Daniel Riveong - Beyond Google Analytics


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Daniel Riveong - Beyond Google Analytics

  1. 1. Beyond Google AnalyticsBeyond Google AnalyticsAt New Media Asia 2011Presented by Daniel Riveong11 May 2011
  2. 2. Who is e-storm and Daniel? E-storm ! Hiring •  Over 12 years in the digital space, with offices in Sanre We’ Francisco US), Lille (France), and Barcelona (Spain) •  Focus on two major areas: 1.  Marketing Research, Strategy and Analytics 2.  Channel expertise in SEO, PPC, Display, Social Media •  Main clients are: B2B Software, Education, Retail, Education Daniel Riveong •  With e-storm for over 5 years, previously Director for Marketing Services before GM of Malaysia •  Been in industry for ~15 years as a web developer/designer and SEO person2 ® 2011 e-storm international
  3. 3. DIGITAL TRENDS: WHY DO WE NEED MORE ANALYTICS?3 ® 2011 e-storm international
  4. 4. Trends in the Digital Space 1.  Digital Platform Proliferation: Beyond http://www.website.com “I need a website” “I need a content platform & strategy”4 ® 2011 e-storm international
  5. 5. Trends in the Digital Space 2.  Customer Behavior Gets More Complex Clicks Sees Browse Facebook Display Ad Website Ad Sees Sees TV Browse Download GroupOn Ad Website Product Email5 ® 2011 e-storm international
  6. 6. Trends in the Digital Space 3.  Can Marketing be Profit Center instead of Cost Center? CFO/CEO: “Cool website!” CFO/CEO: “Why we are spending so much time and money on this?”6 ® 2011 e-storm international
  7. 7. Trends in the Digital Space Marketers’ Needs Have Also Changed •  I need…. •  Google Analytics for my website to track keywords and clicks •  I need to understand 1.  …Analytics data on my Facebook, Mobile Apps, Twitter? 2.  …How can I increase efficiencies of my marketing campaign? 3.  …How does running Display impact Paid Search? Today, we will go over simple, low-cost solution to tackle the baove7 ® 2011 e-storm international
  8. 8. High Level View of Different Analytics Tools In ~45 minutes touch on the following answers questions like: 1.  How can I increase efficiencies of my marketing campaign? 2.  How does running Display impact Paid Search? 3.  Analytics data on my Facebook, Mobile Apps, Twitter?8 ® 2011 e-storm international
  9. 9. Increasing Marketing Efficiency THE CASE FOR CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION9 ® 2011 e-storm international
  10. 10. Conversion Rate Optimization Doing more with less…. We need more…. Micro-conversions: Conversions: Facebook Likes Register, Download Should we… Throw more money Make it easier for to increase traffic? to like, download? Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) makes sure you’re doing the most with the media budget and clicks/visits that you have.10 ® 2011 e-storm international
  11. 11. Conversion Rate Optimization Relying on Data instead of Battling Opinions… You’re client prefers the “ugly version” you hate…. Look at it, it is And wouldn’t that hideous! hurt sign-ups? Maybe you can’t argue against your boss, so let the data do win! Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) changes the conversion from “who’s favorite design gets to go live?” to “based on the data, which design works best to convert?”11 ® 2011 e-storm international
  12. 12. Conversion Rate Optimization Which Promotion Offer Won? A Question: Which version lifted sales by +20%? B12 ® 2011 e-storm international
  13. 13. Conversion Rate Optimization Which Promotion Offer Won? A Winner: Version B Version B, with just the “free delivery” benefit, got B a 27.3% lift in total number of purchases.13 ® 2011 e-storm international
  14. 14. Conversion Rate Optimization Longer Form v. Multi-Step Form? A B 3-Step Form Question: Which version led to +100 more accounts per month?14 ® 2011 e-storm international
  15. 15. Conversion Rate Optimization Longer Form v. Multi-Step Form? A B 3-Step Form Winner: Version B The winning page got 14.9% more submitted applications for Merchant Warehouse which resulted in 100+ more new accounts per month.15 ® 2011 e-storm international
  16. 16. Conversion Rate Optimization Tools to do Conversion Rate Optimization Tools Available Basic Features •  Entry Level (Free) •  Allows you to use a single page to test multiple elements: •  Call-to-Action •  Lower/Medium Level •  Copy •  Colors •  Layouts •  Form Lengths •  Pictures/Graphics •  Tests can be done for •  High End •  Registration Forms •  Actions: Likes, Downloads •  Time on Site •  All do statistical analysis to ® 2011 e-storm international assure statistical relevance16
  17. 17. Conversion Rate Optimization Vertster: Testing Different Elements17 ® 2011 e-storm international
  18. 18. Conversion Rate Optimization Vertster: Testing Multi-Page Forms18 ® 2011 e-storm international
  19. 19. Conversion Rate Optimization Bonus: Qualitative Measurements While Analytics Data can user behavior asking the Customer can help understand user intent behind that behavior. Here are alternatives to expensive panels and group testing: •  Survey Data •  Live Usability Testing •  ////19 ® 2011 e-storm international
  20. 20. Multi Channel People, Multi-Channel Data MULTI-CHANNEL REPORTING20 ® 2011 e-storm international
  21. 21. Multi-Channel Reporting The Long Path to Conversion Paid PPC Visits Twitter Links Direct, SEO Visits Display Impressions & Clicks21 ® 2011 e-storm international
  22. 22. Multi-Channel Reporting The Long Path to Conversion: Who Gets Credit? Conversion Path •  SEO > Twitter Link > Display Impression > PPC Ad > Purchase Who Gets the Credit? Typical Last-Click Report (GA by Default) •  SEO > Twitter Link > Display Impression > PPC Ad > Purchase Why should the PPC Ad get all the credit? What role did SEO, Twitter, and Display play?22 ® 2011 e-storm international
  23. 23. Multi-Channel Reporting Conversion Path Conversion Path & Attribution SEO > Twitter Link > Display Impression > PPC Ad > Purchase {Introducer} {Influencer} {Closer} Ask Your Marketers: •  If PPC Ad was for “CompanyName.com.my” keyword, should it get credit for the purchase? •  Can Display drive brand awareness *and* ROI online? •  How do we “attribute” credit to the “introducer”, the “influencer” and the “closer” channels?23 ® 2011 e-storm international
  24. 24. Multi-Channel Reporting Revealing Additional Value via Attribution Display % Search Lift •  Typical Impact of Advertising in Attribution News & Media 144% 1.  See full impact of Retail 69% Television/Radio on Travel & Tourism 274% Online Behavior Property & Real 125% Estate 2.  See greater value of Personal Finance 125% Display and Social Health 260& Media 3.  See impact of Display ComScore Ad Effectiveness Data beyond Branding to sales24 ® 2011 e-storm international
  25. 25. Multi-Channel Reporting Foundational Attribution w/ BrightTag & TagMan •  Foundational Attribution is possible with tools like TagMan and BrightTag •  Implementation is similar to that of Google Analytics, tagging links, webpages, display URLs etc Above can already communicate impact of Display, Search and Email on each other25 ® 2011 e-storm international
  26. 26. Multi-Channel Reporting High-End Examples: ClearSaleing •  ClearSaleing allows for attribution at a keyword- by-keyword level and also specific creative campaigns •  Understand which campaigns really create impact on conversion26 ® 2011 e-storm international
  27. 27. Multi-Channel Reporting High-End Examples: Visual IQ Forecast different changes to budgets and impact on channel performance and ROI27 ® 2011 e-storm international
  28. 28. Multi-Channel Reporting Tools to Consider Entry Level •  Google’s DoubleClick DART (not officially supported by DART) •  Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel (Pilot Beta) Lower-Middle Level •  BrightTag •  TagMan High-End Solutions (Integrates CRM, Offline; Forecasting Models) •  X+1 •  Coremetrics •  Clearsaleing •  Visual IQ Best Tool: Analytics person who love data and gets the marketing goals, business goals28 ® 2011 e-storm international
  29. 29. Multi-Channel Reporting Google Multi-Channel Funnels: Value of Assists l (P ilot) S! el Funne NUhann BO -C sM ulti na lytic gle A Goo29 ® 2011 e-storm international
  30. 30. Multi-Channel Reporting Google Multi-Channel Funnels: Brand Search v. Referral v. Social t) ! Funnel ( Pilo US nnel ON-Cha B lti ic s Mu nalyt gle A Goo30 ® 2011 e-storm international
  31. 31. Analytics data on Facebook, Mobile Apps, Twitter? MULTI-PLATFORM WORLD31 ® 2011 e-storm international
  32. 32. Multi-Platform World Getting All Major Analytics solutions like Visual IQ and ClearSaleing can integrate CRM, Offline, Online…32 but how can you start today? ® 2011 e-storm international
  33. 33. Multi-Platform World Facebook Insights for Websites •  Track beyond your Facebook Page… •  …Link the Facebook activity into •  Activity that can be tracked •  Visits to website •  Like Button Reports •  Shares •  Go to Insights > Click on “Insights for your website” •  Comment Box33 ® 2011 e-storm international
  34. 34. Multi-Platform World Facebook Insights for Websites: Report 72 Facebook Posts, Amplified 225x by Shares to total: 16,228 Impressions, 104 Clicks34 ® 2011 e-storm international
  35. 35. Multi-Platform World Google Analytics for Mobile Apps! Ask the Google Guys at the Workshop! •  Google Analytics goes beyond Websites! •  SDK and Compatibility •  iOS •  Android •  Mobile Websites35 ® 2011 e-storm international
  36. 36. Multi-Platform World YouTube Analytics: What drives subscription? Identify which video drove the most subscriptions.36 ® 2011 e-storm international
  37. 37. Multi-Platform World YouTube Analytics: Am I hitting the right demo? Demographic by channel, content, and video-level.37 ® 2011 e-storm international
  38. 38. Multi-Platform World Call Tracking: Example Channel   Ad  Group   Phone   URL   Parameter   Google   Red  Case   880-­‐188   buy.html   id=188   Google   Blue  Case   880-­‐288   buy.html   id=288   TheStar.com.my   Red  Case   880-­‐588   buy.html   id=588   User clicks on ad from TheStar.com.my to buy.html?id=588 Page captures “388” code in the URL, uses it to populate the phone number. Call Center: BONUS: Track calls, sales This data can be from each number: sent back into 188, 288, 388 Google Analytics for easier reporting38 ® 2011 e-storm international
  39. 39. RECOMMENDATIONS & TAKEAWAYS39 ® 2011 e-storm international
  40. 40. Recommendations & Takeaways Three Takeaways 1.  On Conversion Optimization… •  Use Google Website Optimizer to test webpages performance to increase Facebook Likes to Registration Forms. Lifts can be as high as 20-30% 2.  On Multi-Channel Reporting… •  Be smarter in understanding how channels influence each other, identify how Display can help Social Media, Social Media on PPC Clicks and so on •  Check out solutions like TagMan, BrightTag, or use DoubleClick DART 3.  On Multi-Platform Reporting… •  Are you tracking everything you should? Calls? Android Apps? Facebook impact on websites? Videos leads to subscription?40 ® 2011 e-storm international
  41. 41. Recommendations & Takeaways Thank You! •  Follow-up questions via @DanielRiveong •  Get the presentation by •  Dropping me a card •  @DanielRiveong •  http://e-storm.com Yes! We’re Hiring in KL: SEO Manager, PPC Manager, Designers, Open Source Developers,41 ® 2011 e-storm international
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