Building hybrid cloud with cloudify (public)


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  • Any app - All clouds
  • Building hybrid cloud with cloudify (public)

    1. 1. GigaSpaces CloudifyAny App, On Any Cloud, Your Way Building Hybrid Cloud with Cloudify
    2. 2. Product Portfolio Enterprise I have a Scalability Scaling Challenge Platform End-to-end application scaling Data scaling I want to leverage the cost and agility Cloud/PaaS benefit of cloud . On Boarding(Deal with scalability down Platform the road..)
    3. 3. Cloudify position on the cloud stack Productivity High productivity with full control Heroku PaaS CloudFoundry GAE OpenShift RightscaleDevOps(Automation) Enstratus Puppet Chef IaaS Public clouds (AWS, Rackspace,..) Private clouds (Vmware, OpenStack..) Control 3
    4. 4. How does it work? 1 Upload your recipe. 2 Cloudify creates VM’s & installs agents 3 Agents install and manage your app 4 Cloudify automate the scaling ® Copyright 2012 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    5. 5. GigaSpaces Cloudify Main Highlights Leverages the XAP core IP for cluster management Designed for mission-critical apps Designed primarily for private/hybrid cloud Already substantial amount of prospects and initial customers  Enterprises (existing customers)  ISVs  Carriers Built-in support for:  Big Data : Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, DB2  Application Servers : Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, Ruby, PHP  Cloud: Bare-Metal, OpenStack, CloudStack,..  Cloud Management: Chef, Puppet , AppDynamics... 5 ® Copyright 2011 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    6. 6. Cloudify Recipes, Explained Groovy-DSL based Setup (now also via Chef) Provisioning for any cloud: local, public, private Customizable monitoring Scaling (manual and auto) application { scalingRule { app" name="simpleservice { serviceStatistics { lifecycle{"jboss-service" name metric "Total Requests Count" compute{ { initicon "jboss.jpg" "mysql_install.groovy” service template movingTimeRangeInSeconds 20 start name"APP_SERVER“ = "mysql-service } "mysql_start.groovy” type “BIG_LINUX_32” maximumThroughput statistics service { stopnumInstances 2 "mysql_stop.groovy" } } name } "jboss-service" = highThreshold { [recipe body] mysql-service ]} dependsOn = [}} value 1 .. instancesIncrease 1 } }6 ]) ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    7. 7. Integrate with Chef Running Chef Server as a PaaS Infrastructure Service Using Chef as part of a PaaS application (setting MySQL)7 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    8. 8. HYBRID CLOUD SCENARIOS  Bursting processes with True Cloud Bursting its data Disaster Recovery  Continues availability of data across sites Multi-Site Activity  Keep the data close to its users
    9. 9. CLOUD BURSTING WITH CLOUDIFY Bursting Web Traffic & Data Across Sites  Demonstrating: – Cloudify for Bursting Web Traffic, – XAP for bursting Data Bursting Web Traffic  Clone a new environment on-demand  Route traffic to new environment Bursting Data  Use replication to synchronize state  Seamless plug-in to the data source 9 ® Copyright 2011 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    10. 10. BURSTING WEB TRAFFIC Link the new site Create new clone Burst to Private Cloud into the Load on the fly on theExternal Site Balancer cloud that suits you best Web Web Container 1 Container 1 Load Web Load Web Balancer Container 2 Balancer Container 2 Web Web Scale Container 3 Container 3 Dynamically within site ® Copyright 2011 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved 10
    11. 11. BURSTING DATA Private Cloud Remote Cloud Virtual Private Data Cloud z z Burst Web Traffic ® Copyright 2011 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved 11
    12. 12. DEMO: BURSTING TRAFFIC & DATA PRIVATE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD Virtual Private Data Cloud 12 ® Copyright 2011 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    13. 13. Building Hybrid Cloud with Cloudify (Summary) Clone a new environment on demand  Create application environment replica - Recipe based model  Leverage Cloud portability to choose the right cloud for the job Support for Bursting Traffic & Data  Keep data consistent across sites  Maximize bandwidth & performance  Handles network failure Bring new data site on the fly without any downtime! 13 ® Copyright 2011 GigaSpaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    14. 14. Get it today, for free: