NXP - The NFC revolution is just a tap away


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Traditional advertising is more and more a nuisance for customers.
NFC can bring value to your brand and product through a new paradigm for proximity marketing.
See how something as simple as a tap can unlock your access to your customer.

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NXP - The NFC revolution is just a tap away

  1. 1. The NFC revolution is just a tap awayGiancarlo CutrignelliGlobal Marketing Managergiancarlo.cutrignelli@nxp.com
  2. 2. First of allWhy should you attend thispresentation?
  3. 3. Summary1) The evolution of product marketing and brand promotion2) What is Digital Marketing 2.0 ?3) How NFC is going to change our lives (and our business)4) Success stories
  4. 4. “ The purpose of a business is to create a customer ” – Peter Drucker 5
  5. 5. Marketing in the good ol days
  6. 6. What was Digital Marketing 1.0 like? DialupSPAM adwareTelemarketing vortals SPAM SPAM DM TV ethis ithat What’s New! WEB eMail Flash Animationsdot.com Radio portals hortals SPAM SPAM SPAM About UsPORN Blinking BannersPopups Contact Us dot.gone links Directories spyware SPAM What’s Hot SPAM SPAMBrochureware SPAM Press
  7. 7. Consumer habits have changedTraditional marketing is over: 2% to 9% penetration WHAT I WANT WHERE I WANT WHEN I WANT HOW I WANT AND IF IT’S NOT MY WAY TAKE THE HIGHWAY! 9
  8. 8. You will not get to them with a TV ad Only 25% of consumers believe advertising is a credible source of product information 90% trust the opinions of friends who have used the product 70% trust opinions posted online
  9. 9. “ The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers ” @shivsingh http://goingsocialnow.com
  10. 10. Yeah, right, butwhat has all this to do with NFC?
  11. 11. NFC Proximity Marketing Uses a pull strategy Far less intrusive Delivers your marketing message on request Gives you detailed usage analytics
  12. 12. NFC connects old and new promotional channels Leaflets Social Media Brochures Product pages TV, magazine ads Deals & Offers Billboards Search enginesSponsored events Product reviews
  13. 13. The time of NFC is now130+ handsets and tablets up to date
  14. 14. NFC phone installed base Source: ABI research, Oct 2011
  15. 15. Wait a minute, but wasnt NFC all about payment?
  16. 16. A day with NFC
  17. 17. Blue Bite and partner Pearl Media launched the first-ever NFC-enabled storefront in the U.S to promote TNT’s top-rated drama series Rizzoli & IslesStarbucks China adds NFC to festive check-incampaign. A voucher for a free drink upgradeis earned via social network Jiepang
  18. 18. Passengers on Frankfurts U-Bahn commuterservices will be able to access a range oftravel information services via smart posters(Info-Moduls) located in each carriageMuseum of London, Nokia and Bolser allowvisitors to find out more about particularexhibits, access vouchers, book tickets andconnect via social media
  19. 19. Nearly 20,000 NFC tags from UPM RFID willbe embedded in smart posters and stickersused to promote Helsinkis year as the WorldDesign Capital.Deep Springs International provides Haitianswith clean drinking water using NFCtechnology
  20. 20. Blue Bite and RMG launched their mTagservices in San Francisco, delivering location-specific information, coupons and offers toconsumersUPM RFID tags connect French magazineAmusement to online content, bridge thedivide between traditional print and onlinemagazines
  21. 21. Jiepang, China’s location-based servicesleader, trials NFC-enabled mobile marketingand payment servicesMarketing of the new series of TV networkVH1s Basketball Wives includes a series ofNFC smart posters around New York and LosAngeles.
  22. 22. Proxama showed a hi-tech version of atraditional murder mystery game uses NFCphones and tags to allow participants todiscover clues hidden around a venue and toaccuse their choice of suspectSmart posters distributed around centralLondon to promote the latest X-Men film,enabling NFC phone users to download anexclusive trailer and connect with the moviesFacebook page.
  23. 23. JCDecaux Australia has signed a two yearagreement which will see Tapit equip 240advertising panels with NFC tags to createAustraliaʼs first NFC-enabled outdooradvertising networkClear Channel Singapore enters NFCadvertising market in 300 of the mostinfluential out-of-home advertising sites inSingapore
  24. 24. Clear Channel brings NFC to London’s OxfordStreet. 100 locations are equipped withdigital advertising displays that include 72-inch HD screens and NFCCoca-Cola launches an NFC out-of-homeadvertising campaign in Singapore, using theNFC-enabled Mobile Life! networkintroduced by Clear Channel
  25. 25. NFC means Connecting the physical world with the virtual world
  26. 26. Inventor of NFC Provider of complete and trusted NFC solutionsVisit us at M-Days, booth B10http://www.nearfieldcommunication.com
  27. 27. References G2, "Engaging and Activating Digitally Enabled Shoppers Along the Purchase Decision Journey", Jun 2010 ReachLocal, "Rethinking the Consumer Buying Process", Oct 2011 Bates141, "The Present & Future of Digital Marketing", 2008 www.nfctags.com