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The Elephant in the Cloud: Bring True Cloud Economics to Hadoop/BigInsights


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The Elephant in the Cloud: Bring True Cloud Economics to Hadoop/BigInsights …

The Elephant in the Cloud: Bring True Cloud Economics to Hadoop/BigInsights

The massive computing and storage resources that are needed to support big data deployments in general and Hadoop in particular make cloud environments, public and private, an ideal fit.
Managing your big data app, however, is no walk in the park - especially if your considering the fact that these systems and application stacks often include other services beyond Hadoop such as: relational databases, other NoSQL databases and more, where each framework comes with its own management, installation, configuration, and scaling solutions. This is where Cloudify fits in. Cloudify provides consistent management that makes the provisioning, deployment, scaling of your Hadoop system simple and consistent with the rest of your stack and cloud portability between bare-metal and public cloud offering for Hadoop/BigInsights making it possible to run Hadoop on the right cloud for the Job: public/virtualized environment for on-demand workloads and bare-metal for I/O intensive operations.

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  • • Dynamic Scaling – provision and add cloud servers to the BigInsights cluster on demand.• Failover – Transparently restart nodes or start new nodes in the case of failure.• Role assignments – Assign new roles to the BigInsights nodes from the Cloudify console.• Monitoring – Monitor deployments using the Cloudify UI with smooth integration to the BigInsights UI. • Data Rebalancing – Kick off Hadoop cluster rebalancing from the Cloudify console. • Hadoop operations – Run Hadoop DFS & DFSAdmin operations from the Cloudify console.
  • Transcript

    • 1. InfoSphere BigInsights
    • 2. A Typical Big Data App…
    • 3. • Auto start VMs• Install and configure app components• Monitor• Repair• (Auto) Scale• Burst…
    • 4. Making thedeployment,installation, scaling, fail-over looks the samethrough the entire stack
    • 5. Running Bare-Metal forhigh I/O workload, Publiccloud for sporadicworkloads ..
    • 6. • Analysis of Data at Rest • Built on Hadoop with IBM Value AddInfoSphere • Enterprise Grade • SecurityBigInsights • Workload management • IBM Analytics • Visualization • Simplified App Development
    • 7. • Run on Any Cloud Putting • Consistent MGT • Dynamic ScalingCloudify and • Auto Recovery BigInsights • Auto Scaling Together • Role Assignments • Monitoring • Simple maintenance
    • 8. Demo Time..
    • 9. Putting It All Together• True Cloud Economics• Runs on ANY cloud – or even bare-metal• Simplify your InfoSphere BigInsights deployments
    • 10. http://www.cloudifysource.org