Circles of Dante’s HellNon-Circle -- Vestibule of Hell where the souls of the uncommitted aretormented by biting insects a...
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Dante circles of hell


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Brief list of Dante's circles of the Inferno.

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Dante circles of hell

  1. 1. Circles of Dante’s HellNon-Circle -- Vestibule of Hell where the souls of the uncommitted aretormented by biting insects and damned to chase a blank banner around foreternity.River Acheron where souls await passage into Hell proper. The ferryman,Charon, reluctantly agrees to take the poets across the river toCircle I - Limbo, where Virgil permanently resides with other great poets,Homer, Ovid, Horace, and Lucan, and then enter a great citadel wherephilosophers reside.Circle II – Lust -- Minos sits in judgment -- Paolo and Francesca, the twounfaithful lovers buffeted about in a windy storm.Circle III -- Gluttons in mud, who are guarded by the monster Cerberus.Circle IV -- Hoarders and the Wasters, who spend eternity rolling giantboulders at one another.Circle V -- Wrathful in the river StyxCircle VI – Heretics in burning tombs -- City of Dis, realm of the violentCircle VII – Violent consists of 3 Rings Minotaur guards the rings of violence 1. Violent against neighbors in blood of Phlegethon 2. Violent against self – suicides as trees 3. Violent against art and nature – gays and blasphemers hot sand Geryon at the The Great Barrier – flies them down into the pitCircle VIII – Fraud Simple – Leopard -- consists of 10 Rings – the Malbolgia 1. panderers and seducers – whipped by lashes 2. flatterers – wallowing in shit 3. Simoniacs – upside-down in flaming fonts 4. Sorcerers, fortunetellers, diviners – heads on backwards 5. Barrators graft – boiling pitch with demons guarding 6. Hypocrites (broken bridge) – lead robes and Caiaphas crucified 7. Thieves – turn into serpents and then someone else 8. Deceivers, Evil Counselors, Ulysses -- in flames 9. Sowers of Discord – Mohamet (Mohamed) – sliced in half again and again 10. Falsifiers – diseased, unable to move, covered in scabs Giants at the Well of Cocytus, the frozen Nimrod Antaeus at the Well toCocytus the frozen lakeCircle IX – the lake – consists of 4 Rings -- traitors 1. Caina – traitors to family – frozen to the neck 2. Antenora – traitors to country – frozen to head, one gnaws another 3. Ptolomaea – traitors to guests -- with heads back and ice in eyes 4. Judecca – traitors to their lords – completely buried, Lucifer, Brutus, Cassius, Judas