Gigamon U - Net Scouts Honor, Integrated Performance Monitoring & Forensic Analysis


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NetScout's nGenius Application Fabric Monitor (AFMon) combines deep packet analysis and enterprise data monitoring into a single appliance specially designed to deliver high-performance and high-capacity monitoring. nGenius Application Fabric Monitor consists of nGenius Flow Record (nFR) software combined with the nGenius Common Data Model (CDM) functionality of NetScout probes. Users can now have the best of both worlds in one integrated and highly available package. AFMon is delivered on a security-hardened, Linux-based appliance that extends nGenius Flow Recorder capabilities by providing significantly higher storage capabilities (5TB and 8TB) in a high performance, highly available platform.

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Gigamon U - Net Scouts Honor, Integrated Performance Monitoring & Forensic Analysis

  1. 1. NetScout’s Innovative nGenius® AFMon Integrated Performance Monitoring &Introduction Forensic Analysis
  2. 2. Agenda Performance Management Challenges nGenius AFMon Features and Benefits Top Down Troubleshooting and Superior Forensic analysis to Reduce MTTR NetScout is a strategic vendor partner
  3. 3. Performance Management ChallengesChallenge: – Intermittent problems wreak havoc – Optimal performance of key applications – Degradations, intermittent problems can be elusive – To speed up problem resolutionNeeds: – Ability to automatically analyze traffic – Continuously retain evidence to recreate a complex incident – Discover root cause without waiting for the event to recur
  4. 4. PresentingCombines application level monitoring and analysis withcontinuous packet capture for post event data miningArchitecture purpose built for high performance recordingand infrastructure monitoringHigh capacity, highly available hardware platform
  5. 5. nGenius Application Fabric MonitorAn architecture and design to dramatically reduceMTTR and improve QoETargeted at applications requiring extremeavailability and responsiveness – e.g. Revenue impacting business servicesDesigned for deployment in complex, nextgeneration environments – Ultra high speed networks – High performance servers – Distributed and multi-tier applications
  6. 6. Benefits of nGenius AFMonReduce MTTR with: – Rapid, Top-down Troubleshooting – Superior Forensics AnalysisVisibility into how the network is used – Complete Application monitoring and profilingState of the Art Hardware appliance – Scalable Recording and Data-mining ArchitectureReduced TCO with unified, integrated support for multipletechnologies – Cost-effective – Investment Protection
  7. 7. Context-sensitive integration with leading enterprise managementsystems. Alarm messages contain problem description and a URL to launch the exact views in nGenius relating to the problem More than alarm notification, it contains a description of what triggered the event for quicker problem identification… … And detailed Alarm views and Power Alarm Evidence at your fingertips … And a URL to launch a context-sensitive view in nGenius Company Confidential
  8. 8. Seamless navigation from flow to packet: Intuitively drill down to anylevel of granularity with just a right-click – even to sub-second statistics or a packet decode – to solve even the most complex or subtle problems Company Confidential
  9. 9. Top Down Approach to TroubleshootingLowers MTTR Seamless user experience for navigating from high-level to detailed (packet-level) troubleshooting. Tight integration of nGenius AFMon with nGenius Performance Manager Seamless drill-down from flows to packet-level data – Users navigate from 1 minute to sub-second data Single login – Access AFMon data without a secondary login Continuous capture driven off of CDM flow configuration – Automatically collects packet level data from physical as well as virtual interfaces
  10. 10. Faster MTTR with Superior Forensic Analysis Company Confidential
  11. 11. Faster MTTR with Superior Forensic Analysis Metadata for faster summary decodes, filtering, and post capture displays Decode engine runs on recording appliance Reporting off loaded from the recording appliance Quickly hone and refine your data set using advanced filtering and rules capabilities Custom create rules library, identifying the precise combination of addresses, ports, applications andpatterns to be identified, or use pre-defined Expert Rules Company Confidential
  12. 12. Superior Forensic AnalysisExpert Analysis – Expert Zoom and Data Mining interface with multiple workspaces – Broad support of over 1000 protocol decodes – TCP Session Follow – Bounce DiagramsIntuitive, flexible GUI – Multi-user, Web-based console – Eases search processIncident Reports forcollaborating andcommunicating with others
  13. 13. Highly Efficient ArchitectureScalable recording and analysis architecture Netscout Approach Traditional Approach Deep Packet Capture Flow Monitoring
  14. 14. Highly Efficient ArchitectureScalable recording and analysis architecture NetScout CompetitorEfficient InefficientOn-board Analysis Client-based Analysis
  15. 15. Case in Point: Solution Architecture Wins Business Bank in North America has assets With the nGenius AFMon, approaching $300 Billion they are able to perform top 2 trading floors – Chicago, New York, down troubleshooting with & NJ disaster recovery detailed analysis of Pain Point: Needs continuous capture applications and and monitoring on trading floors conversations. When – Need both flow based monitoring and necessary for in-depth trending for troubleshooting and troubleshooting the actual capacity planning Plus recording for packets are available for in-depth analysis because of the event reconstruction and value of the financial trades forensic data mining without – Current solution in Chicago not adding load to the network. working – network managers constrained by time delays in viewing packet trace files when pulling them over the network.
  16. 16. Visibility into how the network is usedComplete Application monitoring and profiling with CDM Virtualization Application identification - Common matrix for multimedia voice, video and data – Well known, complex, custom, URL based – VoIP for RTP, SIP, MGCP, H.323, SCCP – Industry specific i.e.: FIX protocol, IP Multicast and PACs – Application discovery for TCP and UDP unknown – No data reduction – all applications QoE / Response time analysis Proactive Alarms for thresholds, response times, time over threshold and microbursts Virtual interface analysis for VLANs, VRFs, QoS, or sites Post-capture filters by variety of metrics, not just by IP address, ie: CDM port #
  17. 17. Application DiscoveryVisibility into Unknown Traffic Identify Port-to-Port conversations for unknown applications – Can be logged Historically with 1-minute resolution Company Confidential
  18. 18. Reduced nGenius Solution TCOUnified, integrated support for multiple topologies Can instrument where and how IT organization requires – nGenius Probes, nGenius AFMons, nGenius Collectors 10 Gigabit Ethernet Support – Available in nGenius Probes today – Available in nGenius AFMons next quarter MPLS support for both Remote Sites or VRFs Virtual interface analysis for VLANs, DLCIs, PVCs, along with associated QoS classes
  19. 19. State of the Art Hardware ApplianceOptimized Performance - Highly AvailableOS Reliability– Security hardened Linux appliance– Operating system is located on dual internal OS drives configured separate from the main storage arrayRedundant hot swappable power modulesRAID-5 with hot standby and hot swappable disks– If one drive fails, standby automatically kicks in – if that drive fails, RAID 5 kicks inDedicated disk controller port per disk– Enables simultaneous write to all disksCompatibilities– nGenius Performed Manager 4.0 required– CDM v4.0 Agent Firmware
  20. 20. Flexible, Cost-effective configurations Multiple functions in a single box (not just a single solution set) – Superior hardware at competitive prices – Feature rich solution set 0, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB configurations Flexible port configurations – 4 HDX/2 FDX ports and 8 HDX/4 FDX port configurations SFP or 10/100/1000Base-T capture port configurations
  21. 21. Flexible, cost-effective configurations Flexible ConfigurationsModel # Description4910/LS-3U nGenius AFMon, 4 SFP* configurable Gigabit, up to 2 TB storage4910 nGenius AFMon, 4 SFP* configurable Gigabit, up to 4 TB storage4910/HS nGenius AFMon, 4 SFP* configurable Gigabit, up to 8 TB storage4916/LS-3U nGenius AFMon, 4-Port 10/100/1000Base-T, up to 2 TB storage4916/HS nGenius AFMon, 4-Port 10/100/1000Base-T, up to 8 TB storage4986/LS-3U nGenius AFMon, 8-Port 10/100/1000Base-T, up to 2 TB storage4986/HS nGenius AFMon, 8-Port 10/100/1000Base-T, up to 8 TB storage*Requires one SX, LX or TX SFP transceiver per port (sold separately)
  22. 22. Case in Point: Troubleshooting employee remoteaccess problem New England based insurance company Discovered two Pain Point: Remote employees LDAP servers had having trouble accessing network their authentication resources databases out of – LDAP servers source of many sync and were problems spending their cycles – Intermittent issues were elusive trying to sync their databases nGenius AFMon provided continuous capture and recording for in-depth troubleshooting forensics
  23. 23. Realizing value from monitoring & recording Geographic location requires coverage – Trading Floors The business service demands it – Application servers with customer order information Key network management objectives dictate analysis – Mission Critical Links with crucial or high concentration of conversations – Locations with chronic, highly visible, difficult to resolve intermittent problems Critical tasks or functions point to solution – Ensuring SLAs
  24. 24. Superior CompanyTechnology leader with aclear visionThe most experienced teamin the industry– Founded in 1984– Over 360 employeesGrowing, profitable– $100M revenue run rate– $95M in cash, no debtWorld-wide distribution andsupport
  25. 25. Summary –nGenius AFMon is superior to the alternatives Reduced MTTR with Unified Solution – Integral part of enterprise-wide nGenius Solution – Top down approach with data mining using CDM metrics Lower TCO with Architecture Advantages – Better performance – Larger capacity – Highly available architecture – Integrated CDM and reporting functionality – All-around better value NetScout is a strategic vendor partner – Technology leader – Financial stability
  26. 26. Thank You