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Presentation from Mario Mueller, BMW / ODCA …

Presentation from Mario Mueller, BMW / ODCA
More at http://event.gigaom.com/structureeurope/

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 2. BMW ACCELERATES CLOUD ADOPTION WITH ODCA SPEAKER: Mario Mueller VP, IT Infrastructure, BMW Chairman, ODCA Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 3. SPEEDING THE ENTERPRISE READY CLOUD Mario Mueller VP IT Infrastructure, BMW Chair, Open Data Center Alliance Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 4. THE OPEN DATA CENTER ALLIANCE Drive new levels of IT agility through delivery of unified enterprise requirements for cloud computing Create Unified Enterprise Requirements Through ODCA Publications Accelerate Through SDO and Industry Collaboration Adopt Plan, Purchase and Deploy based on ODCA Requirements Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 5. HUNDREDS OF GLOBAL IT LEADERS CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS SOLUTION PROVIDERS ADOPTER MEMBERS Intel Corp Serves at the Technical Advisor to the Alliance Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 6. LEADERSHIP ACTION Delivering cloud and big data services based on ODCA requirements Strategy and procurement decisions anchored on ODCA requirements. Building cloud based on ODCA requirements Leveraging ODCA as a pragmatic guild for internal & client cloud- implementations UMs used for current clouds & future planning of new cloud services Driving RFPs based on ODCA requirements Broad scale integration of UMs into public, private and hybrid cloud offerings Leveraging ODCA for full scale private cloud build out, big data and networking strategy Broad integration of ODCA UMs to global cloud strategy and procurements Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 7. BMW CONNECTEDDRIVE. http://www.bmw.com/com/en/insights/technology/connecteddrive TeleServices Remote Services Intelligent Emergency Call Real Time Traffic Information ConnectedDrive Services Internet Concierge Services Online Entertainment Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 8. BMW CONNECTED DRIVE – IN-VEHICLE CONNECTIVITY. INCREASED SIGNIFICANCE OF EVERYDAY CONNECTIVITY. On the move At home / In the office In the car Health/Sports Mobility Entertainment Information Personal data Social networks Work Time to Market Changing lifestyle New customer requirements ... −High degree of personalization options. −More and more localization of services. −High volatility of customer needs. −Features available everywhere and fast. −Seamless integration into the car, simple UI, simple updating. Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 9. WORLDWIDE BACKBONE. BMW DC Americas Spartanburg, USA BMW DC EMEA Munich, DE BMW NSC DC China Beijing, CN BMW ConnectedDrive will be available in more than 40 markets and will thus cover more than 90% of total volume (> 2015). 2012 ~ 1M vehicles connected ~ 1M requests/day ~ 600 MB data- volume/day 2018 > 10M vehicles connected > 100M requests/day > 1TB data-volume/ day Current (6/13) ~ 2,5M vehicles connected ~ 12M requests/day ~ 40 GB data- volume/day Peak 6,5 MB/s Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 10. FUTURE IT INFRASTRUCTURE – TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE TO REMAIN FUTURE PROOF. Page 13 99 ,9... % (resilience) Cost Quality Zero Downtime Automated Self Service Elastic „hybrid cloud“ + Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 11. Network Storage Servers Hypervisor Data Application Runtime Middleware O/S •Provisioning/Deprovisioning through one customer oriented service portal. •PaaS Service Pattern: SAP, WEB, Database. •IaaS Service Pattern: Windows and Linux/Suse VM’s. •Orchestration 100 % automated / Zero Downtime solutions. •Separation of business and technical automation layer (structured architecture). •Defined service operations also through service portal. •Elasticity are implemented (Capacity Upgrades/Downgrades). •Highly standardized resource pool (only VM’s). •Guidelines for application cloud readiness. Private Cloud FUTURE IT INFRASTRUCTURE – CLOUD JOURNEY. IT - i Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 12. IaaS PaaS SAP PaaS DB PaaS Web Create VM Delete VM Change state of VM Change parameters of VM Install software package Create DB on new instance Create DB on existing instance Delete database Delete complete instance Automated provisioning Automated Decommissioning Admin Self Services Provisioning SAP systems Internal Services for PaaS Projects Application Deployment Decommissioning SAP systems IT - i FUTURE IT INFRASTRUCTURE - CLOUD SERVICE PORTFOLIO. Private Cloud Release 1 (2013) Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 13. • BMW is 100% committed to the goals of ODCA. • Usage Models are the foundation of BMW’s datacenter/cloud strategy and design. • UM’s are also referenced in the procurement process to ensure continued alignment. • The models stretch internal perspective to industry thought leadership. • As an active participant in developing the Usage models, the BMW cloud journey is driven through the ODCA. FUTURE IT INFRASTRUCTURE – ODCA. Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 14. ODCA USAGE MODEL REQUIREMENTS 14 Member-defined requirements for most pressing challenges UM’s Shape Alliance Members’ Planning and Procurement World’s first requirements for Information as a Service 1st Customer Requirements for $20B+ IaaS Market 26 Published Usage Models Over 563 pages of content Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 15. Scaling Cloud Adoption with ODCA Accelerate Visit: www.opendatacenteralliance.org/PEAT15 Leverage Best Practices in Your Cloud Adoption Integrate Usage Models into Corporate RFPs Up to 50% discount on 2014 membership Target Goal Reward Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 16. ODCA IS ABOUT ENGAGEMENT 22 Engage with the ODCA on Social Media Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption with PEAT Join the Open Data Center Alliance Deepen ODCA Engagement with Continued Action Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 17. Thank You Tuesday, October 1, 13
  • 18. Tuesday, October 1, 13