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Film festivals

  1. 1. Film festivals By LACHAUME Olivier
  2. 2. What is the purpose of the film festivals ?• The aim of these kind of event is to give prizes to reward the different persons who contribute in a movie.• The prizes belong to different categories : best film director, best movie, best soundtrack, best film editor...
  3. 3. What is the purpose of the film festivals ?• The object of such festivals is to highlight movies which are different from the usual blockbusters.• It allows a lot of actors or movie makers to become famous.
  4. 4. The most famous film festivals• Cannes Film Festival (and its « Golden Palm »)• Venice Mostra (and its « Golden Lion »)• Berlin International Film Festival (and its « Golden Bear »)• Deauville American Film Festival• The Academy Awards
  5. 5. Why I chose this subject for internet watch blog I think it’s interesting to see the evolution ofthe cinema through these festivals. Every year the different awards reflect thenew tendencies in cinema. Furthermore, it’s a way to be informed ofthe new films of the year.
  6. 6. Example of a message : 10/12/2011"Faust", a Russian movie at the London Film FestivalBy "The Voice Of Russia" The October 12, 2011Abstract : Presents the film "Faust", one of the audiences favorite movies at The London Film Festival in best film categorie. This film has already won the golden lion in Venice. Extract : "The London festival, with its thoroughly balanced program, will feature a total of 204 works from 55 countries. Among the audience’s favorite movies presented in the Best Film nomination is Faust, the final chapter in Aleksandr Sokurov’s tetralogy. In September, this intellectual film triumphed at the Venice Film Festival and was awarded its top prize. Having straight away become a sensation, it is now sold like hot cakes." Index terms : Russian movies / Faust / London Film Festival / Alexandre Sokourov. Found with : Google Alerts URL :
  7. 7. Used SourcesImages :Golden palm : films-en-competition/Golden lion : bear : : cinema-21329.html
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