Amdocs on giga spaces selction and usage


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  • In today’s market, it is important to form relationships with companies that you know will be there for the long-term, have the resources to support your business needs and can be a trusted advisor. Amdocs is such a company. We are the market leader in Customer Experience Systems (CES), providing support for the complete customer lifecycle across business support systems (BSS), operational (or operations) support systems (OSS), and service delivery. Amdocs CES enables service providers to deliver an experience that is intentional, not an afterthought or a by-product of technology, integrated which means streamlined for cost-efficient operations and innovative enabling new revenue streams and business models. As a matter of fact, Amdocs CES is the first to transcend traditional business- and operational-support systems and service delivery platforms to enable service providers to focus not on technology, but on business growth. Amdocs CES approach combines our singular industry focus on the communications market, our leading B/OSS and service delivery products, and strategic services, combined with our 25+ years of experience, to ensure our customers successfully execute on their strategies.We are a global company with revenue of US$3.0 billion in fiscal 2010 and more than 19,000 employees to serve our worldwide customer base. With a very strong cash position US$1.4 billion in fiscal year 2010, Amdocs is a company with excellent resources for continued investment in our customers’ success. And, our comprehensive understanding of our customers’ businesses and the relationships we develop with them enable us to offer greater value by providing them with best practices, insights and solutions gathered from across the communications industry and different geographies. As you can see, industry analysts and leaders have verified our leading market position. [Read analyst confirmation from slide or quotes below in notes] Let’s take a look at Amdocs’ history and how we got to where we are today. <<Next Slide>>Additional 2010 Analyst Accolades & Pull Quotes by Portfolio OfferingOSS: Very strong rating: Gartner OSS Scorecard, Jan 2010 “Amdocs’ dedicated OSS road map elaborates on continuous amalgamation of those assets, in order to create more flexible, modular, out-of-the-box, next-generation network (NGN) and service fulfillment solution.” Gartner Dataquest Insight: Operations Support Systems Market Overview and Strategic Scorecard for Vendors, January 2010 Ranked #1 in Inventory Management (Gartner TOMS) April 2010Revenue Management: Undisputed billing leader with 27% market share; Amdocs is the only vendor ranked as market leader in all regions and service segments. Analysys Mason, July 2010 Ranked #1 in rating and charging and other core billing, Stratecast Partners, August 2010Customer Management:“Amdocs remains a Strong Performer in this edition of the Forrester Wave and delivers advanced leading capabilities for most of the business processes in the order management cycle.” The Forrester Wave: order Management Hubs, Q2 2010, Forrester Research, Aug 2010Service Delivery:“With ChangingWorlds, Amdocs gained key mobile personalization and intelligent portal capabilities, enabling operators that partner with Amdocs to enhance their mobile portal navigation, mobile advertising and also provide better content search and recommendations for subscribers.” Data Traffic Growth Drives the Content Delivery Platform Market, Yankee Group, May 2010“Amdocs gained 5 percentage points in market share to become the market leader, largely as a result of its acquisition of ChangingWorlds and strong growth in its customer base.” Service Delivery Platform Market Share Report 2009, analysys mason, May 2010Services:“As telecoms services increasingly move to an IP foundation, and as the numbers of user types, QoS levels, billing relationships, and value added services explode, service providers will choose to outsource their IT functions to full-service specialists in carrier software. Amdocs is well positioned for this shift, thanks to its broad expertise in telco IT, global reach, mature service offerings, and the flexibility afforded by its strong balance sheet.” Amdocs EMEA Managed Services: A focus on Business Benefits, IDC, March 2010
  • AIDA translates data into knowledge and knowledge into action, in real time
  • Present agent/customer with predicted customer motivationsProblems, observations, anomaliesTarget why customer is interactingProvide directed next best action to resolve reason for interactionProactive – as don’t just deal with reason customer is interacting but with all top potential issuesShift from customer service to true relationship management
  • Amdocs on giga spaces selction and usage

    1. 1. Amdocs Intelligent Decision Automation<br />Bill Guinn CTO Amdocs Product Enablers <br />February 7, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Amdocs Leader in Customer Experience Systems<br />A Unique Business Model<br />Service Provider Industry Focus<br />Leading BSS, OSS & Service Delivery Products<br />Strategic Services<br />$3.0B in revenue<br />$410M operating income<br />$1.4B in cash<br />More than 19,000 employees<br />Over 60 countries<br />TM Forum’s “Industry Leadership” award.<br />(June 2010)<br />Highest Possible Overall Rating in BSS Scorecard and OSS Scorecard Reports.<br />(Dec 2009, Jan 2010)<br />Leading Telecom Operations Management Systems Vendor Worldwide.<br />(May 2010)<br />
    3. 3. Amdocs Intelligent Decision Automation (AIDA)<br />A software platform that allows service providers to maximize business performance by automating & optimizing operational decision making in real time, across an organization<br />
    4. 4. AIDA Enabling Intelligent Business <br />and<br />and<br />and<br />and<br />Awareness: seeing information from multiple sources and translating into relevant decision factors:<br />LOGIC ZOOM:<br />EDIT<br />DEPLOY<br />VIEW<br />simple<br />advanced<br />Abnormal Fee Policy<br />VERSION: 1.3<br />OWNER: User Name<br />MODIFIED BY: User Name<br />DESCRIPTION: Loremipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadipiscingelit. Sedcondimentum ante euturpisplaceratporttitor. Maecenas vitae lectus non justomollisrutrum at condimentum mi. [Edit]<br />1.<br />If<br />Customer has a late Fee<br />and<br />Customer Payment Pattern<br />is<br />Good Payer<br />or<br />and<br />Customer Value<br />is not<br />Low<br />Improving Payer<br />3<br />then<br />Credit Fee<br />.<br />Dealing with the customer:<br />Amount Received<br />Partial Payment<br />Late Fee<br />Payment<br />Credit Fee<br />Method<br />Customer Payment Pattern<br />
    5. 5. Massive scale, billions of events/day == 150M customers<br />24*7<br />Cloud Enabled<br />Business real time inferencing and decisioning (500ms response time)<br />Uncoupled integration – open world model – <br />M:M:M : atomic ->abstraction : structured and unstructured data<br />Cohesive past, present, and real time World View <br />True user managed and defined schema and decision factors (concepts)<br />Closed loop learning: decision->actions->effect->learning <br />Low cost <.05 customer/year<br />Stringent Game Changing Requirements<br />
    6. 6. Think<br />Act<br />See<br />Actions<br />Decision Engine<br />Events<br />GigaSpaces Application Server - Space Based <br />Container<br />AIDA Runtime Architecture<br />Amdocs <br />Event Collector<br />Container<br />Semantic Inference <br />Engine<br />andBusiness <br />Rules<br />Amdocs <br />Integration <br />Framework<br />Event<br />Ingestion<br />Events<br />Scheduled<br />Events<br />Bayesian<br />Belief<br />Network<br />CRM<br />Revenue <br />Mgt<br />Ordering<br />CRM<br />Other<br /> System<br />Other<br /> System<br />Other<br /> Systems<br />“Sesame”<br />Performance cache<br />Network<br />Business<br />Intelligence<br />Other<br /> System<br />Other<br /> Systems<br />RDF<br />Triple Store DB<br />RDF<br />Triple Store DB<br />Data Sources<br />Any internal or external system<br />Structured or Unstructured<br />Operational Systems<br />Any operational system<br />
    7. 7. Why GigaSpaces<br />
    8. 8. Sample ApplicationsMultichannel Guided Interaction <br />Guided Interaction Advisor<br />Virtual Agent<br />
    9. 9. AIDA – The Enterprise Interaction Hub<br />Contact Center<br />Retail<br /><br />IVR<br />Reseller<br />Mobile<br />Inferred Motivations and Recommended Actions<br /><ul><li>Central repository of business policies
    10. 10. Complete customer and world view
    11. 11. Cross-channel context awareness
    12. 12. Optimizes in-channel and cross-channel scenarios</li></ul>Guided Interaction Advisor<br />Enablers<br />Semantic Decision Engine, Probabilistic Engine, Integration<br />AIDA<br />Business Tools<br />AIDA Business Composer<br />Dev Tools<br />AIDA SDK, ABLE Language<br />Hundreds of Decision Factors<br />World View <br />(Business Ontology)<br />Event Ingestion<br />AIDA Event Collector<br />Events<br />Network<br />Billing<br />CRM<br />Ordering<br />Social Media<br />