Traditional foods of Lithuania


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Traditional foods of Lithuania

  1. 1. Traditional foodsTraditional foods of Lithuaniaof Lithuania Gastronomia de LituaniaGastronomia de Lituania
  2. 2. Lithuania and food !?Lithuania and food !?   Lithuanian culinaryLithuanian culinary traditions are thetraditions are the brightest in Easternbrightest in Eastern Europe.Europe.  Lithuanians like to eatLithuanians like to eat good, tasty and a lot ofgood, tasty and a lot of  It is said aboutIt is said about Lithuanian cooks that aLithuanian cooks that a good cook can creategood cook can create delicious food just bydelicious food just by using simple ingredients.using simple ingredients.
  3. 3. What are the mostWhat are the most popular ingredients?popular ingredients?  PotatoesPotatoes  RyeRye  BeetrootBeetroot  Various meatVarious meat  MushroomsMushrooms  Dairy productsDairy products
  4. 4. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 11  ““Cepelinai”Cepelinai”  Zeppelins are big, roundZeppelins are big, round shaped dumplings madeshaped dumplings made from potatoes andfrom potatoes and stuffedstuffed meat inside.meat inside.  They are usually servedThey are usually served with mushroom sourwith mushroom sour cream.cream.  Peoples, who don’t likePeoples, who don’t like meat, can eat themeat, can eat the Zeppelins with curd fillingZeppelins with curd filling inside.inside.
  5. 5. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 22  ““Juoda duona”Juoda duona”  This kind of bread isThis kind of bread is the oldest Lithuanianthe oldest Lithuanian traditional food.traditional food.  Lithuanian dark ryeLithuanian dark rye bread is fresh,bread is fresh, delicious and can bedelicious and can be eaten duringeaten during breakfast, lunch,breakfast, lunch, dinner.dinner.
  6. 6. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 33  ““Šaltibarščiai”(ColdŠaltibarščiai”(Cold BorschtBorscht// Beetroot Soup)Beetroot Soup)  Beetroot soup is aBeetroot soup is a popular summer souppopular summer soup because it‘s cold.because it‘s cold.  It‘s made from boiledIt‘s made from boiled eggs, cooked shreddedeggs, cooked shredded beets, cucumber, dill,beets, cucumber, dill, green onions, onions, kefir.  This soup is served withThis soup is served with boiled or fried potatoesboiled or fried potatoes on the side.on the side.
  7. 7. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 44  ““Bulviniai blynai”Bulviniai blynai” (Potato pancakes).(Potato pancakes).  These pancakes areThese pancakes are made from potatoes.made from potatoes.  Sometimes the meatSometimes the meat filling is put inside.filling is put inside.
  8. 8. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 55  ““Balandėliai”Balandėliai”  (Little Doves)(Little Doves)  This dish is madeThis dish is made from cabbage leavefrom cabbage leave stuffed with a mincedstuffed with a minced meat, rice and onionmeat, rice and onion filling.filling.
  9. 9. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 66  ““Grybienė”Grybienė”  (Mushroom soup)(Mushroom soup)  Mushroom is soup isMushroom is soup is usually made fromusually made from sour cream, varioussour cream, various spicesspices andand mushrooms.mushrooms.  It’s often eaten withIt’s often eaten with the dark rye bread.the dark rye bread.
  10. 10. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 77 ““Varškės sūris”Varškės sūris”  (Cottage Cheese)(Cottage Cheese)  Cottage cheese dishesCottage cheese dishes are very popular inare very popular in Lithuania and it’s usuallyLithuania and it’s usually triangular shape.triangular shape.  There are different typesThere are different types of cottage cheese.of cottage cheese.  It can be eaten withIt can be eaten with dark rye bread or as adark rye bread or as a desert with jam.desert with jam.  Sometimes LithuaniansSometimes Lithuanians put jello bits in it.put jello bits in it.
  11. 11. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 88  Gira (Kvas)Gira (Kvas)  Gira is a fermentedGira is a fermented drink made fromdrink made from black rye rye bread.
  12. 12. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 99  ““šakotis” oršakotis” or “bankuchenas”“bankuchenas”  TheThe name meansname means "branched tree" or "tree"branched tree" or "tree with many branches“with many branches“..  It is baked by paintingIt is baked by painting layers of dough onto alayers of dough onto a rotating spit in a specialrotating spit in a special oven an open fire.oven an open fire.  Šakotis is one of theŠakotis is one of the most important dessertsmost important desserts especially at weddingsespecially at weddings..
  13. 13. ŠakotisŠakotis
  14. 14. Traditional dishes: Nr.Traditional dishes: Nr. 1010  SkruzdėlynasSkruzdėlynas ("anthill")("anthill")  CConsists of individualonsists of individual pastries stacked onpastries stacked on top of one another,top of one another, sprinkled with poppysprinkled with poppy seeds and glazedseeds and glazed with honey.with honey.
  15. 15. The endThe end