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Cocos2d iPhone game development given for the iOS Dev Scout on 22nd Dec 2012 conducted at Blk 71 Plug-in. Yummy food courtesy of IDA

Cocos2d iPhone game development given for the iOS Dev Scout on 22nd Dec 2012 conducted at Blk 71 Plug-in. Yummy food courtesy of IDA

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  • 1. Cocos2Dfor iOSByGibson TangAzukisoft Pte Ltd22 – 12 - 2012(The day after the Mayan prediction of the end of the world)
  • 2. Binary size max is 64 kb, not 64 MBWho Am I?Mobile Developer since 2004Ex Nokia SymbianEx J2ME developerCurrently Android and iPhonedeveloper
  • 3. What is Cocos2DPopular Objective-C game engineEasy to useTons of supportOpen source and free (Very important)
  • 4. Cocos2DUsed in thousands of gamesCreator of Cocos2D was acqui-hired byZyngaYes, the Zynga whose stock is tanking now
  • 5. What is Cocos2DHas a lot of portsCocos2d-x for Android and cross platformCocos2d html5Cocos2d for Blackberry etc
  • 6. What is Cocos2D download it now
  • 7. Cocos2DDirector – The guy that calls the shotsScenes – Director manages scenesLayers – Scenes can comprise of 1 or morelayersIt is a game engine based on concept ofnodes
  • 8. Cocos2D
  • 9. ScenesThink of a scene as a screenSo in a game, you may have a• Starting scene• Gameplay scene• Results sceneetc
  • 10. LayersA scene can have > 1 layersThink of a layer in the same vein as a layer ina Photoshop PSD fileSame concept 
  • 11. CCNodeCCNode is the base class that almost allCocos2D classes inherit fromThis has common properties such as- Position- Z order- Tag- etc
  • 12. OriginThe coordinate system starts from bottomleft of screen Y Hope you still remember your Cartesian Math 0,0 X
  • 13. Cocos2DAll classes and objects have the prefix ‘CC’• CCSprite• CCAction• CCMoveByetc
  • 14. CCSpriteAn image object that loads in a png fileCCSprite *sprite = [CCSpritespriteWithFile:@”man.png”];
  • 15. Sprite MovementCocos2d has a vast array of actions• Movement• Scaling• Fading• Rotation• etc• ref/2.1.0/interface_c_c_action.html
  • 16. Sprite• After loading a sprite• Need call the ‘add’ method• To add the sprite to another sprite• Or add to a scene• Then the game engine handles the rendering for you• Easy as Pie
  • 17. Sprite BasicsCCSprite *sprite = [CCSpritespriteWithFile:@”man.png”];• [self addChild:sprite];• [sprite runAction:[CCMoveTo actionWithDuration: 2.0f position:ccp(240, 320)]]; This moves man.png to position 240, 320 using 2 seconds
  • 18. UIKitSo what happens if you want to integrate UIKitelement?• Textfield• Alertview• WebviewCan you do that with Cocos2D?
  • 19. UIKitYes, you can. Most common way is to add themin using codeUIAlertView* alert_view = [[UIAlertViewalloc] initWithTitle:@”Title"message:@"Your Message" delegate:nilcancelButtonTitle:@"OK"otherButtonTitles:nil];[alert_view setDelegate:self];[alert_view show];[alert_view autorelease];
  • 20. UIKit
  • 21. UIKitYes, you can. Most common way is to addthem in using code UIView *myView = (UIView*) [[CCDirectorsharedDirector] openGLView];//get the view textField = [[UITextField alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(40, 168, 250, 40)]; [myView addSubview:textField]; [[[[CCDirector sharedDirector]openGLView]window]addSubview:myView];[myView setDelegate:self];
  • 22. UIKit
  • 23. UIKitYes, you can also add your xibs into Cocos2D
  • 24. Audio• To play audio is very simple• Just #import “SimpleAudioEngine.h”• Then call the methods to play the audio • Background music • Effect• mp3, wav, caf (Core Audio Format) files can be used
  • 25. Audio• [[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] preloadEffect:@"sfx.wav"]; //sfx.wav is the name of the sound file• [[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] playEffect:@"sfx.wav"]; //play the audio file sfx.wav• [[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] playBackgroundMusic:@"bgm.mp3"]; //play the bgm.mp3 background music
  • 26. It’s Demo TimeI am going to show you how to create asimple game- Game mechanics is simple- Tap the snails to squash them- Before they reach the end of the screen- It won’t be the next Angry Birds- But it’s a start
  • 27. Download Code•