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This consulting services project was completed in conjunction with my MBA marketing course requirements. The purpose of the project was to research the casual dining industry and make recommendations on how the Italian Oven could better compete within their market.

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Marketing Consulting Presentation

  1. 1. Italian Oven: ‘Expanding the Consumer Base’ Submitted by: Joseph Giarmo March 4, 2009
  2. 2. Execution of the Consulting Service Project PEST-C Executive Summary SWOT/LCVP Evaluation Opportunities Budget Recommendations
  3. 3. PEST-C: Political/Legal • The Fair Labor Standards Act • The Labeling Education and Nutrition Act • The Employee Free Choice Act • The Safe Food Enforcement, Assessment, Standards, and Targeting Act of 2008 • Ignition Interlock Laws • Immigration Reform Laws
  4. 4. PEST-C: Economic • Industry overview & trends • Market size & trends • The effects of the recession – Industry demand – Industry revenue
  5. 5. PEST-C: Socio/Cultural • Trends in consumer demographics • Consumer behavior • Consumer motivation • Casual dining industry trends
  6. 6. PEST-C: Technological • Data security • Foodservice equipment purchasing • Technology in the restaurant – Wireless headsets – “Pay-at-Table” terminals – E-learning/E-training – Gather customer feedback – Online order/registration – Beverage management technology
  7. 7. PEST-C: Competitive • Trends in casual dining competition – Menu innovation – Carryout/takeout service – Price competition initiatives • Competitors identified – Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar – Ruby Tuesday Restaurant – Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant
  8. 8. SWOT/LCVP Opportunity Threat Vulnerability Leverage Strength Constraint Problem Weakness
  9. 9. SWOT • Specialty Italian Cuisine Location Strength • Brand Equity Customer Service • Lack of Marketing Price Weakness • No Full-Service Bar Website • Develop Diversity of Food Opportunity • Become “Economically Friendly” • Economy Threat • Cheaper Restaurant Alternatives
  10. 10. LCVP • Brand recognition as Italian restaurant Leverage • Ability to provide the “total” value offer • Limited restaurant appeal to certain market segments Constraint • Inability to create value • Price vulnerable Vulnerability • Vulnerable in trying to maximize sales profits for fiscal year • Losing market share in the future Problem • Restaurant lacks appeal to certain market segments
  11. 11. Opportunities • New Flavors Menu Customization Menu Innovation • Combination Meals Healthy Cuisine • Curbside Service Takeout Service • Innovative Packaging Price Competition • All-You-Can-Eat Combination Meals Initiatives • Smaller Portions Value-Driven Online Restaurant • Interactive Websites Technologies • Online Ordering
  12. 12. Recommendations Redefine the Italian Oven Brand Redesign Redesign Redesign Italian Italian Italian Oven Oven Oven Logo Website Menu Implementation: In order to redefine the brand, our recommendation is to utilize the talents of Central Michigan University art students through the senior capstone course ART 472.
  13. 13. Recommendations Create Value for Customers Specific Create Implement Offer Nights for Menu Late Night Portion Value Combos Specials Varieties Offerings Implementation: In order to create value for customers, our recommendation is to re-evaluate the Italian Oven menu and consider creating and introducing the above mentioned menu items.
  14. 14. Recommendations Implement a Fully Functional Take-out Service Purchase Assign Promote Hand-held Take-out Take-out Pay Waitstaff Service Terminals Implementation: In order to implement a fully functional take-out service, our recommendation is to restructure the current take-out operations to include the above mentioned features.
  15. 15. Budget • Redefine the Italian Oven brand • Create value for customers • Implement a fully functional take-out service – Please refer to page 68 in the report for a full budget breakdown
  16. 16. Evaluation Redefine the • Qualitative Customer Surveys Italian Oven • Website Visits Brand • Sales Numbers Create Value for Customers • Guest Counts Implement a Fully functional Take- • Sales Numbers out Service
  17. 17. Q&A