economy


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Rob Bernard: IT Solutions For A Low Carbon Economy

  1. Environmental Sustainability @ Microsoft Rob Bernard Chief Environmental Strategist
  2. Global Issues and Opportunities Energy Demands Carbon Emissions Global Impact Software Solutions
  3. Challenges Reduce the 2% of energy consumed by software driven devices Use software to address the larger challenge Partner with leading environmental organizations and experts Lead by example within our own organization
  4. Our Commitment At Microsoft, we are committed to software and  technology innovations that help people and  technology innovations that help people and organizations around the world improve the  environment. Our goal is to reduce the impact of our  g p operations and products, and to be a leader in  environmental responsibility.
  5. Environmental Sustainability Act with Transparency and Compliance Sustainable • Practices and Build a Sustainable Infrastructure • Environmental Stewardship Empower Employees • Reduce, Manage, Rethink • Leverage Next Gen Data Centers Technology for • Positive Impact Research for the Future • Engage with the Broader Community • Partnering for Drive Industry Best Practices • Global Impact Gl b l I t Promote Solutions Development •
  6. Sustainable Practices
  7. Act with Transparency, Let Employees Inspire • Understand your impact • Sh Share and b d borrow b t practices best ti • Employees lead by example • Compostable Dishware • Connector Bus • Kitchen Grease • Help Individuals Drive Change • 33,000 CFL light bulbs for free •E l Employee recognition iti • Support Employee Engagement • Measure, measure, measure
  8. Build Sustainable Infrastructure Minimize Impact • Bringing Moore’s Law to Data Center • Di it l B Ch i – saving > 10 million cd’s Digital By Choice i illi d’ Quincy, WA • Recycle and compost >200 tons/month Maximize Renewables • 100% renewable hydropower in Quincy Data San Antonio Center • Mountain View, CA campus -- 2,288 solar panels • Microsoft UK -- 100% renewable electricity Dublin • San Antonio -- recycled water program Optimize Buildings • LEED standards Chicago • Use outside air
  9. Leverage Technology for Positive Impact
  10. Green IT: Reduce, Manage & Rethink Built in energy efficiency  Centralize control Reduce travel and  commuting Increased utilization Analyze operations and  monitor goals Streamline collaboration  Guidance and education Take paper/manual  Take paper/manual processes online Where are we headed?  IT Starts with measuring 
  11. Measureable Efficiency Manageability • Operability • Utilization • Sustainability • 11
  12. Interconnected Systems Water Land Air Transport Buildings Efficiency Computing  Computing Footprint Forests Footprint Grids eWaste Wt Energy
  13. Interconnected Systems Water Land Air Transport Buildings Efficiency Computing  Computing Footprint Forests Footprint Grids eWaste Wt Energy
  14. Research New Solutions Drive Energy Efficiency Advancements DC Genome Project: reduce the data centers operation cost and increase data center capacity t it Gen 4: pushing the vision forward Browsing the Physical World in Real-Time SensorMap: an open and di S M d diverse community of sensor data ClearFlow: find routes based on least traffic, Hydroseek: Visualizing data in new ways Predictive Modeling Climate Models Species Migrations Fishing stocks Disease paths
  15. Partnering for Global Impact
  16. Opportunity Examples Address th 98% problem Add the bl Autodesk Smart  •Building & energy mgt control systems Johnson Controls •Energy modeling gy g Buildings Virtual Earth/Clearflow Smart  •Traffic optimization and route planning Windows Mobile •Transportation efficiency and optimization  •Transportation efficiency and optimization Transportation T t ti MS Auto/Fiat / •Better planning and forecasting GridPoint •Remote grid mgt •Remote grid mgt Smart Grid Smart Grid •Smart metering ESRI Smart  Smart •Optimize l inventory and transportation p y p Dynamics Sustainability  •Model and optimize supply chain  Logistics Dashboard MSR •Do we really understand what 6 degrees  D ll d t d h t6d Oxford,  e‐Science means? Cambridge Princeton
  17. Partner with Others for Change • Empower Action on World Issues • Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative • European Environment Agency (EEA) • Imagine Cup • Work Together on Solutions • Desktop Power Mgmt Tools: Verdiem, 1E • Facilities/Operations Mgmt: Gridlogix, Johnson Controls • Expanding IT’s role: Fiat, Yello Strom
  18. Summary Pivotal time for environmental action We can reduce our impact Leverage Technology for Positive Impact Partnering for Global Impact Sustainable Practices and Environmental Stewardship Software is essential to solving the 98% problem Microsoft is committed to providing energy efficient products Microsoft is collaborating with leading thought leaders and global organizations to have a positive impact