eGovernment and Interoperability in Italy
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eGovernment and Interoperability in Italy






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    eGovernment and Interoperability in Italy eGovernment and Interoperability in Italy Presentation Transcript

    • eGOVERNMENT and INTEROPERABILITYICT & the changes in work GIANMARCO PIVA | 83864 gianmarco.piva@gmail.com08 Feb. 2011 1
    • INTEROPERABILITY“The ability to exchange information and mutuallyuse the information which has been exchanged.” - European Software Directive -“The ability of diverse systems and organizations towork together (inter-operate)” - Wikipedia - 2
    • INTEROPERABILITYin June 2002 the eEurope 2005 Action Plan made thedevelopment of a European InteroperabilityFramework (EIF) a priority component of pan-European eGovernment strategy. 3
    • INTEROPERABILITY andGOVENMENTAL ISInteroperability has consequences for: Citizens - simplification of the way citizens interact with government: easier and faster access to government informations and services. (Technology must make it easier for citizens to deal with multiple government agencies, at local, national and regional level), Administrative officials - faster and better decisions, with access to huge amount of data and improved interaction with the citizens, 4
    • INTEROPERABILITY andGOVENMENTAL ISLegislation - the administration of justice wouldbe faster and more effective if the informationsystem of various agencies under the criminaljustice system could share data,Other parties - Interoperability will ensure that thebenefits of eGovernment services will extendacross national, administrative and organisationalboundaries. 5
    • GOVERNMENTAL IS in ITALYItaly is among the best performers in Europe as long aseGovernement is concerned.SIATEL - Launched by the Ministry of Finance to enable the digitalexchange of information regarding tax and fees between the localand the central PA,SISTer - online service for public organizations and someprofessional categories (engineers, architects). Possibility toaccess informations regarding estates, cadastre or land permits,SmartCard - broad use, from ID cards and passports to healthcards or social security cards. Used to identify and memorizepersonal informations. 6
    • GOVERNMENTAL IS in ITALYInfoCamere - handles the IS of the italian Chamber ofCommerce by collecting all the information from the localagencies in a central database. It is accessible with asubscription and enables the connection between citizens,private companies and PA. Real-time access to financialdocuments or other files regarding a certain - online portal for italian companies. Itcollects all the services offered by the PA, enabling them tomake online payments, ask for documents andauthorizations or fill forms to undertake administrative duties. 7
    • GOVERNMENTAL IS in ITALY“e-gov Plan 2012” promoted by the italian Ministryof Public Administration and Innovation, 80 projects, for an investment of € 1.380 million in 4 years, Main focus on: schools and universities, health services, law and justice, registry offices, dematerialization (electronic mail, invoices and payments between citizens and PA) and cooperation between different institutions. 8
    • IT BUDGET and GNPGovernment ICT expenditures (2009) : almost 2billion euros.Italian GDP (2009): 1.5 trillion euros. Three years plan for ICT in the Public Administration - 2009 - 2011. 10
    • CONSIDERATIONSItaly’s e-government quite advanced;Great effort in the last years, with big investmentsin ICT (e-Gov 2012);More focus on companies than on citizens.Interoperability still to be perfected. 11
    • ReferenceGoverno Italiano. “Innovation: Italy on the top places foreGovernment. ” available at: <>Muller, B. “eGovernement, interoperability and innovation”, 2005.OECD StatExtracts. Italy and ICT. years plan for ICT in the Public Administration - 2009 - 2011.<>UNDP. “eGovernment interoperability: overview”, 2007. 12