Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dad


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Sometimes Dad can be hard to shop for, but I am sure whatever type of guy your Dad is, his gift is on here!

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dad

  1. 1. Top 10 Christmas Gifts for DadSometimes Dad can be hard to shop for, but I am sure whatever typeof guy your Dad is, his gift is on here!1. You know what the perfect gift for dad would be? One that hewould love you forever for? A big screen Daily Deals You can you get a great model from Pauls TV, Theking of the Big Screen, but right now they are having a deal where they paythe tax and you can get a 250 dollar gift card bundle pack forfree! PLUS free white glove delivery on all plasmas, DLP, and LEDS55" and up.2. RokuThe Roku is a Streaming Player that allows you to watch a movie at homethrough all of your subscriptions to Netflix, hulu and other services. There areno extra monthly bills and the system only costs 49.99$3. Ihome products are great, to be more specific, why not get dadan AirPlay wireless audio system with rechargeable battery?
  2. 2. It allows him to play music in any room wirelessly and it works great with theiPad, iPhone, and the iPod.4. For a dad who loves weather and weather related data, get himone of the Oregon Scientific wireless weather stationWeather stations, they can show the weather forecast, wind speed anddirection, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.5. Vuezone is a remote video monitoring system that can watchyour homeWhy not get your dad a Vuezone system, if hes the type whos into electronics,he will really love this new product.
  3. 3. 6. ContourROAM Hands-free HD CamcorderThis camcorder is great and has sold many and has a good rating. It has FullHD video with 8hrs record time at 1080p, it only weighs 3 pounds and is easyto use and is also waterproof. This is great for capturing video under water orin the rain.7. Amazon Gift CardFor the true "impossible to shop for" dads, a nice gift card can let him getwhatever he wants. They come in increments of 50 dollars and can be shippedin one day.8. Face Saver Plus 2-SW Black Iron Cover (10-piece)For the golfer dad, this face saver can cover his clubs and they can bepurchased for a simple price and can qualify for shipping bonuses.9. Cool Water By Davidoff For Men
  4. 4. Cologne can be a great gift for any guy. Who wouldnt want to smell better?This particular fragrance has been raved about and retains a solid 4 rating andthat is after 227 reviews! I remember this cologne and it has a crisp cool smell.10. Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion with 2-Inch SerratedKnife, Translucent BlackGuys love tools, and dads love their tools especially. These tools are very smalland can fit in his wallet. They are comprised of stainless steel and are compactand only weigh a few ounces.