Bringing PaaS & DevOps Together


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DevOps and PaaS have been taught as two different and often competing approaches to bring applications to and manage them in the cloud. In this presentation I argue that DevOps tools such as Chef serve as a good foundation for a better PaaS building on DevOps.

You can also read my blog post on this subject for more information:

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  • Bringing PaaS & DevOps Together

    1. 1. Bringing PaaS & DevOps Together
    2. 2. Perspectives on PaaS Developer: “PaaS is so Sys admin: “PaaS is just easy, who needs sys giant blackbox toy that I admins anyway”? can’t really use for real- world app”2 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    3. 3. Perspective on DevOps DevOps is all about:  Automating complex IT processes  With Full visibility and control3 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    4. 4. PaaS & Devops can be complementaryPaaS DevOps Application life cycle &  Infrastructure management orchestration (OS setup, network, security (deployment, fail-over, auto configuration) scaling)  Application installation Application service (package, configure, install) dependencies (web-> database) Integrated application Management & Monitoring  Ops centric Developer centric 4
    5. 5. Bringing PaaS & DevOps together DevOps would make a good foundation for PaaS… Best of both worlds  High productivity (PaaS) without loosing control (DevOps). Integrates Devops concepts into PaaS  Use DSL to describe PaaS applications packages  Calls your own scripts (batch, shell,..) Integrated with existing DevOps tools  Aautomate the setup of a chef configuration environment  Leverage Chef built-in cook books and installation scripts 5
    6. 6. Putting PaaS & DevOps Together6 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    7. 7. Result: YOUR App, UNCHANGED, on ANY Cloud7 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    8. 8. Application Description using RECIPES Groovy-DSL based Setup (a-la Chef, Puppet) Provisioning for any cloud: local, public, private Customizable monitoring Scaling (manual and auto) application { name="simple app" service { service { name "jboss-service" lifecycle{ "mysql-service”} name = icon "jboss.jpg" service { init "mysql_install.groovy” type "APP_SERVER“ name = "jboss-service" start "mysql_start.groovy” numInstances 2 dependsOn = [“mysql-service”} stop "mysql_stop.groovy" } [recipe body] } } ..8 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    9. 9. Integrate with Chef Running Chef Server as a PaaS Infrastructure Service Using Chef as part of a PaaS application (setting MySQL)9 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    10. 10. Built-in recipes XAP Spring XAP Processing Unit CouchDB MySQL JBoss Tomcat Cassandra MongoDB JEE & Spring Ruby on Rails Node.js Hadoop Relational & Big Data PHP Web10 ® Copyright 2011 Gigaspaces Ltd. All Rights Reserved
    11. 11. Get it today, for free: