#Mwf2014 museums and the web
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#Mwf2014 museums and the web



#mwf2014 Twitter narration

#mwf2014 Twitter narration



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    #Mwf2014 museums and the web #Mwf2014 museums and the web Presentation Transcript

    • #mwf2014 ! a Twitter narration
    • Buzzdetector The only Italian company mentioned in the Social Media Today section dedicated to the most innovative social companies (Jan.1, 2014)
    • Buzzdetector
    • Museums and the Web 2014 #mwf2014 The event took place in Florence from Feb.18 to Feb. 21. ! The main conference was in Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento and Sala dei Dugento.
    • #mwf2014 Twitter has been the Social Media of choice to follow the conference. ! The official hashtag being #mwf2014.
    • #mwf2014 - The audience
    • #mwf2014 Which was the language of the conference? ! English, indeed!
    • #mwf2014 - Geolocalization But where the tweets came from? ! An international event as #mwf2014 is expected to reach an international audience. ! Some attending the conference in person, others from they home-place. ! The global coverage for #mwf2014 had its focus in Europe and in the East Coast of the US.
    • #mwf2014 - Geolocalization While it’s not a surprise that Florence was the hottest place to deliver tweets, interesting enough is the contribution of other big cities like Milan and Turin. ! Other major hubs were Paris, London, Madrid and New York.
    • #mwf2014 - The most active tweeps 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 LuciusSecundius l 100tek ab 2 vargas HocL fremde ore artmeandm cogries PSoemers gille ef i i l a re n du ze Ma ar v ke ttr a Ta av Inv lili_ nkI as cz tal ion ar y iDi ina git dav a alle epa gra bur tten net te The Flor enti ne lmelk m elle dle na a _P el dda en m ar ico ua s Ma 34 fus o tra v ed ro ia m ss rte da o ig itt r ab tw oe len e reb m ee om o he t use _m E nza BN scie seo Mu ler lstim nea 6 loyd1 BobF K DH_FB TC vitalbamorel li LawlessEd AlcaMaglie MUDIMil gabria lama ano ndreo zzi gnet ica flod ma repub riap lic azm mu a rq seu ues mp an aig A dre e Bu nthla a_v ilio N zz d tti Th 4ik3 det y ec eP tor O or rn de el n la C os ta nz o en rk ge ia 30 ud gE cla tin i an ich g n o ry St bri rrit ce te ali pno a ma d20 eoC goe Arch erf seo Mu ffau sdu us 42 38 37 36 35 34 32 22 43 31 al Stealitse A InL Rory pp mea nexto ubino IreR vykh aro IlyaY rosadira n e ia lvxv rid d ma rde tor ejo rva lom se n rry Co he re OK hc dito w G ric E oro 1 ta t 0 ec doc s20 El BB ap a_ an in ol Pa r tor 558 341 180 171 170 162 15 14 0 13 2 9 10 11 VidiemmeSrl svoltarock jitt_guide CoopCultureIT C 4 13 19 1 07 1 83 81 78 66 63 59 57 56 55 54 51 50 49 47 44 12 a Ac a cleb rd a u 1s ity_ uin rne tH De og s ist si irl y or gn Mu akov ica s l ku eo_ enko ltu MA m rko DR m ns c_b IZIt ortenE ern rav as el AR coni TEi t mm Man ventur da i Carlo ranoN tta_M a austria nflow albasca acorolla ely cyP ro c Nan rn lon b dama ewe zoma mus useo palaz svegliam stefaniachipa giustig he Gemamerc 80 a chiarezz rse Unive Author ia74 Ylen ghi alluo sopr ambolaa i ar dem pec pep pan e2014 i c in ren ert i Flo franb cc olu a MW oC tic nic ma s me heo oe gi Do arc sim ag r ula iaf do e pa oliv iu z nr ren eu i _ _F ge AF ita M her In ba BAMstracult to 25/02/14 12:32 People actively engaged with the conference and contributed with a relevant number of tweets. Here we enlisted the most active tweepers. ! Are you in?
    • #mwf2014 - The connection Every conference build up a network of relationship between participants. ! At the center of the stage, we found the main gates of information production and distribution. ! Here we have a mix of individuals, museums, consultants.
    • #mwf2014 Twitter Community (Main Nodes) nealstimler palazzo pandemia madamato mmventuri 34fuso iladuva Madlena_P TheFlorentine MakeTankItaly lonelytraveller claudiagerken addamico museweb elenaruas IreRubino davepatten InvasioniDigita BNE_museo doctorow melenabig LawlessEd svegliamuseo BAMstracult ThePorden allegraburnette twittodarte mapnoterritory Museoscienza andrea_viliotti MUDIMilano CTCrossmedia NancyProctor BobFloyd16 cogries AlcaMaglie theomeereboer mariapazmarques Buzzdetector arttrav gabriandreozzi artmeandmore flodrepublic lamagnetica N4ik3 vitalbamorelli DH_FBKlmelk The main gates for #mwf2014 can be easily identified in this main node chart.
    • #mwf2014 - Samples of successful contribution
    • #mwf2014 - The relevant words Topic ! Googleglass are the superstar technology. ! Speakers Crowdsourcing, community provide the feeling that Museums are no longer seen as a secluded garden. ! Notably Cary Doctorow, RJStein and Neal Stimler, the speakers talking about innovation and future, got the biggest number of mentions. ! Project is crucial to develop a strategic plan to drive Museums and Culture towards new form of interaction as well as revenues. Contributors ! An enthusiastic hi-tech community contributing to generate the hype around the event with an intense action of tweeting, RT.