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Buzzdetector Luiss Master In Communication Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Conversation: New sources of influence Gianandrea Facchini monitoraggio business intelligence resources communication SMS Twitter Facebook purchase influence social networking brand reputation You Tube Web 2.0 review online codice a barre
  • 2. Today
    • Buscofen: from monitoring from the new communication
    • SanPellegrino and tap water: from monitoring to the new society
    • Let go on control
    • Many or few: it doesn’t matter anymore
    • The future (or is it already here?)
    • Conversation: a human attitude
    • Conversation: new forms, new results
    • Questions? Ask for
    Confidential Confidential
  • 3. Confidential Confidential
  • 4.
    • Two years ago, Buzzdetector did a presentation to the Boehringer management on its service of strategic monitoring.
    • We then begun to work on one of the main brand: Buscofen
    When it all begun?
  • 5.
    • At the end of 2008, we worked along with the creative agency, Red Cell Rome, on new creative concepts for the 2009 campaign
    • Two out of four proposals came from concept spotted in the net by Buzzdetector
    When it all begun?
  • 6.
    • The two insights have many in common
    • Buscofen = remedy against menstrual cycle pain
    • Full association of the remedy with the
    • Tales of painful nights, moment of uneasiness and discomfort
    • Scenes from everyday life, narrated with a common language
    Consumers’ insight
  • 7.
    • The first insight comes from the blog of Mozartina 88
    • One of her post is closed with this quote:
    • “ Baby, the pain will pass away…like when the effect of the first Buscofen is ending and you still hadn’t get the next pill…things will get better soon”
    Consumers’ insight - Passerà Baby
  • 8. Consumers’ insight - Passerà Baby It works Quickly Smoothly Baby, the pain will pass away…things will get better soon like when the effect of the first Buscofen is ending and you still hadn’t get the next pill you still hadn’t get the next pill You’ll be better It quickly cover the pain You can get another pill whenever you want without problem
  • 9.
    • In another blog titled Savethepellessa, Antonio, the blogger, describe his relationship with friends, both men and women, and write with an ironic tone (with some female friends amused by the tale)
    • “ Days, hours…there’s a bad feeling around…
    • Let’s admit it that the menstrual cycle is a punishment to men.
    • Sweet souls turn into evilish creatures!! Well, it could be worse without a remedy so let me express my love for Buscofen”
    Consumers’ insight - San Buscofen
  • 10. Consumers’ insight - San Buscofen It works Collateral positive effect Sweet souls turn into evilish creatures!! Well, it could be worse without a remedy so let me express my love for Buscofen It brings our wives, fiancees, friends back to their human look
  • 11.
    • Passerà Baby
    • Focused on product and its direct response to pain
    • Down-to-earth
    • More female
    • Address to a grown up audience
    Follow up - Comparing the insights San Buscofen Holistic approach Ironic Complicity between men and women Address to a younger target
  • 12.
    • The campaign selected is San Buscofen and it is currently aired on national TV.
    Follow up
  • 13.
    • Strategic monitoring is an activity providing a wide range of insights :
    • -results, compared with internal source of knowledge may impact on the communication strategy off and online
    • -the higher the ability of self analysis of the client, the richer are the results
    • Established roles are subverted:
    • -the impact of the action taken depends upon the ability of the traditional agency to face new forms of communication without fear nor prejudice
    What we have learned
  • 14. Case history monitoring - Tap waters - July ‘07/January ‘08
  • 15. The Challenge
    • The consumption of bottled mineral water, long considered a healthy habit, was characterized by some public thought leaders as environmentally irresponsible
    • These thought leaders presented tap water as an environmentally superior alternative
    • BuzzDetector was engaged to determine public sentiment by strategically monitoring the Web and the blogosphere from July 2007- January 2008
    Confidential Confidential
  • 16. The Sip Heard ‘Round the World
    • In 2007, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg began promoting the idea that the quality of the city’s tap water was so good, that drinking it instead of bottled mineral water was an economically and environmentally superior choice.
    Confidential Bloomberg gushed that “drinking tap water instead of bottled water is not only easier on your wallet, it's also easier on the environment.” “ A lot of energy goes into producing and delivering bottled water, and most of those empty plastic bottles end up in our landfills. Sticking to tap water is just one of the many small steps we can take to protect the environment,” Bloomberg said before taking a swig of tap.
  • 17. The Impact: 11 July 2007 Confidential
  • 18. The Impact: 11 July 2007
    • The aftermath: an average of 7 posts and comments per day
    • The peak: 35/40 posts per day
    • Total: More than 1,200 posts within 4 months
  • 19. Strategic Monitoring: BuzzDetector Is Engaged
    • BuzzDetector was engaged to begin a daily monitoring process of the event, and provide daily reports
  • 20. August 2, 2007: A Sample of Detected Activity Confidential
  • 21. Petition Signed in Italy Confidential 406,626 Italian citizens signed a petition proposing a law that would return the management of water sources under government regulation.
  • 22. Consumers Propose Limits on Advertising
    • Altroconsumo, a consumers’ association magazine, supported a proposal to limit advertising of bottled water
    • One major brand threatened to sue the magazine, putting the brand in the line of fire
  • 23. YouTube Video
    • Naples Beppe Grillo’s Friends produced a two-minute animated video featuring two characters joking about the bottled water, subtlely promoting bottled water as a positive choice
    • 84,000 people watched, downloaded and shared the video
  • 24. Assessment and Impact
    • While these numbers don’t compare with a prime-time television audience, they present a large number of active participants
    • People with different political ideas converged on this topic, using the same approach and proposing the same solution
    • We faced the total disruption of the standard communication form
  • 25. Assessment and Impact
    • has 100 local branches
    • has 147 local branches
  • 26. What we have learned Better get the bigger picture: - the issue was not only raised by the left wing movements but from the right wing, too Not all issue can be solved with marketing and PR: - the lobbying activity was recommended to sort it out, as first step, at central and local level Listen and answer with the correct tone: - only through listening you can understand the deep reason that stay behind a movement - don’t send lawyers, send comments and thoughts
  • 27. Let go on control… … .but do not relinquish command (Charlene Li - Altimeter)
  • 28. Let go on control… Ah, if you don’t recognize them, I quit
  • 29. Let go on control…
  • 30. Let go on control… How high is the engagement level of this audience? Any company should die for fans like these, right? If video like this one should be removed for copyright infringement, what would be the reaction?
  • 31. What we have learned Let them talk about you: - it means they are genuinely interested in your company, your brand Let them share contents: - maybe you can’t even imagine the benefit, today - music sharing has transformed the music industry, no matter how much the records companies try to avoid it
  • 32. Many or few? It doesn’t matter anymore
  • 33. Do You Know This Man? Confidential
  • 34. You Should
    • He is Mr. Andrea D’Ambra
    • In 2006 he started a blog campaign
      • He was opposed to a new surcharge levied by Italian mobile phone companies
      • 300,000 people signed a petition in support
    • The result?
      • The surcharge was repealed
      • Millions of euros in revenues lost by mobile phone companies
    • No one listened – until it was too late
    Confidential Confidential
  • 35. Confidential Mr. D’Ambra’s campaign drew national attention – and marked the birth of Italy’s “Generazione Attiva”
  • 36. His cost?
    • 1.714.000.000 euros of missing revenue
    • (one billion seven hudred fourteen millions euro)
    Confidential Confidential
  • 37. David vs Goliath with more powerful tools: - Social media give individual authors instant access to a larger audience than any traditional media Time is a factor: - don’t wait to be on influent blogs or in prime time, when you are done - listen carefully every single voice, even the smallest: you won’t regret it What we have learned
  • 38. The future (or is it already here?)
  • 39. The future (or is it already here?) David Armano, Dachis Group Logic + Emotion
  • 40. Social business, what??? The future (or is it already here?)
  • 41. We believe that organizations across the globe will begin to view “social media” as social business and when this happens, integration, scale and adoption will become complex issues which will only be solved through a purposeful act of coordinated activities built upon a solid strategic foundation (David Armano) Social business is the mean to create empathy between a corporation, a brand, a person and people and eventually turn people into customers (Gianandrea Facchini) Social Business: any business which is focused on optimizing both Social Capital and profit rather than just maximizing profit (Marc Dangeard) A Social Business is one that operates with a value system that strives to put people first by focusing on trust, credibility, openness, respect, dignity, revenues and profits equally, and uses social media to give everyone a voice to achieve those objectives (Lewis Green) The future (or is it already here?)
  • 42. What we have are learneding The current economic system can no longer go ahead: - we need a massive and quick shift away from a financial system to a more balanced one New technologies can bring back the human factor within corporation: - the social web tools empower the human factor and its impact on the corporation ecosystem
  • 43. Conversation: a human attitude
  • 44. Words, words, words… Conversation is not born with the Web 2.0 It’s an ancient art Do you know who was the major interpreter of this art?
  • 45. Ladies and gents, The Marquise de Rambouillet
  • 46. What about today? Conversation is far more infrequent Tv programs with people argumenting deliver higher ratings But let’s ask for a question: Would you be happy to place your carefully nurtured brand in such a program?
  • 47. What about today? Let’s get back to conversation: Valeria Maltoni, a.k.a. Excerpt from conversation collected by wendypiersall available on YouTube
  • 48. Corporations must adapt and evolve: - if your customers are on line, you have to interact with them, to talk with them, to listen for them New technologies empower relationship: - we can be in touch in real time with people thousands of miles away What we have are learneding
  • 49. Conversation: new forms, new results
  • 50. Tools and results Scott Monty, Social Media head, Ford Twitter: @Scottmonty Excerpt from conversation collected by prarikhanson available on YouTube
  • 51. Tools and results
    • Scott = Twitter
    • 29.419 following
    • 15.571 update
    • Ford = Twitter
    Confidential Confidential
  • 52. Tools and results Confidential Confidential
  • 53. Tools and results Confidential Confidential
  • 54. Tools available can be very effective: - use them and learn about them before exposing your company People are the key: - no tool will work for you What we have are learneding
  • 55. Questions? Ask for to Gianandrea Facchini [email_address] or follow me on Twitter @gianandrea and on