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TeaLeaf is the leading provider of online customer experience management solutions. TeaLeaf's TeaLeaf CX family of solutions provide unprecedented visibility into every user's unique online interactions, revealing hidden problems that affect consumers and cost companies more than any single catastrophic event. By providing a patented, powerful 'outside in view' of each individual customer experience, leading e-business executives across a wide range of vertical industries including retail, banking, travel, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and transportation can eliminate failures that impact profitability, cause customer churn and ultimately damage brand equity. Founded in 1999, TeaLeaf is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is privately-held.

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  • Diagnosing Questions (Business Objectives and Issues) What prompted you to take the meeting with Tealeaf / what specific goals do you have that TeaLeaf might help realize? Are there business objective you are measured on that TeaLeaf can impact: improving conversion rate, improving usage of key services, improving customer adoption, improving customer retention, reducing support calls, making a new site upgrade successful, etc. What are the obstacles to achieving this objectives and why do you believe TeaLeaf can help How do you measure customer satisfaction? And how does this fit in with your business objectives? How do these goals fit in with your business? How strategic is the web channel to your business? What makes it strategic? How do you measure the web channel and how it can help meet these goals? Is your web channel meeting expectations? How effective is your web channel compared with the competition? What key initiatives is your IT team working on to achieve these objectives: major site updates, new services, etc. What specific goals do you have for this meeting / what do you hope to learn?
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    1. The Only 360-Degree View of Online C ustomer e X perience Joe Megibow, Director of Field Engineering
    2. Unparalleled Visibility of the Online Customer for Ebusiness Select TeaLeaf Customers Financial Services Retail & Travel B2B, Telco, Mfg.
    3. Online Issues Are Widespread and Extremely Costly <ul><li>Enormous Business Impact </li></ul><ul><li>9 out of 10 Consumers Have Experienced Trouble </li></ul>One customer complaint One unknown issue Can equal the financial impact of a week of downtime Could be one customer or one thousand Customer experiences a problem 34% switch to a competitor
    4. Example: Largest Online Retailer We're sorry! An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we're working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If you were trying to make a purchase, please check Your Account to confirm that the order was placed. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    5. Do you treat your customers like a diagnostic tool? Actual email from major online retailer From: customerservice@company.com To: jsmith@xxxxxxx.com In order to help us determine what is causing this problem, we need you to reply to this email with the following information. Please be specific as possible in answering the questions below so we may thoroughly investigate the issue. 1. Does your connection go through a router? 2. What operating system does your computer user (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, MacOS 8.6, and so on.) 3. What is the exact version of the web browser you use? (Internet Explorer 5.00.2614.3500, Netscape 4.72, and so on.) 4. What type of connection do you have on the Internet? (56K modem, T1, DSL, ISDN, and so on.) 5. Who is your Internet Service Provider? 6. Do you have any security software installed? (Zone Alarm, Norton Security, etc.) 7. Do you have any popup stopper software installed? 8. Describe in detail the problem and the exact reproducible steps that led to it. 9. Please list the exact error code, word for word. Thanks - your answers should help us pinpoint the problem.
    6. The Gap: No Visibility of the Actual C ustomer e X perience Actual Customer Experience Information Used to Interpret Customer Experience [Interpretation] [Visibility] Visibility Gap 7/23/2005,0:06:31,,-,,80,GET,/store/,-,302,405,460,10,Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1),-,,- 7/23/2005,0:06:32,,-,,80,GET,/store/Default.asp,-,200,13631,461,1122,Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1),-,,- 1 2 3 4 Review Cart Submit Order Your shopping cart is empty Empty Cart? #550356 $54.72 <id56043> #864021 $89.12 <id23856> #756053 $129.12 <id85476> #173460 $12.00 <id87953> #783452 $7.32 <id87342> From: CustSvc@company.com To: jsmith@xxxxxxx.com 1. Does your connection go through a router? 2. What operating system does your computer user 3. What is the exact version of the web browser you use?
    7. TeaLeaf cxImpact: Detect problems sooner, fix problems faster TeaLeaf CX Reproduce errors ID customer issues Validate error logs Measure total impact ID which customers ID which transactions Find commonalities Isolate occurrences Correlate cause – effect Awareness Method Actionable Results Reproduce Quantify Diagnose Respond Alerts Current Methods <ul><li>Customer Calls </li></ul><ul><li>Logged Errors </li></ul><ul><li>Measured Trends </li></ul><ul><li>Web Analytics </li></ul><ul><li>System Management </li></ul>TeaLeaf <ul><li>Functionality </li></ul><ul><li>Blank Page </li></ul><ul><li>Unhandled Exception </li></ul><ul><li>Error Page </li></ul><ul><li>Invalid Content </li></ul><ul><li>Business Processes </li></ul><ul><li>Blocked Transaction </li></ul><ul><li>Missing Confirmation </li></ul><ul><li>Major Conversion Drop </li></ul><ul><li>Performance / Availability </li></ul><ul><li>Slow Page </li></ul><ul><li>500 Error </li></ul>
    8. Powered by TeaLeaf CX Ultimate Information Source of Online Customer Experience <ul><li>100% Coverage ― No Risk Architecture </li></ul><ul><li>Every customer, Every Transaction, Every Time </li></ul><ul><li>Proven, Passive, Scalable, Secure </li></ul>TeaLeaf CX Server HTTP(S) <ul><ul><li>Decrypt </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Assemble </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Inspect </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Event </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Correlate </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Index </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Archive </li></ul></ul>Passive Capture or cxImpact
    9. For more information, please go to: www.tealeaf.com