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Case Studies for moving apps to the cloud - DLD 2013


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  • Research conducted by HP found that the majority of businesses in the EMEA region are planning to move their mission-critical apps to the cloud. Of the 940 respondents, 80 percent revealed plans to move mission-critical apps at some point over the next two to five years.A more recent survey, by research firm MeriTalk and sponsored by VMware and EMC (NYSE:EMC), showed that one-third of respondents say they plan to move some mission-critical applications to the cloud in the next year. Within two years, the IT managers said they will move 26 percent of their mission-critical apps to the cloud, and in five years, they expect 44 percent of their mission-critical apps to run in the cloud.
  • Source: right scale
  • Transcript

    • 1. Four Case Studies for Moving Mission Critical Apps to the Cloud
    • 2. Enterprises are moving to Cloud 26% In 2 years BUT.. So far only 44% 16.B$ in 5 years in Saving 5% able to migrate successfully
    • 3. Current Approaches • IaaS First- It’s the apps stupid! • CM Tools (Chef, Puppet, etc.) - Setup Only, but apps are a living organism • PaaS - Good for new, relatively simple apps
    • 4. Reality Check..
    • 5. My Cloud is Better than Your Cloud!
    • 6. Cloud Maturity
    • 7. Cloud Is Evolving .. Cope With It! Virtualization Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid, Open Cloud
    • 8. Cloud Is Evolving .. Cope With It!
    • 9. Bring AppManagement and InfrastructureManagement Together
    • 10. App Centric Devops – the AWS way… Cloudify provide the equivalent of Amazon OpsWork on OpenStack
    • 11. Migrating apps – the Cloudify way… 1 Upload your recipe 2 Cloudify creates VMs & installs agents 3 Agents install and manage your app 4 Cloudify automates monitoring, healing and scaling
    • 12. 1. Moving from existing Data Center to the Cloud Cloud Driver Existing Data Center OpenStack Cloud
    • 13. Enterprise Private Cloud • To 100 Investment Bank Industry: Banking Primary Challenge: Cloud-enable thousands of application (in and out-facing) and on board then to the Bank private cloud environment in a cost efficient manner Solution: Leverages Cloudify and Puppet as a foundation for the self-service configuration, deployment and on going management and scaling of a range of applications in the bank, on top of Bank existing private cloud infrastructure Results: So far a few tens of applications converted, with plans to expand the offering to a few hundreds of apps by the end of the year ® Copyright 2013 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    • 14. 2. Carrier Grade Cloud
    • 15. Carrier cloud: Alcatel-Lucent Industry: Telecommunications With Cloudify we have a solid foundation for our carrier grade PaaS offering and the realization of our vTelco vision Primary Challenge: Build a carrier grade PaaS offering that can a wide range of mission critical legacy Telco apps and services on top the Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand ™ Cloud infrastructure product Solution: Leverages Cloudify as a foundation for the configuration, deployment and on going management and scaling of a wide range of Telco services Results : CloudBand ™ is Alcatel-Lucent’s flagship product for next generation Telco services, and is in advanced deployment stages in a few major carriers across the globe ® Copyright 2013 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    • 16. 3. BigData On OpenStack Cloud
    • 17. Moving Big Data to the Cloud • To Tier System Integrator Industry: IT services (Business Intelligence & Analytics) Primary Challenge: Provide BI and analytics for big data, as a service for enterprise customers, based on an IBM stack. Solution: Leverages Cloudify and Chef to automate the deployment and management of complete IBM BI stack (including WebSphere & Cognos) for each of their customers on top of the OpenStack based RackSpace cloud Current Status: Going to production in 2 months, most of the recipes already implemented and beta tested ® Copyright 2013 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    • 18. 4. Multi Cloud DR
    • 19. Case Study: VErifi • Technology-based concrete process control and information service • Deployments across North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe for nearly a decade • Part of W.R. Grace & Co , $6.3 B Company. • The problem: On-Demand HA/DR over multiple Cloud regions. High Availability Data Replication 19 Disaster Recovery
    • 20. Putting it All Together: Application Centric Approach • Be ready to accept changes as they happen.. • Automation First • Decouple the Application from the infrastructure • Use Plug-In approach to plug the right cloud for the Job
    • 21. Thank You!