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bản full tại Hotline 04 66 55 88 90 , Mr Duy 0165 628 6659 gia sư ngoại thuơgn là gia sư sư phạm tốt

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  • 1. Test 01 Listening Test In the Listening Test, you will be asked to demonstrate how vvell you understand spoken English. The entire Listening Test will last approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each part. You must mark your ansvvers on the separate ansvver sheet. Do not write your answers in your test book. Partl Directions: For each quesiton in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your ansvver sheet and mark your ansvver. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Look at the example item below. Example Statement (B), “The man is vvorking at the desk,” is the best description of the picture, so you should select ansvver (B) and mark it on your ansvver sheet.16 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 2. 18 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 3. 20 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 4. Partli Directions: You wilỉ hear a questỉon or statement and three responses spoken in Engíish. They wỉll not be printed ỉn your test book and wilỉ be spoken onỉy one tỉme Seỉect the best response to thẻ questĩon or statement and mark the ỉetter (A), (B), òr (C) on your answer sheet. Forexample, You wỉll hear; Where is the meeting room? Vou wỉll also hear: (Aj To meet the nẹw dỉrector. (B) lfs the tỉrst roorn on the rỉght. (C) Yes, ảt two o’clock. The best response to the question, “VVhere is the meéting room?” is choice (B), “lfs the first room on the rỉght,” so (B) is thệ correct answer. You should mark answer (B) on yoụr answer sheet.11. Mark your answer on your ansvver sheet. 26. Mark your ansvver on your ansvver sheet.12. Mark your ansvver on your ansvver sheet. 27. Mark your ansvver on your answer sheet.13. Mark your ansvver on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your ansvver sheet.14. Mark your ansvver on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your ansvver sheet.15. Mark your answer on your ansvver sheet. 30. Mark your ansvver on your answer sheet.16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 31. Mark your ansvver on your answer sheet.171 Mark your answer on your ansvver sheet. 32. Mark your ansvver on your answer sheet.18. Mark your answer on your ansvver sheet. 33. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34ắ Mark your answer on your answer sheet.20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.22. Mark your answer on your ansvver sheet. 37. Mark your answer orì your answer sheet.23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.22 TNT TOEỈC Actual tests
  • 5. ■ MKÊÊÊÊÊÊÊẵ Partlll Directions: You will hear some conversations between tw o people. You will be asked to ansvver three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your ansvver sheẹt. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken ọnly one time.41. Where are the speakers? 44. What does the man request? (A) In a coffee shop (A) A bus ticket to Trenton (B) In an office (B) An outline of a report (C) In a market (C) An iníormation booklet (D) In an apartment (D) A ride to a coníerence42. Who did the man contact? 45. What will the speakers probạbly do (A) A hotel manager tomorrovv? (B) A ticket agent (A) Put in some overtime hours (C) A technician (B) Discuss their presentations (D) A dentist (C) Plan a business meeting (D) Book a table in a restaurant43. What will the vvoman most likely do next? 46. Why is the woman taking the commuter (A) Call an accountant train? (B) Purchase an appliance (C) Cancel an appointment (A) Her car has a flat tire. (D) Plug in a heater (B) She lost her driver’s license. (C) Driving takes too long. (D) The bus is alvvays late. S H E ^ 23
  • 6. 47. What does the woman ask about? 53. What does the man want to do? (A) A lost credit card (A) Book an airline ticket (B) Some car repairs (B) Open a bartk account (C) A recent order (C) Purchase car Insurance (D) A new address (D) Build a new house48. What product are the speakers discussing? 54. What is the problem? (A) Computer desks (A) The ATM is out of Service. (B) Svvivel chairs (B) The account has been closed. (C) Conference tables (C) An employee is away, (D) Coffee makers (D) The fire alarm is not vvorking.49. What does the man offer to do? 55. What does the woman suggest the man do? (A) Consult another division (A) Phone the main branch (B) Increase the salary (B) Come back next week (C) Verity the phone rtumber (C) Cancel the meeting (D) Reserve a hotel room (D) Set up an appointment50. What are the speakers discussing? 56. What is the woman looking for? (A) A charity event (A) Memos (B) A traffic accident (B) Manuals (C) A conterence schedule (C) Invoices (D) A quarterly report (D) Résumés51. What might be a problem? 57. Who is Mr. Murphy probably meeting now? (A) The bad vveather (A) Division managers (B) The long distance (B) A new sales team (C) The broken fax machine (C) Job applicants (D) The billing error (D) A Client52. According to the woman, what will happen 58. What does the man offer to do? on Saturday? (A) Schedule some appointments (A) A new hospital will open. (B) Locate some tiles (B) The summer vacation will start. (C) Book a tlight (C) The employees will work overtime. (D) Email some reports (D) A pro bowler will attend the event.24 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 7. 59. What are the speakers discussing? 65. What is the speakers’ company opening soon? (A) A movie (B) A news story (A) A branch office (C) A schedule change (B) An exhibition hall (D) Car problems (C) A restaurant (D) A calị center60. Who called the vvoman last night? 66. How far ahead of schedule is the project? (A) A police officer (B) An important executive (A) Three days (C) A dental assistant (B) Two vveeks (D) A contractor (C) A month (D) Two months61. What will the vvoman probably do this atternoon? 67. According to the woman, what needs to be done in the future? (A) Leave for a conference (B) Go to a job interview (A) Computer installation (C) Move into a new house (B) Interior painting (D) Have her car repaired (C) Radio advertisements (D) A training orientation62. Where is this conversation most likely taking place? 68. What are the speakers discussing? (A) A travel agency (A) The details of a trip (B) A publishing company (B) The nevvspaper headlines (C) A mortgage company (C) The bargains in a store (D) A public library (D) The plans for a vvorkshop63. What does the vvoman give the man? 69. What does the man suggest? (A) A billing statement (A) Renting tables and chairs (B) An application (B) Rescheduling an appointment (C) A telephone book (C) Changing the meeting room (D) A rental contract (D) Repairing the copier64. W hat does the vvoman suggest that the 70. What does the vvoman ask for? man do? (A) A subvvay map (A) Send a form in the mail (B) A registration form (B) Pay Online vía cređit card (C) A fax number (C) Revievv their vvebsite (D) A business address (D) Visit another company
  • 8. Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questrons about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your ansvver sheet. The taíks will not be printecỊỊn your test book and will be spoken only one time.71. What does Markey’s sell? 74. Why is the speaker calling Mr. Davidson? (A) Electronics (A) To advertise his services (B) Plants (B) To check a delivery address (C) Automobiles (C) To contirm some scheduled work (D) Books (D) To request some changes to a plan72. When will Markey’s close? 75. VVhere does the speaker most likely work? (A) In 15 minutes (A) At a bicycle store (B) In 30 minutes (B) At a gardening Service (C) In 1 hour (C) At a shipping company (D) In 2 hours (D) At a real estate agency73. VVhere can the special display be found? 76. When will the speaker visit Mr. Davidson? (A) Near the store entrance (A) At 8 AM (B) Next to the elevator (B) At 10 AM (C) On the top íloor (C) At 2 PM (D) In the parking garage (D) At 4 PM26 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 9. Ti. What is the purpose of the talk? 83. What is unusual about the currerìt vveather conditions? (A) To show appreciation for a prize (B) To vvelcome the new taculty (A) Heavy rain (C) To explain a Computer program (B) High temperatures (D) To introduce the office staff (C) Scattered shpwers (D) strong winds78. According to the talk, how long has the speaker vvorked at a uníversity? 84. What do officials at the vveather bureau advise? (A) About two years (B) About four years (A) Remaining indoors (C) About six years (B) Conserving electricity (D) About eight years (C) VVearing a thick coat (D) Saving vvater79. Why does the speaker mention the Learning Foundation? 85. When will the weather be better for outdoor activities? (A) It donated several textbooks. (B) It purchased cỉassroom items. (A) On Monday (C) It provided funds for the project. (B) On Tuesday (D) It gave an award to a student. (C) On VVednesdaỳ (D) On Thursday80. What is the purpose of the talk? 86. Where is the audience? (A) To explain the hiring process (B) To present a staff member (A) In a ear tactory (C) To change a marketing plan (B) In a folk village (D) To create a new division (C) In a historic home (D) At an art show81. What Products does this company most likely seil? 87. Who is Martin Drake? (A) Automobile parts (A) A tour guide (B) Kitchen appliances (B) An art collector (C) ChildrerVs clothing (C) An architect (D) Camping equipment (D) A painter82. According to the talk, what will Ms. Perez 88. What did William Hamilton do? do for this company? (A) He opened an art museum. (A) Design new automobile parts (B) He was a school teacher. (B) Open a European branch office (C) He ran a travel agency. (C) Draft its new Products manual (D) He owned a shipping company. (D) Help determine buyers’ preterences
  • 10. 89. Why is the speaker giving this talk? 95. When will some staff members leave for a convention? (A) To introduce a sales representative (B) To explain the intervievv process (A) Tomorrow morning (C) To announce some key policy changes (B) Tomorrovv atternoon (D) To revievv the results of a research study (C) The day after tomorrow (D) In a couple of weeks90. What do the listeners have to do? 96. What does the report say? (A) Note impressions of each applicant (B) Fill out an application form (A) Sales have increased. (C) Provide details of a conterence (B) A new office has been created. (D) Attend a panel discussion (C) An updated sales plan has been made. (D) The company has met its goals.911 What will the listeners do tomorrow morning? 97. What do the listeners need to bring to the (A) VVelcome a íoreign Client next meeting? (B) Change the business hours (C) Hire a new employee (A) Iníormatíon about a coníerence (D) Install some new computers (B) The names of new employees (C) Ideas for increasing sales (D) Recent stock reports92. Where does the speaker work? (A) At an insurance company 98. What does the speaker hope to do? (B) At a íitness Club (C) At a manuíacturing company (A) Obtain íunding for a project (D) At a bank (B) Speak at a marketing conterence (C) Get a job in the sales division93. Why does the caller need to talk to Ms. (D) Attend a research convention Brennan personally? 99. What most likely is the speaker’s field of (A) To contirm some iníormation expertise? (B) To discuss membership benetits (C) To check an address (A) Fashion (D) To issue an invoice (B) Advertising (C) Engineering94. Why should Ms. Brennan call the speaker (D) Pharmaceuticals right away? 100. What is the audience going to do nexl? (A) An offer is about to expire. (B) An application form is missing. (A) Do an internet search (C) A report is almost due. (B) Intervíevv job applicants (D) An account will be closed. (C) Revievv some papers (D) Leave for a conterence28 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 11. Test 01 Reading Test In the Reading Test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading Test wiH last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to ansvver as many questions as possible within the time allowed Partv Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences beiow. Four answer choices are given belovv each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.101. The digital camera we bought on the 104. Global Smart Car Manuíacturers recently Internet did not come with a full set of L ị|------- a|| its customers that it is .............., which means we will have to developing a car that is fuel-efficient and teach ourselves how to use it. environmentally triendly. (A) directions (A) intormation (B) direct (B) intormed (C) directors (C) intormant (D) directly (D) intorms102. Pinnacle, In c ...............the same-day 105. After John complained ábout how delivery of flowers, plants, and gift dissatistied he was with his long vvorking baskets purchased on its vvebsite to its hours, his manager arranged a -------- — to customers. a new department. (A) expands (A) transíer (B) notices (B) renewal (C) affords (C) reversal (D) guarantees (D) delivery103. to the instructions we received 106. As a n ---------— publishing company, from our team leader, we must assign we can provide n our writers with the different tasks to each member of the benetits of individual attention and team. professional care. (A) Allovving (A) independence (B) Not only (B) independent (C) According (C) independently (D) In fact (D) independency44 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 12. 107. The director of the Human Resources 113. ——------wins the prize for best manager Department will — r------- the names of will also have the opportunity to attend a the major contributors to the impressive week-long workshop for business leaders results of the project. in London. (A) enclose (A) Whom (B) bargain (B) Which (C) mean (C) Whichever (D) announce (D) Whoever108. We have recently added a n e w ----------- 114. I have not traveled to work by train yet, to our vvebsite which enables customers but I think it will ta k e ---------- one hour or to send an email directly to one of our maybe longer. customer Service representatives. (A) about (A) attention (B) with (B) charge Bịn (C) direction (D)by (D) teature 115. Because the response w e’ve been109. We are looking forward to having the ------— from customers has been mayor of our City i n ----------- at our satisíactory, we should have no problem tundraising dinner tomorrow evening. selling all the machines we have in stock. (A) attendance (A) receive (B) attended (B) received (C) attend (C) to receive (D) attending (D) receiving110. Have your p asspo rt...........— available 116ễ Employees were surprised that the board when we reach the front desk of the hotel appointed a new secretary in th e ---------- because a staff member will ask to see it. of the chairman and three other board members. (A) correctly (B) readily (A) absence (C) steadily (B) importance (D) contently (C) agreement (D) insistence111. Please note that none of these materials will b e -----------in the printed matter for 117. After all of the books have been placed whatever reason. ----------- back on the shelves, we will check to see if any are missing. (A) publishỉng (B) published (A) neat (C) publish (B) neatness (D) publication (C) neatest (D) neatly112. Michelle is well known among her colleagues for h e r ----------- participation 118. The problem of not having a sufficient in team sports such as sottball and supply of homes that a re ------— to basketbalí. families seeking good schools and proximity to their jobs has yet to be (A) popular solved. (B) minor (C) enthusiastic (A) afford (D) reliable (B) affordability (C) affordable (D) affordably
  • 13. 119. The conterence organizèrs have arranged 125. We will issue a full retund or exchange for buses to take participants directly it for a new one if the Computer monitor ----------- the conterence center after the you purchase is -----------damaged. special tour of the City in the morning. (A) severe (A) to (B) severely (B) off (C) severance (C) on (D) severity (D)by 126. This month, our Internet usage level was120. While I am away, p le a s e .............. the — ------------- the monthly average because Director of Communications whenever spent a lot more time doing research and there is a request for intormation on our contacting potential clients. company. (A) higher (A) inform (B) exceeding (B) reservẹ (C) above (C) mention (D) more (D) know 127. It was reported that some cities ranked121. A Sharp rise in construction raw material low since their school systems were not costs — I — in the Corning months. -----------— regarded. (A) is antiòipated (A) largely (B) had anticipated (B) clearly (C) anticipates (C) exclusively (D) anticipated (D) highly122. - — I — Mike nor Terry was able to 128. The bank assured me that it vvould keep explain why the entire department was to my account number and secret access be held responsible for the mistakes of c o de -----------at-all times. oneemployee. (A) personal (A) Also (B) subjective (B) Either (C) contidential (C) And (D) trustworthy (D) Neỉther 129. you are unable to attend the first123. The Atrill Co. hopes to cut down on training session, you will be able to catch expenses substantially under its new up on what you missed in the second 7-year------— with ATC Suppliers. session. (A) agreement (A) Even if (B) outcomes (B) Unless (C) effects (C) Moreover (D) journey (D) Nevertheless124. As the team has worked very hard to 130. You’d better give at least one-day’s notice complete this proposal, the evaluation — you would like to reschedule committee will raise very few -----------to your appointment with a dentist. our ideas. (A) vvhile (A) otỳects (B) on (B) objectives (C) objections 11 (D)yet (D) otýectors46 TNTTOEIC Actual tests
  • 14. 131. Although Protessor Smith is an expert 136. It will be suggested that you---------- your in scientific technology, vvhenever he presentation so that it íocuses more on presents a lecture, it is always very your company’s achievements. --------- to his students. (A) moditying (A) accessibility (B) to modity (B) accessed (C) modify (C) access (D) moditied (D) accessible 137. ----------- negotiations of a long-term132. There h as----------- been a decline in her agreement with the supplier, the work períormance and productivity over employees in charge will be offered paid the last six months. vacations. (A) uncertainly (A) Follow (B) hesitantly (B) Followed (C) deíinitely (C) Following (D) uníairly (D) To follow133. It is likely that an unnecessarily---------- 138. There is a matter relating to the new office process needs to be run efficiently to stay equipment---------- I need to discuss with ahead of the competitionằ you beíore you leave for the meeting in (A) length London. (B) lengthy (A) who (C) lengthen (B) what (D) lengthens (C) however (D) vvhich134. The Fleetfoot Transport Company purchased three new vehicles this month, 139ễ Although Mr. Blore was inexperienced which should drastically improve the when he was appointed as a senior efficiency of its---------- . manager at our head office, his work (A) applications pertormance has------------everyone’s (B) admissions expectations. (0) surplus (A) excluded (D) deliveries (B) limited (C) exceeded135. With every new order your company (D) proceeded places with us, we will reward you ---------- a complimentary delivery. 140. Untortunateiy, we will not be able to find (A)up someone with Roger’s --------- skills and knowledge beíore the project deadline (B) in (C) with next month. (D)to (A) tolerant (B) particular (C) tranquỉl (D) opponent B B K E ^ 47
  • 15. II 1 J ■ 1 í -C ~ r- ÉH|l&jẳSB f 1 ị -Jị Part VI |jj Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best ansvver to complete the sentence Then markthe letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your ansvver sheet.Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. Dear Mr. Simmons, You have made an excellent choice by selecting Gill and Sons to — -------your kitchen. 141. (A) sell (B) renovate (C) repair (D) protect Thank you for placing your contidence in us. Gill and Sons has a reputation for turning boring, ordinary kitchens into dream kitchens. People have trusted us to work in their homes for the past 27 years. Our designs are the most modern and original,-----------your dream kitchen will be one 142. (A) ensured (B) ensuring (C) be ensured (D) will ensure òf a kind. Please read the enclosed pamphlet and contact us to make an appointment. One of our consultants will visit your home. We’d like to do n we can to make sure that you are — -------with 143. (A) satlsíied (B) satisíying (C) satisíaction (D) satisfactory our Service. Sincerely, Michele Rovvling Sales Manạger48 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 16. Questions 144-146 reter to the following iníormation. Recycling paper in the office The Vangelis Document Shredding Company has alvvays been part of the tight to protect our environment and reduce pollution. We offer our paper recycling services to large and small companies. Our services include collecting used paper from your office and preparíng it for recycling. We encourage our clients to recycle used paper-----------possible. 144. (A) somehovv (B) whenever (C) altogether (D) meanvvhile Since documents often contain contidential intormation, we always store papers in a secure environment before they are shredded. Our Service is very easy to use. We provide you with lockable bins for use in the office. We collect these bins every two weeks, and w e -----------them 145. (A) return (B) has returned (C) returned (D) was returning to you immediately. Your staff will have no additional responsibilitiesỄ For each ton of paper you recycle, about 20 trees will be saved! In addition, companies that recycle the most paper will have a chance to win the award for Most Environmentally Friendly Company from the local business chamber. For more — ------- about the award, visit our vvebsite 146. (A) views (B) limits (C) details (D) issues at
  • 17. Questions 147-149 refer to the following memo. To: Lauren From: Ricky Re: Cancelled order Dear Lauren, We —— a complaint from a customer, Mr. Terry Mullins, that he received an order from us 147. (A) receive (B) will be received (C) were received * (D) have received which he had cancelled a month beíore. Mr. Mullíns had ordered new gloves from us last month. But he latẹr purchased them from another store as he needed them immediately. He sent us a letter cancelling his order. But last Mondaỵ he received a package containing the gloves by express mail. Mr. Mullins is a little angry because he had to pay the cost of sending the gloves back to us. I vvould like us to avoid such errors in the tuture. Thereíore, l’d suggest — -— one staff 148. (A) assigning (B) containing (C) explaining (D) undềrstanding member to be in charge of handling customer requests. l-d líke to discuss my — ——— with you 2 149. (A) order (B) idea (C) collection (D) development at our next meeting.50 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 18. Questions 150-152 reter to the following letter. Dear Orion Bank Customer, Orion Bank is in the process of improving its security system to protect clients’ personal intormation. Here are a few ways in vvhich you can ensure maximum satety. Never give your passvvord, account number, or — - — intormation to anyone, even a bank official. — 150. (A) other such (B) another (C) one another (D) each other We will never request such intormation by email or over the telephone. This intormation is highly contidential. You should also follow these---------- steps to increasé your own security. 151. (A) comparative (B) excessive (C) surplus (D) additional Firstly, your password should be easy to remember so that you never have to vvrite it down. You should change it often. Secondly, never respond to any requests for your personal or account iníormation from strangers. Thirdly, do not use public computers to do your banking as they are not alvvays secure. We thank you for your — — — and assure you that we will continue our efforts to sateguard your 152ễ (A) suggestion (B) opinion (C) coopeíation (D) recommendation personal iníormation. Sincerely, Lambert stockdale Chief Executive Officer Orion Bank
  • 19. Directiọns: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and nevvspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.Questions 153-154 refer to the following notice.I Attention: All Employees I ___ 11 1___ 1 IJÉ :n All employees must wash their hands and arms betore beginning work and after using §1 II I the toilet. This includes food preparers, dishwashers, servers, and anyone else who I I§ : has contact with food, food utensils, or food equipment. As a general rule, bare-hand ?! II contact with ready-to-eạt food (e.g. sandwiches, salads, fruit, bread, etc.) should be §1 II avoided by all employees. This can be done through the use of utensils such as tongs, II ỉissues, Íorks, scoops, or gloves. Food preparers may touch ready-to-eat food with II their bare hands when necessary provtded they strictly adhere to the hand-washing >1 III requirements. Servers are speciíically prohibited from tpuching ready-tp-eat food with l l 1I their bare hands. Let’s kẹep our vvorkplace clean and safe!153. Where would one most likely see this notice? (A) In a health Club (B) In a supermarket (C) In a hospital (D) In a restaurant154. What are servers not allovved to do? (A) Enter the vvashroom after 7 (B) Touch food wỉth their hands (C) Use fragrance-free soaps (D) Visit the vvorkplace when off-duty78 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 20. Questions 155-156 refer to the following card. Edvvard Pines Animal Clinic 1210 Mulberry Road Oregon, IL 61062 Dear M r. A d m 6-aivipfre.fl : r Ispilillll This is ịust a reminder that your cat, examination (purpose: Pictíọc. , is scheduled for an 2nd nocÀ-m fo|l<wing_ m c-tp opera-Hon ) with f Vỳ . Ni<^c on Mai] 1É>ih at FM on the Znd tioor of « the Edward Pines Animal Chmc. We ask that you arrive ăt the clinic % A m im I+AO â í r t r o VÍAI i r approximately 10 minutes Kbetore your scheduled if if m a n 4 . ỉ ỉ n ì â ®time o n rv K Á v ím ri+ â ĩv / "i a n n rt appointment in order to complete a question sheet betore the examỉnầtion; please > §jp ensure that ỳour pet is secụred by a leash or in a carrying case. If you have any questions regarding your appoỉntment, please call FW at Wtfííaiv> 1 MỊ 1155. For whom is this card intended? (A) Edwarcỉ Pines (B) Adam Campbell (C) Nick Edgings (D) VVilliam Piper156. According to the card, what is the appointment for? (A) To pertorm an operation (B) To give an injection (C) To take an X-ray (D) To write a new prescription — 79
  • 21. Questions 157-159 reíerto the following notice. Negotiate Successtully Ensure thatyou have top-notch negotiating skills Negotiation is your opportunity to demonstrate your commitment (and our company’s) to long-term relationships to maximize value for both parties. Good negotiation Skills can increase the level of trust and credibility you have with your customers. The following checklist provides key preparation points for your next negotiation V Do not begin negotiations unless youve had the opportunity fully to present your proposition to the customer. V Be certain youre dealing with a person with the authonty to negotiate and make decisions. sí Know in advance at what point the agreement is no longer beneíicial to you and our company and be prepared to walk away. sí Be prepared to be patient. Of course, these are just the basỉcs. If you sign up for our freẹ educational seminar, you will have the opportunity to learn a great deal more about the art of negotiation. Call Tim in Human Resources (ext. 5646) and reserve your space now.80 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 22. 157. What does the notice say ỉs a benetit of good negotiation skilts? (A) Finding a quickersolution for a problem (B) Purchasing raw materiais inexpensively (C) Distributing Products to wider áreas (D) Earning more trust ữom customers158. What is NOT mentioned as a part of preparing for a negotiation? (A) Ensure you are dealing with the ríght person. ,(B) Make sure you arrive early. (C) Know when to end the negotiations. (D) Do not rush the process. . , , .159. What should people do if they want to learn more? (A) Call a staff member (B) Visit an academy (C) Go to a websitẹ (D) Read a bcochure 60 ON 81
  • 23. Questions 160-163 refer to the following letter. Irene Pleming 345 Reed Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104 Dear Ms. Pleming: A|low me to begin by saying th a t it was a genuine đelight to havé met and I interviewed you this past Tuesday. A lt the members of the interview panel were deèply impressed by your professional demeanor. In addition, you are certainly the most qualiAed candidate we met, and for this reason it gives us great pleasure to o ffe r you the position of researcher at our new branch in Austin, Texas. We woald like to ask you to sta rt in your position on March 2. Please report to Mr. Ian Lain, the senior manager o f our Austin branch, at 9 AM that day, and hẻ will provide you with your orientation. For your convenience, I have enctosed a copy of the general employment contract with this letter. The contract contains details regarding your annual incẹntives, vacation and medícal benefits package. Please ề r«jnew it„ and, if all is ãcceptable, sign and return it to me by post at your earliest convenience. Should you have any questions, please Ịeel free to contact me and I w ill do my utmost to respond in detail. On behalf of everỵone here at Jules & Andrews, I would like to welcome you to the team. Sincerely, I D ụtí(ỊỊỊỊplỊl Dean Winston I HR Director 3ạã=O Ti£iKiaíâsss=^a ’Ể r.:=iìs:.ĩ82 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 24. 160. What is mentioned about Jules & Andrews? (A) It hired a new senior managerế (B) lt recentiy opened a new branch. (C) Its headquarters are in Texas. (D) It is an accounting firm.161. To whom should Ms. Reming report in Austin? (A) A senior manager (B) A researcher ^ (C) An HR director (D) A company CEO162. What is Ms. Fleming asked to do? (A) Contact her tuture supervisor (B) Sign and return a document (C) lnterview a new candidate (D) Open a new company branch163. What is NOT mentioned as being included in her contract? (A) Vacation time (B) special bonuses (C) Health insurance (D) stock options
  • 25. Questions 164-166 refer to the following intormation. 2008 International News Media Coníerence Event ProgramPresentation Schedule for September 15 Freedom of the Press Sa-id Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Diamond Hall in the Middle East Albazzaz Azzaman Daily Newspaper, Iraq § n Floor) Opportunities in the Terry Executive Director of VG Ruby HaH New Digital Media Pedersen Multimedia, Norvvay (3rđ Floor) The Tabloid Boom: Ake Lunde Senior Editor of Berlingske Emerald Room Opportunity or Tidende, Denmark (2n Floor) d Threat? Photojournalism and Jean Head of Photography, Agence Sapphire New Visual Strategies Mounier France Presse, France Room (1st Floor)164. Where vvould this information most likely be found? (A) On a news company’s website (B) In a university textbook (C) On a school bulletin board (D) In a coníerence intormation package165. VVhich speaker works with photographs? (A) Sa-id Albazzaz (B) Jean Mounier (C) Terry Pedersen (D) Ake Lunde166. VVhere will Terry Pedersen be making his presentation? (A) Ruby Hall (B) Sapphirề Room (C) Diamond Hall (D) Emerald Room84 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 26. Questions 1 6 7-1 68 refer to the following article. Goldberg rejoins Generex as senior VP Herbert Goldberg will join Generex Video in the position of senior vice president effective December 14. With responsibility for all of Generex Video’s activities, Goldberg will report to Lance Brovvn, the CEO of the Generex Entertainment Corporation. He will be based in Los Angeles. Goldberg originally joined Generex Video in 1997 and served as director of sales before moving to the VIP Entertainment Group, where he was the VP of Intẹrnational Sales. Upon his return to Generex Video, he will take over responsibilities for the home video division and will also inherit the responsibilities of senior sales VP from George Seinteld, who departs the company on December 10. Several other Generex executives have chosen to leave the company during the recent period of restructuring, including Marketing VP Susan Hevvitt and Investor Relations VP Daniel Lim.167. What can be interred about Herbert Goldberg? (A) He ỉs the company’s youngest CEO. (B) He is responsible for a new division. (C) He previously vvorked for Generex. (D) He has won several industry awards.168. Who is NOT known to be leaving the company soon? (A) Daniel Lim (B) Susan Hewitt (C) George Seiníeld (D) Lance Brown
  • 27. Questions 169-171 reter to the tollovving notice. Notice to all patients: ■ You have rights under tederal laws that ensure the protection ^ of your health intormation. i • You can ask to get a copy o f your medical records. i In most cases, copies must be given to you vvithin 15 days. You may ! have to pay for the cost of copying and mailing if you make such a request. ; • You can make corrections to your health information. You can ask to change any vvrong intormation in your file or add í intormation to your file if it is incomplete.rlK most cases, the file should ! be changed vvithin 30 days of your request. ; • You can control how your health intorm ation is used. In general, your health intormation cannot be used Qr shared with third parties unless you give your permission by signing a specitic authorization formẵ This is a briet summary of the protection provided under íederal health ỉ privacy law. You can learn more about your rights by visiting www.hhs. I gov/privacyinfo. " ;86 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 28. 169. What is the purpose of this notice? (A) To remind patients about Insurance requirements (B) To request copies of medical records (C) To inform people about their rights (D) To announce changes in government policy170. How could others access your personal intormation? (A) They must ask you to sign a form. (B) They must contact your employer. (C) They should visit a government office. (D) They should vvrite a letter.171. According to the notice, vvhere can one receive additional information? (A) In a brochure (B) Through consultation (C) On a vvebsite (D) In a seminar
  • 29. Q uestions 17 2-1 75 refer to the following e-mail. f Helen Sparks <h> Margaret Poole <> Membership lnfo ______ _________ March 15 1 Dear Ms. Sparks, Thank you for your inquiry regarding membership in the Cancer Research Society. We are pleased to send you a Cancer Research Society membership application. There has never been a better time to join the Cancer Research Society, the world’s largest organization of scientists dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of cancer. Your membership includes an automatic subscription to Cancer Research Quarterly and The Journal o i Health Online, providers of the latest research news and state-of-the-art features. Membership also provides eligibility for various grants and avvards from the Cancer Research Society as well as discounts on additional scientiíic journal subscriptions. m Attached is additional intormation on the society’s programs and services 1 along with an application form and membership payment form. Please refer to the attached fact sheet for íurther details on membership categories and advantages. Remember that your curriculum vitae must accompany your application. If applying for student membership, proof of enrollment in a degree-granting institution is also required. Again, thank you for your interest in the Cancer Research Society. Sincerely, Margaret Poole Membership Director88 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 30. 172. Why was the e-mail sent to Ms. Sparks? (A) She joined a medical organization. (B) She subscribed to an Online journal. (C) She requested some intormation. (D) She submitted an application.173. What is NOT an advantage joining the Cancer Research Society? (A) The obtainment of an honorary degree (B) Discounts on some scientiíic journals (C) Free access to an Internet journal (D) Consideration for íinancial beneíits174. What iníormation is included in the fact sheet? (A) Membership types and benetits (B) Recent medical research results (C) Details about an international coníerence (D) Lists of major medical publications175. What additional document should Ms. Sparks submit? (A) A résumé (B) A degree (C) A research article (D) A medical report
  • 31. Questions 176-180 reíerto the following letterế Department of Immigration & Multicultunil Aiĩaịrs 3 Lonsdale Street Canberra Australiạ Ẹebruary 28 Philip Cesario 12 Dunstan Bay Winnipeg, MB R3V 1B4 Canada Dear Mr. Cesario: RE: Grant of Working Iloliday Visa This is to advise that you have been grantcd a Working Holiday Visa for entry to Australia. This visa allovvs you to make your inilial entry into Australia no later than 12 months írom the date that the visa was granted. Your initial entry into Australia must be no later than February 28 ncxt year. Once in Australia, this visa permits you to stay in Australiạ for 12 months from the date that you íìrst cnter Australia. It allows yòu multiple re-entries to Australia, which means that you can leave and re-enter Australia as maný times as you wish dúring the prescribed 12-month periođ. Please note that your Working Holiday Visa is súbject to two main conditions: - You must not be employed by any one employèr for more than 4 months consecutively; - You must not engage in any formal stụdies or training for more than 2 months cumuiatively. It is very ũnportant that you understand and abide by your visa conditions. If ỵou lail to abide by these conditions, your visa may be cancelled, ánd you will be required to leave Australia. If you do not understand your visa conditions, please contact the Australian consulates in either Toronto or Vancouver for advice beforè you travel. We hope that ỵou enjoy your stay in Australia. Yours sincerely Hobart Rhodes General Manager DIMA Visa Processing Center90 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 32. 176. W hat intormation is the letter announcing? (A) A vacation plan has been finalized. (B) Permission has been given. (C) A position has been offered. (D) A government polícy has been changed.177. How soon must Mr. Cesario act on the contents of the letter? (A) Within one month (B) Within two months (C) Within four months (D) Within twelve months178. The word “ initial” in paragraph 1, line 2 of the letter is closest in meaning to (A) recent (B) first (C) next (D) subsequent179. VVhere does Mr. Rhodes work? (A) In Winnipeg (B) In Toronto (C) In Vancouver (D) [n Canberra180. What should Mr. Cesario do to receive more intormaịion? (A) Visit a vvebsite (B) Read a brochure (C) Contact a goverrtment office {D) Call Mr. Rhodes
  • 33. Questions 181-185 refer to the following letter and email. Danielie Bates 502 Tacoma Avenue Seattle, WA 98104 Deár Ms. Bates, Thank you for your reservation request of May 2. It is a plcasure to inform you that ỵour seat reservations for the May 27 performance of Svvan Lake havc been contìrmcd and thaỉ two tickets (Section Bl) are enclosed with this letteí, Pleasé ensure that the tickcts are 1 1 1 linc with your rcservation request. As you know, the National Dance Theater of Seáttle celebrates its fiftieth áĩựiiversaiỵ this year ơver the decades, we have focused ọn offẹring superiơr períbrmances on ạ par with troupes around the world in both ballet and contemporaỉy dáncc. This seàson, we arc proud to oiĩer both classic ballets and contcmporary works, We have dcvelopcd a total of 34 ballcts, including lull-lcngth ballets such as Cinderella, the Nutcracker, and Esmeralda. Bỵ otĩcring these điverse expdiences, we are able to create enrìching programs that meet the wide range of requests we rcceivc from our audiences. If you would like to changc your reservation, pleasc call me ạt 555-3853, e-maiỊ me at, or visit Đur ticket olTice on the main level ol the theatẹr building. Thank you agaiti for your interest in our períormances. We look forward to sceing you at the National Dance Theater of Seattle. Diane Schulenburg <> Danielle Bates <> [ Ticket Ẽxchange May 9 Dear Ms. Schulenburg, Thank you for sending my tickets to me. If possible, vvould I be able to exchange these tickets for the same periormance on May 25? Also, I would like to request one additional ticket. I have a friend who will be visiting me that day from out of town, and that particular ballet is her tavorite. Please let me know if it is possible to exchange the tickets. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Danielle Bates92 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 34. 181. What is the purpose of the letter? (A) To make ticket reservations (B) To describe a new ballet (C) To respond to a request (D) To announce program changes182. What is NOT mentioned as a way of changing reservations? (A) Sending a fax • (B) E-mailing the representative (C) Visiting an office (D) Calling the representative183. The word “íocused” in paragraph 2, line 2 of the letter is closest in meaning to (A) concentrated (B) enhanced (C) reflected (Đ) vievved184. What is the tavorite ballet of Danielle Bates’s friend? (A) Cinderella (B) The Nutcracker (C) Svvan Lake (D) Esmeralda185. When would Ms. Bates like to see the play? (A) May 2 (B) May 9 (C) May 25 (D) May 27
  • 35. Questions 186-190 refer to the following article and invitation. Albert Young, Sparc IncorporatecPs long-time chief technology officer, will retire this July. Young, now 61, is a 30-yẹar veteran of Sparc. Most recently, he vvorked as the Ieader of Sparc’s successtul expansion into Asian markets. For 18 of his 30 years at the multinational Computer chip maker, Young was devoted to the development of cutting edge technologies As the head of the Sparc’s technology and design division, Young oversaw the development of several new chip designs,- including Sparc’s newest Integra series. Industry experts attribute building a strong toundation for Sparc, which now dominates global chip markets, to Young and his dedication to the advancement of global Computer industry will be recognized at an àvvard ceremony to be held in San Diego on May 4. “Albert has been a key contributor to Sparc’s success over the years, and we wish him well in retirement,” said Sparc CEO Richard Beretta in a statement. Young’s last day will be July 5. The San Điego Chamber o f Commerce cordially invites Terrance Kent, CEO oỷThames Construction, Ltd. to ỉts 23”*Annual Global Business Leaders Ạtvards Ceremony being held to honor the remarkable accomplishments o f International busỉness leaders and pioneers at Marquis Hotel, 333 West Harbor Drỉve, San Diego on May 4 at 7:30 PM Dress code isformal; cocktails and dinner wỉll be served. Please RSVP to Larry Ganders at 533894 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 36. 186. What is the purpose of the article? (A) To intorm people about a new product (B) To announce a retirement (C) To describe a marketing plan (D) To revievv employee períormance187. In what role did Mr. Young spend most of his career? (A) Market expansion (B) Development (C) Production (D) Accounting188. The word “oversavv” in paragraph 1, line 6 of the article is closest in meaning to (A) supervised (B) glanced (C) revievved (D) overlooked189. What will Mr. Young probably do at the Marquis Hotel? (A) Deliver a presentation (B) Announce a new product (C) Host a dinner event (D) Reeeivé an avvard190. Who is Terrance Kent? (A) A chamber representative (B) A company CEO (C) A hotel manager (D) A chip designer
  • 37. Questions 191-195 refer to the following advertisement and e-mail. For a limíted time only, Odyssey Travels is proud to offer all-inclusive tour packages to several exotic destinations. All the tour packages include airtare, accommodations, and all entrance fees to museums and parks. As an àdded bonus, if you reserve a tour betore the end of the monttvyou will receive a free upgrade from economy to business class. Package 1 Sẹe the ancient temples, gardens, and treasures of historic Athens. Package includes a 6-night stay at the Sandrine Hotel as welf as a free one-day Saronic Gulf boat tour. Package 2 Explore the tropical delights of Hawaii with this 6-day/5-night package that includes àccommodations with an ocean view and vouchers for daily therapeutic massages.p . This is an idea) package for those looking to escape the long cold winter. Package 3 Live the high life in Monte Carlo with our “007” package, .which includes a suite at one of Monaco’s tinest hotels. This package offers luxury and excitement to those with discermng tastes. Package 4 Explore exotic Egypt and the Nile from Cairo to Alexandria. One-week’s accommodations aboard a top-of-the-line cruise ship as well as day tours to mysterious ruins are ãu part of this package. Take advantage of these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for relaxation and adventure. Call 1-800-555-3466 now to reserve your dream vacation!ị Please note that reservation changes or cancellations must be made at least three weeks prìor to scheduled departure dates, or penalty charges will be applied. Ị Preston Michaels <> ; Brigitte Pannier <> [ Reservation #0972351 Dear Mr. Michaels, I made a reservation for my husband and myselt this past December for your Monte Carlo vacation package. We are scheduled to depart next week. An unexpected problem at my office, hovvever, torces me to postpone this trip for at least one week. Accordingly, I hope to change my reservation to February 1. Please contact me at 555-3856 to let me know if this would be possible. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Brigitte Pannier96 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 38. 191. What is NOT included ín the packages? (A) Admission tickets (B) Hotel stays (C) Airport transportation (D) Meáls192. What special beneíít is offered for early reservations? (A) Discount coupons (B) Free tuggage (C) Ticket upgrades (D) Free meals193. VVhat ean be inferred about Brigitte Pannier? (A) She made a reservation betore Nóvember 30, (B) Shé will have to pay a penalty for her áctions. (C) She found the agency through an Online site. ịD) She w i receive a special rate for group reservations.194. What is the purpose of the e-mail? (A) To reserve a travel package (B) To inquire about ticket pricing (C) To coníirm a flight schedule (D) To modify a reservatỉon195. For which package did Ms. Pannỉer make a reservation? (A) Package 1 (B) Package 2 (C) Package 3 (D) Package 4
  • 39. Questions 196-200 reter to the following email and memo. I All Employees Regina Lloyds ( Education Programs í August 22 Hi, everyone. i vvanted to let you know that WRG’s HR Department has finalized the schedules for a number of education programs that may be of interest to many of you. First, we will be offering the Computer Literacy Program from 9 AM to 12 PM on September 10. Participation is optional, but I think we could n benetit from a reíresher course in basic Computer literacy and troubleshooting for Windows and Microsoft Office applications. From 3 PM to 5 PM on September 12, we have prepared a beginner’s Spanish language proíiciency session for employees working with our new clients in Barcelona. Regular intermediate and advanced classes are being organized for October. Finally, we offer the First Aid & CPR Training Program from 2 PM to 4 PM on September 19. In the past, this program was provided only to incoming employees, but we have decided to open it to all employees this year. If you would like to sign up for one or more education programs, please complete the Online registration form from the company’s HR intranet site. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or call me at extension #8535. Best regards, Regina Lloyds To: Àíỉ Employees From: Jason Burns, VP of Human Resources Dear all, I believe that everyone has seen the email regarding September’s education programs that was sent out by our HR Director yesterday afternoon. Hopeíully, everyone will find these programs useful and relevant in your work as well as in your daily lives. This year, senior management has decided that all employees of WRG Design must attend the training program scheduled for September 19. Accordingly, we will schedule two additional sessions of this program on September 20 and 21 at the same time as the first. If anyone is unable to attend these sessions because of previously scheduled business trips or important appointments,98 TNT TOEIC Actual tests
  • 40. please contact Regina Lloyds as soon as possible so that she can arrange additional sessions later in the month. All registration forms for the education programs are to be submitted no later than August 29 to Regina Lloyds’s assistant, Helen Spencer. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated, and I hope you erýoy the training.196. What is indicated in the e-mail? (A) All education programs wỉll occur in the same month. (B) The Computer Literacy Program Is obligatory for all employees. (C) The installation of unauthorized software is prohibited. (D) New employees must attend Spanish language proíiciencỵ classes.197. What is Regina Lloyds’s job title? (A) HR Director (B) VP of Human Resources (C) Head Instructor (D) Customer Representative198ẵ What is the purpose of the memo? (A) To announce a new overseas Client (B) To describe the outcome of a business trip (C) To iníorm employees about some requirements (D) To request some additional intormation199. What does the memo suggest? (A) This is the last year that education programs will be offered. (B) All employees must participate in first aid and CPR training. (C) Each employee must take a Computer skills test. (D) Regina Lloyds will retire at the end of the month.200. What does Jason Burns ask employees to do? (A) Reschedule upcoming business trips (B) Attend a language training course (C) Send their registration torms to Helen Spencer (D) Contact him with suggestions for training programs