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Thinking about developing an employee welcome kit? This is an attempt to support you with the latest trends and options for developing employee welcome kits and what kind of corporate gifts to include in the kit.

Gift Wrapped is one of the fastest growing corporate gifting companies in India, with the vision of helping companies create Brand Ambassadors.

Merchandise and gifts to employees create a very deep impact among the target audience and increase the tendency of them becoming your Brand Ambassadors. Most of the successful companies have used the Employee Welcome kits to boost the

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Employee welcome kit - Corporate Gifts

  1. 1. Preparing a New Employee Welcome kit?
  2. 2. The most General Question What comes to your mind when you have to design an Employee Welcome Kit? What should be there in a welcome kit ?!
  3. 3. what some successful companies do… Employee Welcome KIT !! Vision/Mission Organizational Chart Office Layout Contact Details of HR / Key Personal Employee Hand Book Holiday List Training Calendar for the year Personalised welcome message from functional head ID Card Email and Bank Accounts Required Stationary Goodies – Brand Merchandize
  4. 4. Choose a supplier WHO… Asks what return on investment you want, and what message your merchandise should convey Understands what Products are a Good Fit Has the ability to deliver Volumes, on time and within Budget Is EASY to reach and has a very wide range of products Stays Focused on Quality and delivery on time For Goodies & Brand Merchandize
  5. 5. Ingredients for a new hire welcome kit…
  6. 6. More Ingredients for a new hire welcome kit…
  7. 7. Add on for your new hire welcome kit…
  8. 8. Our Approach to Support you… We are prepared Trained Confident We Understand that your intention is to bring your brand closer to your Target Audience Category / Type Occasion / Purpose Target Audience We seek Information to suggest a product: Quantity Budget Timeline
  9. 9. Successful organizations have done this…. Step # 1 in creating Brand Ambassadors
  10. 10. Expressions that most of them have captured:- Don’t you think these guys are your potential Brand Ambassadors ? They surely are going to have conversations about your BRAND
  11. 11. People have loved us and the service we have offered… All that they did was – Got in touch ! www.giftwrapped.in 1800 425 8818 (Toll Free) info@giftwrapped.in Helping you create BRAND AMBASSADORS…