Trung tâm gia sư harvard
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Trung tâm gia sư harvard

Uploaded on Hotline 04 66 55 88 90 , Mr Duy 0165 628 6659 gia sư harvard là một nhánh của gia sư ngoại thương gọi ngay cho chúng toi Hotline 04 66 55 88 90 , Mr Duy 0165 628 6659 gia sư harvard là một nhánh của gia sư ngoại thương gọi ngay cho chúng toi

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  • 1. _______________ X Picture Description A) The old man is trimming some (A) The men are enjoying their bushes. tim e having drinks. B) One man is standing in front (B) The men are leaning against of the river. the railing. C) One man is sitting on the lawn (C) The beach is crowded with reading. sunbathers. D) The man is reading a book (D) There are lots of other people on the bench. in the restaurant. 002 (A) The woman is reading through 008 (A) The table has been set up for[6 0 0 ] R iS the book. (B) The woman is finding a book [7301 a party. (B) This store has some stocks ofLU to read. LlJ furniture. (C) The woman is taking a (C) All of the cups are piled on the picture o f the book. cupboard. (D) The woman is about to pay for (D) This store sells kitchen the book. supplies. A) The people are fishing at the (A) The garbage man is putting lake. away the trash. B) They are lying down on the (B) The man is sweeping the boat. floor. C) The people are rowing the (C) The player is greeting the boat. people from the door. D) The river has flooded the area. (D) One of the doors is opened. 004 A) The doctors are standing in 010 (A) Several seats are occupied. circles. (B) The board will be used for a 600 B) Nurses are checking the meeting. monitor. (C) The room is closed at this C) The doctors are perform ing tim e. surgery. (D) The tables are arranged in D) Patients are asking for their several rows. medical history. 005 A) The cars are parked along the road. 600 B) A bus has stopped to pick up the passengers. C) There is a car broken down on the road. D) There is a group of people riding bicycles. 006 A) The woman is taking some notes. 600 B) The woman is making a copy o f a paper. C) The copy machine is out of order. D) The paper is folded in half. 160
  • 2. ÍABZ 2 & Responses Questions Did you write the letter? Mr. Franklin’s speech was awesome, wasn’t it? (A) I’m riding later. (A) Yes, he did a fine job. (B) No, Yuki did. (B) He needs to train his employees. (C) I was on the right side. (C) I heard he is very famous. When will they receive the letter? Isn’t it very hot in here? (A) The letter was delivered this morning. (A) It is really hard. (B) Probably tomorrow afternoon. (B) Yes, I’ll open a window. (C) You will get it soon. (C) No, it’s going to be chilly. Could you show me the closest bus stop? 022 What else do we need to bring to Jack’s birthday (A) No, in 5 minutes. party? (B) Yes, I’m sure of where he is. 730 (A) Some roses would be good. (C) It’s right across from here. (B) I don’t want to meet the other party. (C) Yes, you must get that for yourself. 014 I heard you got the tickets for the concert. (A) Yes, I ordered them online. 023 Are you going to be here tomorrow morning? 730 (B) My favorite player is playing. (A) I won’t be here until 9:15. + (C) The concert was just amazing. 730 (B) It depends on the distance. (C) That would be Mr. Roy. 015 How long are you going to be away from your nm home? m 024 Mr. Defrost expected the notebook to be delivered 600 (A) Not that bad. today, didn’t he? (B) Only fo r a couple of days. 730 (A) He likes it a lot. (C) About 5 hours ago. (B) Yes, he’s downstairs waiting fo r it. (C) I heard they were robbed. 016 I am about to send you the e-mail again. (A) Could you please e-mail me again? 025 Would you like to sign up for the new club? 730 (B) Hopefully I’ll get it this time. (A) Yes, could you tell me more about it? (C) I’ve had it since a year ago. 850 (B) She already signed up for the club. (C) I would like to go to the club. 017 Don’t you have an appointment at the dentist now? E E ! (A) Oh, my teeth hurt very much. 026 Is it true that there’s an extra charge for shipping? I I (B) No, it’s not until later. (A) Yes, the battery is charged. ------- (C) Come to the hospital with me. 730 (B) It will be on sale soon. (C) No, it’s included in the price. Who is going to be in charge of the demonstration? (A) Let’s go by bus. 027 Should I mark these two pages? (B) They have yet to decide. (A) Please mark both of them. (C) I think there will be some charge. 850 (B) Yes, the growth is remarkable. (C) Yes, those are the right pages. Why is he leaving the company? (A) Yes, he will accept this offer. 028 Did the company mention an initiation date? (B) His fam ily is moving to another country. (A) I heard they haven’t decided. (C) This business trip was awful. (B) I am starting to date someone. (C) He said it won’t happen again. 161
  • 3. Don’t you think the commercial could be more 035 Shall we meet in the conference room? interesting? (A) I attended that conference last year. (A) The Accounting Department will do it. 730 (B) The conference room is very nice. (B) No, I like the other one. (C) It might be more comfortable here. (C) That’s the only difference. 036 I didn’t know you liked to work out.030 Do you prefer to play soccer or football? p i --(A) It is one of my favorite hobbies.|M I (A) I’d like to vote one more time. m --(B) That would be very good, thanks.16J°| (B) Neither. I don’t like sports. -------(C) I work problems out every day.-------(C) Which players do you like? 037 Janice just got a job with a law firm, didn’t she?031 Could you help me move this couch to Jack’s office? mm (A) They hired an accountant for their campaign.IWHI (A) I will repair it later. I.* 0 1 (B) She is always eager to work.16001 (B) The sofa is quite nice. ------- (C) I’m not a new employee.-------(C) Sure, if it’s not too heavy. 038 How do you like our new office?032 Why don’t you ask for an opportunity to go on a flSWl (A) I got there just in time.r m business trip? mm (B) It is quite luxurious.p30| (A) I am going on vacation again. ----- (C) No, I bought the office last month.1---- (B) Opportunities are everywhere.- (C) Yes, that sounds good. 039 When would you like to recruit new employees? DB (A) I’d say not for another month.033 Has anyone heard which client is visiting next week? m (B) Our boss is ready to take off.ffSBl (A) It’s Mr. Peterson. ------- (C) I don’t have any more work.m (B) I’ve never heard of that company.-------(C) No, at the office. 040 Something seems to be wrong with the TV. nSHi (A) How much was this TV?034 What do you think about the new DNA experiment? p®M (B) It does that every so often.ffW (A) It is a great contribution to science. -------(C) Maybe I can go get something to drink.17 I (B) I need to go to the laboratory. J°-------(C) Yes, Dr. Stephens told me about it.162
  • 4. ..._ 3Short Conversations Questions 041-043 refer to the following conversation. 044 Where does this conversation take place? ffM (A) At a shop WB: Have you been to that place right across the I ?3° I (B) In the sales division of a company street? I heard it’s really good. ----- (C) At a factory MA: Yes.11 Everything on the menu is excellent, 41 (D) At a customer service office especially every kind of fish. WB: Did you know that the restaurant was on TV the other day? 12 It must be even more popular now. 41 045 Who are the man and woman? l4 ] We might have to wait fo r an even longer 3 IfWSI (A) Customers that came for the sale time every time we go now. 16 I (B) Security agents at the store ^° MA: Well, at least it is still right across the street. ----- (C) Store clerks Anyway, let’s stop talking about it and go there. (D) Tourists from overseas041 What are the speakers discussing? 046 What does the woman predict? nwsi (A) They w ill be busy until next Wednesday.B (A) A new bookstorem (B) A popular restaurant 17 I (B) The sales rate will not change much. ^° ----- (C) They will be out of stock by Wednesday.----- (C) A marketplace (D) They will raise prices soon. (D) A seafood wholesale store042 What is true about the store?IfgHl (A) It is a used bookstore. Questions 047-049 refer to the following conversation.m (B) The store is advertised on the radio. W A:17 You look exhausted, Ross. Are you okay? I 41----- (C) It is successful in business. think you should get home soon. (D) It is about to close down. MA: No, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired, i’ve been working all night preparing for my presentation on the new product.043 What is the woman worried about? WA: Well, your health is more important than thatIFMSI (A) The price of fish went up. presentation, Ross. When is it due? m Is there17301 (B) They might have to wait long. anything I can help you with? I can get you ----- (C) They might not get the food on time. some evaluations on it. (D) Seafood might make them sick. MA: That’d be great!19 Having that in my presentation 41 w ill make it much stronger and more reliable. It’s due in three days. I know I’ve got some time, but I want to finish this so I can spend some quality time with my family. Questions 044-046 refer to the following conversation. MB: Wow, m look at all these customers! It’s usually not this busy at all on Wednesdays! WA: Well, don’t you remember? 15 We’ve been 41 047 How is the man feeling? promoting our big closing sale since Monday. H (A) Excited MB: 15 Oh yeah! That’s right. Sorry, but I don’t have 41 [eool (B) Sick a good memory these days. Anyway, it really I— î— I (C) Worn out has brought in a lot of business! I hope it w ill (D) Confused stay this busy through the weekend. WA: Yes, of course.m Actually, I think it w ill stay busy through next Wednesday when our closing sale 048 What will the woman give the man? ends. That should do a lot to raise our low sales nsffil (A) Her opinion of the new product rate. I I (B) A customer survey of the new product ----- (C) Pictures of the new product (D) The design and price list of the new product 163
  • 5. 049 What does the man say the evaluations will do? 053 What is the man looking for? (A) Make his presentation look more confusing (A) A colorful shirt 850 (B) Support the claims in his presentation 600 (B) A dark blue shirt (C) Give more examples to his presentation (C) A smaller shirt (D) Guarantee the success of his presentation (D) A larger shirt 054 What will the man probably do next? Questions 050-052 r (A) Go to another store for a similar style 850 (B) Find a similar style in white MA: 11 We need to hire a few more sales staff since 51 (C) Buy the shirt the sales clerk recommended our annual sale season is approaching. (D) Buy the white shirt in the small size WA: Hmm,10 1can hand out brochures at the 61 university, or maybe I w ill put an advertisement in the newspaper instead. Which one do you 055 What does the salesperson tell the man about the think is better? price? MA: m The brochures should do. I think lots of people 730 (A) The price has been marked down. read those. By the way, how many do you think we (B) It will go up soon. should hire? Five? (C) It is quite expensive.i WA: Well, m I think we should hire just a couple at (D) The clothes are reasonably priced. first and then see if we need more.050 How will the speakers find more workers? Questions 056-058 refer to the following conversation. (A) By distributing pamphlets WB: I’m very concerned about how much we were 730 (B) By calling the university charged for the gardening work that was done in (C) By hiring an employment agency August. (D) By putting an ad in the newspaper MB: Oh, here’s the bill. Let’s see... Oh, no! mThis is like twice what we normally pay! This is unbelievable. I am going to call their office to051 Why do they need more workers? see why they charged us so much. (A) Many workers resigned this season. W B:17 Okay. You go ahead and do that. Don’t back 51 850 (B) They are usually short of workers during this down no matter what they tell you. We are not time of the year. paying this much. (C) They want to make more products. MB: Don’t worry.18 It w ill be just like the last time 51 (D) They are trying to reduce unemployment. when we bargained with the phone company about the unreasonable price they charged us. Let’s ask the landscaping service for more details.052 How many people will they hire? (A) More than three 730 (B) More than five (C) About two 056 What are the speakers discussing? (D) About five (A) An abnormally large bill 600 (B) The new landscape system (C) A high telephone bill (D) Tips on gardening Questions 053-055 refer to the following conversati MA: Excuse m e.13 Do you have this shirt in a large 51 057 What is their reaction to this case? size? I really like the style, but I couldn’t find any of (A) They are irritated. them in my size. 730 (B) They are confused. WB: We have some, but not in white. The large ones (C) They are calm. are ail dark blue. (D) They are energized. MA: Just blue? Oh w ell,14 1guess I am going to have 51 to compromise this time. The price seems pretty good at thirty-five dollars. 058 How did they solve another similar situation? WB: Yes, [5i it used to be over sixty-five dollars, but S (A) They called the police. the price went down during the sale season. 730 (B) They sued the company. (C) They negotiated with the company. (D) They threatened the company.164
  • 6. Questions 059-061 refer to the following conversation. 063 What does the man ask the woman? rePHi (A) If her sister can work today WA: Are you visiting Seoul for a vacation or for a W (B) If her sister could stop by for an interview business trip? ----- (C) If her sister could work for Yuri MB: W ell,18 i’m a journalist covering the Korean 51 (D) How long her sister can work Music Festival for the New York Times ,m but I hope I w ill get some free time to experience Korean culture and visit several attractions. 064 What does the woman’s sister want to know? WA: Yeah, there are certainly many places you can go I f f ll (A) The employee discount rate here in Seoul.t6] I could take you around if you don’t mind. 1 m (B) How much she w ill get paid ----- (C) Her working hours MB: Really? Well, of course I don’t mind. I desperately (D) The kind of work she will be doing need a guide. I’ve already gotten lost more than three times! Questions 065-067 refer to the following conversation.059 Which of the following describes the man’s job? WA: I’m getting nervous now. We’ve been driving this (A) He takes photographs. path for almost 30 minutes. But we haven’t even (B) He teaches music at a college. seen another car.15 1doubt there is a gas 61 (C) He is a producer. station around here. (D) He writes news articles. MB: What can we do then? Do you want to go back? We’ve come way too far. Let’s just keep going this way.060 What does the man wish to do? WA: Well, okay. You are the driver. But you know it’s (A) Live in Korea in the future getting darker, and 16 the gas warning sign has 61 (B) Visit a variety of places in Korea been on ever since we got on this road. I am (C) Experience Korean food not pushing the car if it stops. (D) Find a good place to rest M B :17 Could you just be quiet? Let me take care of 61 this. Just go to sleep or something.061 What does the woman offer the man?nswgl (A) To take him to the Korean MuseumI b I (B) To give him news articles about Korea oo 065 Why is the woman getting nervous? (C) To take him back to the U.S. irarai (A) They don’t know their way back home. (D) To be his guide during his stay in Korea 173° I (B) They are already late to a place. ----- (C) They are lost and have no money. (D) They might not find a gas station soon. Questions 062-064 refer to the following conversation. MA: Hey, Stephanie. m Could you put the ladies’ 066 What does the woman warn the man of? boots and sandals on the shelves? nsBHl (A) The car will break down soon. WB: Sure. But don’t I have to cover the cash register 1730 I (B) The car is almost out of gas. because Yuri will not be here today? ----- (C) The car has been running with a flat tire. MA: No, her interview for the university was cancelled, (D) The car doesn’t have any headlights. so she’ll be here all day.13 By the way, could you 61 ask your sister to come in for an interview for the job tomorrow? I am traveling from the day 067 Which of the following best describes the man? after tomorrow until next Monday. So it would be good if she could come in tomorrow for about 30 nsiHi (A) Annoyed minutes. 6J° (B) Abandoned (C) Frustrated WB: Okay. I will call her today and ask her. By the way, (D) Lonely 14 1think she wanted me to ask you about how 61 much she’ll make.062 Where do they probably work?IWWI (A) In the Personnel Department (B) At a restaurant----- (C) At a university (D) At a shoe store 165
  • 7. Questions 068-070 refer to the following conversation. 069 How does the woman feel about the interview? IWH1 (A) It will be very successful. WA: Mr. Washington, m we received 20 applications I 7 I (B) It will be crowded with applicants. J° yesterday and 15 applications this afternoon for ----- (C) It isn’t necessary. the new manager position. (D) It isn’t a good idea. MA: Great! Now, I need you to schedule 5 of them to come in for an interview by tomorrow morning. WA: You said tomorrow morning, sir? 19 Isn’t that too 61 070 Why does the man want to conduct interviews on short of a notice? I think most of them have iia fli short notice? jobs in the morning. Most w ill not be able to I *5° I (A) To make some give up the position make it. ----- (B) To see who wants the position enough MA: I am very well aware of that.10 This w ill help me 71 (C) To find out who currently has no job see who wants the position badly enough that (D) To meet applicants when they are unprepared they are w illing to risk missing work. I like those who take risks for what they want.068 How many people submitted their resumes?E B (A) 5r f | (B) 151-----1 (C) 35 (D) 40166
  • 8. A RT 4 Short Talks 074 How will the weather be on Thursday? p i (A) It will be windy. Tp all passengers and staff, your attention, please. I 6 I (B) There will be light snow. J° Due to some problems,11 the train that was to arrive 71 ----- (C) There w ill be showers. here at Boston from New York City at 7:15 P.M. has (D) The skies will be clear. been delayed. It is now scheduled to arrive at 8:30 P.M. Therefore, trains leaving from Boston to Chicago w ill also be delayed by about an hour. 075 When will it start to get cold? Please check the schedule board for the new exact raPHi (A) Friday times of arrivals and departures. For passengers going 173° I (B) Saturday to Atlanta, we recommend that you stay alert for the ----- (C) Next Monday possibility of a delay in your departure tim e.13 But 75 (D) Next Wednesday please purchase your tickets now so you w ill not lose your seat to other passengers who are coming later. 076 When did this weather report take place? ifSBI (A) The middle of October 8^° (B) The end of October 071 In which city is this announcement heard? ----- (C) The beginning of November (D) The middle of November (A) New York 0 (B) Boston (C) Chicago (D) Atlanta Questions 077-079 refer to the following message. I I Thank you for calling the Mongolian. We are 072 What is the announcement about? | faithfully serving you in the Detroit area every day. (A) The cancellation of the train to Chicago m Our lunch time is from 11 o’clock until 3 o’clock, 730 (B) The completion of train repairs and dinner is served from 4:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. On j (C) A new schedule for trains | the weekends, we have special parties and concerts in (D) The departure of a train our fellowship hail.18 Reservations are accepted only j 71 I for parties of 20 or more. To make a reservation, 1 m you need to leave your name, the date, and time 073 What does the announcement advise the when you would like to make the reservation. You passengers to do? must also say how many w ill be attending and leave (A) Stay alert for passengers going to Chicago a number where you can be contacted. Thank you. 0 (B) Go ahead and wait on the train (C) Use other modes of transportation (D) Don’t delay buying train tickets 077 What kind of business is the Mongolian? W l (A) A travel agency 6°o (B) A party store ^ (C) A restaurant Questions 074-076 refer to the following weather report. (D) A resort hotel Now, here’s the weather for this week and the following week.14 You can expect a few showers from 71 Wednesday through Friday, but starting Saturday, it 078 What is the least number of customers needed to will be clear and warm. By the beginning of next week, ■■-■n make a reservation? the skies will still be clear, but it will be a little bit |®“ | (A) Five warmer.15 However, in the middle of next week, we 71 ^ (B) Ten are expecting some cold winds with a slight chance (C) Twenty of snow or ra in .16 It seems like that w ill continue 71 (D) Twenty-five until the end of the week as we head into November. I recommend that you start getting out your winter clothes as the weather will get colder starting at the end of next week. Now, sports news is next. 167
  • 9. 079 Which of the following is needed to make a students commented that they are looking forward to reservation? meeting Oxford students and sharing their lives with (A) The customer’s address them for one semester.15 The students from both 81 (B) The customer’s ID number universities have a field trip to the country (C) The customer’s name scheduled for the next day, where they w ill enjoy the (D) The customer’s seating preference ! good spring weather of England while getting to know the other students. Questions 080-082 refer to the following talk. 083 Who is visiting the area? 10 Welcome to the Truman Art and Music 81 (A) The president of the USA Museum! Today, we’re lucky and honored to be able (B) Students from England to view two special pieces of art by two of the (C) Professors from England greatest artists in history.11 The firs t work is a piece 81 (D) Students from the USA by Truman, which he painted during the Renaissance. It is on view now in the 1800’s Hall. You’ll see the second piece after lunch. It’s a very famous 084 What was one of their programs? work by the artist Peter Dickinson. Admission is $50 (A) The opening address each, and { 2 our security guard w ill prohibit you from 8J 730 (B) Orientation carrying any sharp metal objects, guns, cameras, (C) Introducing roommates and other sim ilar objects. In a moment, we’ll go (D) Taking pictures through the security line. Don’t be scared as they are friendly guys. Please feel free to ask any questions. 085 What are the students scheduled to do the next day? 730 (A) They will visit an English museum.080 Who most likely is the speaker? (B) They will go to a concert. (A) A famous artist600 (C) They will have a meeting with the principal. (B) A tour guide (D) They w ill go on an outing. (C) A descendant of Truman (D) A security guard081 What is true about Truman? Questions 086-088 refer to the following report. (A) He lived during the Renaissance. m Let’s talk about today’s business news. The730 (B) He drew Peter Dickinson. Delicious Town Corporation, which owns and runs the (C) He still draws lots of good art pieces. food court in the city mail, declared bankruptcy today. (D) He is not well known among historians. According to Jack Smith, the president of the company, 17 the long strike by the employee union members, 81 the decreasing value of the company’s stock, and082 Which of the following items CANNOT be brought the constant low sales have negatively affected thenmm into the museum? corporation. Some economic experts say th a tm the (A) Brochures results of this w ill be a slight increase in the (B) Digital cameras unemployment rate and a temporary economic (C) Purses depression in the area. (D) Mobile phones 086 Where would this report most likely be heard? IM I (A) In a business conference Questions 083-085 refer to the following news story. m (B) In a company meeting As part of a university exchange program between ----- (C) In an economics class lecture the University of Southern California (USC) in the USA (D) On the television news and Oxford University in England,13 a group of 30 81 students from USC arrived here at Oxford University J yesterday at about 5 P.M. The students from USC 087 What is one of the causes of the bankruptcy? excitedly began the program with the students from BSBl (A) Not enough employees Oxford early this morning,14 starting with introduction ! 81 I 6 I (B) A long strike J° o f the program and then the orientation. The USC I ----- (C) Higher rent payment (D) The increasing stock price168
  • 10. 088 What is assumed to be one of the consequences of clear our com puters currently in use by Thursday the bankruptcy? | the 5th. Also; on Wednesday the 4th, a few workers (A) An increase in employment 1 from the cable company will come in to check our (B) A rise in food prices Internet network to make sure everything is okay. Now, (C) Slow econom ic activity I let’s start with a presentation from the Marketing (D) Competition with other corporations Division. 092 What is the announcement about? (A) A breakdown in the Internet network (B) Computer repairs Hello, this is Charles Rock of Perso Insurance. Mr. (C) A meeting agenda Quake,10 I’m calling about the letter we sent you 91 (D) The installation of new com puters last week in which we listed the amount o f money you would be reimbursed through the Healthy Always Plan.19 We haven’t heard from you since 81 then, and we would like to know if you are satisfied What does Ms. Wonders remind the employees to w ith our service. I know that you suffered greatly do? from cancer, and it is a pleasure fo r us to help our (A) Help move the old computers clients in their tim es o f trouble. We would greatly (B) Preserve all inform ation appreciate your calling us back to let us know how you (C) Cooperate with the cable company employees are doing, and 11 if there’s anything else we can do 01 (D) Not to be late next Saturday to support you financially in your fig h t against the disease. My name is Charles Rock, and my number is (343) 542-9589. When will the computers be removed? (A) July 4th (B) July 5th (C) July 6th089 What is the purpose of this message? (D) July 7th (A) To look after a client (B) To check on an insurance amount (C) To offer a new insurance plan (D) To offer a solution to a health crisis M M What was the content of the letter? Good morning, and welcome to this year’s conference.1 5 9 1 would like to rem ind you that for 9461 (A) A list of medicine taken the firs t tim e we have translators that w ill translate (B) A list of operations performed English into Korean and Chinese to Korean. So now (C) A receipt for refund (D) Reimbursements fo r diseases m if you are interested in attending a sem inar led by an English or Chinese speaker, now you can attend them w ithout language problems. Also m if you cannot attend some of the sem inars you want What does the man offer his client? because they overlap w ith another seminar, you can (A) An operation in a bigger hospital buy the DVDs fo r those sem inars you wished to (B) Coverage for some of his medicine costs attend. The DVDs will be on sale in the convention (C) Any services he may need center store on the last day of the conference. We hope (D) The Healthy Always Plan you enjoy the conference and become leaders of the business world. Thank you! Questions 092-094 refer to the following announcement. 095 What is the purpose of the announcement? nswi (A) To thank people for attending Welcome to the Advertising Department’s monthly 1600 I (B) To applaud the guest speakers meeting. My name is Chris Wonders, and I have an ----- (C) To announce the new conference schedule announcement before we start.1 2 1ju st wanted to 91 (D) To inform people about a new service rem ind you that all employees in the Advertising Department w ill get new com puters per the president’s order, and m you w ill need to save all your data and work onto a hard drive so that you w ill not 096 What is the new service being offered? lose any im portant inform ation. The new computers n u ll (A) Translated documents for attendees come in on Saturday the 7th of July, and 14 we need to 91 p30| (B) A seminar on translating languages (C) Simultaneous interpreters (D) Light refreshments 169
  • 11. 097 What are the contents of the DVDs? 098 Who is making the announcement?mwgi (A) Seminars by other famous speakers D n (A) The president18 I (B) Scenes from the conference 50 I ® I (B) An accounting executive J° (C) Different seminars from the conference ----- (C) A customer (D) A movie about the business world (D) The vice president 099 What is the announcement about? Questions 098-100 refer to the following announcement. O S (A) The Christmas bonus p w j (B) The president’s birthday I’m afraid I have some bad news. m The president — (C) Promotions to management positions has announced that the Christmas bonus w ill not be (D) Employee satisfaction provided this year. {m Due to declining revenues in the 4th quarter, our company has been forced tem porarily to suspend some of the employee 100 What is the reason for the cutback in benefits? benefits. Let me remind you that the growth of the firm rests with you. We need to serve our customers better IHIHI (A) Lower customer satisfaction and expand into new markets. This will create the I 7 0 I (B) The company’s expansion in the market 3 growth needed to keep our company going. m As the ----- (C) The company’s declining income vice president o f this firm , I ask for your patience; (D) The employee’s lack of patience understanding, and full cooperation. I know that you won’t let me down.170
  • 12. Incomplete Sentences101 The federal government will continue to monitor the The name is ------on the outside of the envelope,lyjHl employment levels in ------industries. making it easier to deliver the letter to the correctm (A) various (B) variety client. (A) type (C) vary (B) typist (D) variously (C) typing (D) typed102 We look forward to superb financial services to[M l this new market. You will be------updated as to the status of your «M (A) provide claim, so please don’t call. (B) providing (A) scarcely (C) provided (B) indifferently (D) provision (C) significantly (D) regularly103 All successful------will be contacted no later thanm n April 15 to arrange a formal interview. 110 The program w ill------any figures you enter in the| y j (A) applicants formulas you register. 600 (B) applicable (A) calculate (C) apply (B) calculation (D) application (C) calculative (D) calculated104 Proceeds from today’s concert will benefit the SavelEHfli the Children Foundation------the Books for 111 The salary is highly --— , and full benefits (including[ 6001 Children Program. dental and the year-end bonus plan) are guaranteed. 850 (A) spread (A) and (B) but (B) equal (C) so (C) exact (D) yet (D) competitive105 Bona Lee is a professional singer who loves 112 Minho Lee, the newly-appointed supervisor, will spending her time — — songs. n m contact all applicants------to reschedule their600 (A) composes [fiool interviews. (B) composed ^ (A) he (C) composing (B) him (D) composer (C) himself (D) his106 The annual minutes should be submitted - Monday to the director of the department. 113 While they approved------the change, they 730 (A) upon ifB l requested certain conditions be put in the contract. (B) within (A) of (C) before 1--- 1 (B) for - (D) next to (C) at (D) in107 For a small charge, the post office offers a service that confirms the------of a package. 114 Ms. Kim will — -- replace Ms. Hadyn, who is taking 60 0 (A) deliver three months off, as the receptionist. 850 (A) minimally (B) delivery + (C) delivering (B) decisively (D) delivered (C) temporarily (D) directly 171
  • 13. 115 In order to ------ just the right flavor for our new 122 The new materials developed by the ABC Companymm dog food, we have tested a new product with nM are guaranteed to last longer than — of the16001 thousands of dog owners. |7 3 o l competitors. (A) find ----- (A) they (B) finding (B) that (C) findings (C) them (D) found (D) those116 The — — successful candidates for the general 123 The restaurant is ------ from noon to 11:00 p.m.If H manager position are required to handle customers every day and has a special brunch buffet available[ 6 ol from a wide range of different backgrounds and o 850 on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.L -i-l personalities. (A) open (A) high (B) opened (B) highly (C) opener (C) higher (D) to open (D) highest 124 Excellent craftsmanship and the world’s best quality117 — -A - 15% of the country’s farmers are more than 60 - made Borbio Furniture superior — — other brands. years old, and most people raised on farms leave for 730 (A) to730 a post-secondary education or a job in the city. (B) than (A) Approximately (C) as (B) Approximation (D) at (C) Approximate (D) Approximative 125 I appreciate the information you sent my inquiry about Satin Finish Paints.118 The industrial park,------ construction for the past 730 (A) regard three years, had been scheduled for completion by (B) regards 730 late spring. (C) regarded (A) over (D) regarding (B) in (C) of (D) under 126 You may not use this voucher in with any other nanqi discount offers. 830 (A) relation119 ------ baby boomers are beginning to retire, (B) conjunction governments are becoming very aware of an (C) agreement 730 impending labor shortage. (D) alignment (A) However (B) During (C) As 127 With only 3 weeks left until the deadline, the (D) Yet manager now has to decide — - - - - - applicants will 830 be chosen. (A) about120 Power to the International Conference Building was (B) whom lost when an electric pole------ during a typhoon. (C) on 730 (A) falls (D) which (B) fallen (C) fell (D) falling 128 Mr. Donaldson was surprised that AGD Ltd. became not only a — — business but also a global company. (A) profit121 We hope you enjoy the convenience and comfort of (B) profitsr m a personal vehicle and driver w hile------ with (C) profitable 850 (A) staying (D) profited (B) stay (C) stays (D) stayed172
  • 14. 129 Because the item arrived in damaged condition, Mr. 136 The government - — to implement the water Moritz would like to have his money------ . Irm conservation plan before the upcoming drought 730 (A) refunds 16001 season. (B) refunding (A) decided (C) refunded (B) minded (D) is refunded (C) suggested (D) denied130 - — its travel policy, every employee may beIM authorized to fly business class only if the total 137 - — you have requested a two-month credit onr 6001 estimated flight time is 5 hours or more. n m your account, It is necessary for us to check your (A) According to [ 600] credit history. (B) Because (A) Since (C) Whether (B) Although (D) Despite (C) Whether (D) Despite131 Their attention was caught by an advertisement for am new cleaning product recently put on the market by 138 There is a $25 registration------ which includes all16ool a ------ . __ materials and parking validation. (A) competition 18501 (A) revenue (B) competitive (B) fare (C) compete (C) rate (D) competitor (D) fee132 - — November 1, every book which is borrowed 139 The corporation w as------ not to dump anynyfli from the Salisbury County Library will be due in 2 manufacturing residue into the local waterways.[ 8501 weeks. 730 (A) advised----- (A) As if (B) to advise (B) As to (C) advising (C) As of (D) advice (D) So as 140 If you open an account on Saturday, all remittance133 The department has already spent most of the IM charges will b e ------ for the first 2 months.USB! money that was allocated for repairs and----- - for p f] (A) waived[ 600] the current fiscal year. (B) deleted (A) maintenance (C) obtained (B) maintain (D) vaporized (C) maintainable (D) maintained134 New residents have n o ------ to pay for any damage done to the house before they move in. 850 (A) pledge (B) promise (C) engagement (D) obligation135 - — the report will cover a wide range of subjects,mm they need to work collaboratively to finish it before16001 the due date. (A) Because (B) Due to (C) Although (D) Rather than 173
  • 15. Text Completion I ------ your letter of complaint regarding the 148 Every sales staff member should meet regularly per servicing of your 2006 Concord on December 14. month to consider how------ customer service. (A) receiving 730 (A) improving (B) will receive (B) improvable (C) has received (C) to improve (D) received (D) improved I understand from your letter that the service 149 So, training costs have risen in the past 3 provided was not exactly------ you had requested years. when you dropped off your automobile. 730 (A) dramatically (A) which (B) independently (B) what (C) probably (C) who (D) superficially (D) whose 150 We w ill------ our new deluxe line of home We value your business, and we will the costs appliances next year. of the additional work. 730 (A) research (A) hold (B) exhibit (B) cover (C) launch (C) close (D) purchase (D) resolve 151 Next week, promotional packets will be forwarded to If you need to take------ of this guarantee, please numerous------ and existing clients as selected by follow the instructions below. 730 our Public Relations Team. + (A) merit (A) prospective (B) usage (B) upcoming (C) advantage (C) nearby (D) improvement (D) identifying Please fill in the form below, and — it when you 152 — initial feedback on the products from focus return the product. if mt groups of potential customers indicates strong (A) encircle [ 6001 consumer appeal, the company is confident that the (B) regard L-i-1 new line will help us meet our sales expectations (C) enclose and achieve our profit margin goals in the coming (D) exclude year. (A) As (B) As if — — your refund application has been filed, we will (C) Moreover process your claim within seven days. (D) So as (A) Whether (B) Once (C) Although (D) In case Following complaints from customers, we have to discuss a dress code for all personnel and guidelines on individual------- . (A) face (B) complexion (C) rest (D) appearance174
  • 16. Reading Comprehension Why did KP Electronics sell one of its divisions? What is the tone of the customer’s request? (A) The company was legally bankrupt. (A) Urgent (B) The LCD market was shrinking. (B) Apologetic (C) The division was not profitable. (C) Complimentary (D) The firm needed to repay Terraiongẻ (D) Understanding154 What is learned about the selling price? 161 What is the purpose of the letter?n (A) It was reasonable. ỊEEỊ (A) To request that Mr. Petrescu send a depositÍ 6001 I 850 I (B) To inform Mr. Petrescu that the hotel has many (B) It was overpriced.LJU convenient facilities (C) It was undervalued. (D) It was astonishingẽ (C) To offer Tour Express special prices (D) To encourage Tour Express to place a room order What will KP Electronics do with the proceeds? (A) Invest in another industry (Đ) Hire additional staff 162 What does the Sophitel Hotel offer Tour Express? (C) Increase R&D spending (A) The opportunity to book rooms before other 730 (D) Reduce its total debt agencies do (B) Cheaper tickets to some aquariums in the area (C) A discount price for larger bookings (D) Free shuttle service to the travel agency156 What is the problem? (A) A refund of a computer fee 600 (B) A broken calculator (C) A power shortage 163 What means of transport does Ms. Goldenberg suggest for Mr. Petrescu’s groups? (D) A computer virus (A) Taxi (B) Boat (C) Train157 What are employees asked to do? (D) Plane (A) Copy important data 730 (B) Update their accounting information (C) Call the security office 164 What does the announcement suggest about the (D) Purchase new hardware exhibit? 730 (A) It will be held indoors. (B) It will be funded by ticket sales. Why did Ms. Morrison write to Eastern Telecom? (C) It will be very formal. (A) To complain about her telephone service (D) It w ill be unprecedented. (B) To report a problem with her Internet service (C) To request that her telephone service be restored What is Greenfield Commons? (D) To inquire about Internet access rates (A) A museum (B) An auditorium (C) A park When did Ms. Morrison start receiving DSL Internet (D) An estate access? (A) Six years ago (B) Several months ago What does the exhibit prohibit? (C) A month ago (D) Six weeks ago (A) Pets (B) Beverages (C) Infants (D) Blankets 175
  • 17. 167 What does the article mainly discuss? 175 Why did Mr. Barr write the letter?PEfl (A) The opening of a bus station ffW (A) To praise a store for its service (B) Programs to attract tourists to a city 6J° (B) To complain about a missing part of an item (C) The expansion of an art museum (C) To order a user’s manual (D) Recommended hotels (D) To inquire about a delayed response168 Who is Francisco Maldini? 176 What does Mr. Barr say about the company’sBB (A) A local artist products?m (B) A museum director 730 (A) They are cheap. (C) A city mayor (B) They are outdated. (D) A tourism board member (C) They are well made. (D) They are very fragile.169 What will the hotels offer? (A) Discount transportation rates 177 What has Mr. Barr sent with the letter?850 (A) A list of products + (B) Free museum tickets 730 (C) Reduced rates (B) A sales receipt (D) Displays of historic artwork (C) A toy (D) A personal check170 What can be inferred about the $80 per barrel figure? 178 What will Mr. Barr probably do if the company does850 (A) It was a long-time floor for oil prices. not resolve the problem? (B) Oil was expected to reach the mark. 730 (A) Go to the store and request a refund (C) It’s several dollars below the record. (B) File a letter of complaint (D) Analysts consider it significant. (C) Contact the customer protection board (D) Purchase a different item171 Why is the tourism industry concerned? (A) Higher prices may affect the favorable climate. 179 Why did Peter Born write this letter?850 (B) Consumers may not drive to tourist (A) To respond to a customer’s letter of 730 attractions. complaint (C) Recent trends in gas prices had been positive. (B) To request a replacement part (D) Economists say the industry is in trouble. (C) To advertise a new PMP player (D) To confirm a new order172 What is NOT mentioned as a consequence of higher oil prices? 180 What is Mr. Mintzberg advised to do?850 (A) Purchase a new monitor (A) A price hike on non-essential consumables 730 (B) Check his PMP player for signs of defects (B) A side effect on travel-related industries (C) The inability of airlines to afford expenses (C) Add a missing part to his player (D) A negative change in consumer spending habits (D) Contact a repair service center as soon possible173 What does Best Catch Services provide? (A) Marketing consulting services 181 How was the library first used?730 (B) Telephone answering services BB (A) As a hall for council meetings (C) Product development W (B) As a fire station (D) Information access ----- (C) As a hall for parties (D) As a place of worship174 What is mentioned about Best Catch Services?BB (A) Successful companies are some of their 182 Why did renovations NOT take place earlier?17 | +° clients. BB (A) The building was not insured. (B) It is equipped with up-to-date technology. 8+° (B) Funding was incomplete. (C) It provides 24-hour repair service. (C) Council members had resigned. (D) It offers rental services. (D) The plans were lost in a fire.176
  • 18. 183 What does Ms. Chen ask? m What is NOT on the meeting’s agenda ?RB (A) How to make donations B (A) 3D graphic design7^° (B) When her books are due r fl (B) A Q&A session (C) How late the books are (C) A workshop (D) When construction will end (D) Sales records184 What happened to Ms. Chen before? 192 How often does this event take place?DB (A) She moved away without paying her late fees. Q S (A) Once a week7+° (B) The library in her old town shut down. 17® I (B) Every Monday ° (C) She paid a late fee on the books. (C) Every few months (D) She got caught stealing books. (D) Once a year185 Why does Ms. Chen ask if she can return the 193 What penalties are given to employees who do not books? show up at the meeting?850 730 (A) They cannot attend the next meeting. (A) She was afraid she w ill have a lot o f late fees. (B) The information is not provided. (B) The library will charge her 48 dollars. (C) Their salary will be reduced. (C) She didn’t contribute to the fundraising. (D) They have to write a report. (D) The books are needed by another member. 194 What does the memorandum ask the Advertisement186 What is done to make the rooms safer? Heads to do? 730 (A) Change the date o f the meeting (A) Keys are kept at the front desk. 730 (B) Security guards patrol the hallways. (B) Hold a separate meeting for the Marketing (C) Numerical codes on keys are changed Department frequently. (C) Hold the meeting later than the time set (D) Guests are required to check out in person. (D) Have a meeting with employees from another company187 When did the guest most likely receive this key? 195 What is the marketing meeting ?Q B (A) At check-out timeI ® ° I (B) When he checked in 5 QB (A) A meeting with another company to share (C) At noon 7+° knowledge (D) On the date of departure (B) A day off for the Marketing Department (C) Full-time work for all employees (D) A meeting held once a year188 What does the man think the problem is for theifSHl locked door? 196 What is the first article about? (A) It’s a problem with the numerical key. |B 9 (A) Reducing government spending (B) It is past noon. 1730 I (B) The creation of an international monetary unit (C) The last customer forgot to check out. ----- (C) Improvements in computer technology (D) The door is jammed. (D) The rapid increase in currency fraud What happens when the key doesn’t work on the According to this report, what will governments do in door? March? (A) The door makes a noise. (A) Issue new currency (B) The key gets jammed. (B) Hold a major conference (C) The numeric code gets disabled. (C) Institute security measures (D) Nothing happens. (D) Print more banknotes What will the customers do if there is another problem? (A) They will complain to the hotel manager. (B) They will not pay. (C) They will call the president of the hotel. (D) They w ill check out right away. 177
  • 19. 198 What is said to be about bills?BH (A) Have bumps on them7J° (B) Make them harder to copy (C) Stop making bills (D) Stop making printer ink199 What should be done so that normal citizens do not make fake notes? (A) Make stronger penalties (B) Advertise through the mass media (C) Conduct fierce supervision (D) Thoroughly inspect clerks in stores200 Why are there more counterfeit bills?n (A) There have been technological 6J° advancements. (B) Bills are being made simple. (C) A new type of paper has been developed. (D) There is a new type of photography.178