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June 6 Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Discovery Webinar
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June 6 Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Discovery Webinar


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June 6 Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Discovery Webinar

June 6 Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Discovery Webinar

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Duct Tape MarketingAuthorized Consultant
  • 2. The Duct Tape MarketingPoint of View and BrandStory
  • 3. • You get marketing, but you’re frustratedbecause you don’t have a system• Stuck trading time for fees• You have a business, but not a brand• It’s hard to keep up on change• You’re going it aloneWe have an idea who you are
  • 4. • We’ve turned marketing into a product – somuch of the work is done for you• We’ve documented the sales, marketing,strategy and implementation process• We’ve created a brand that feeds the network• We’ve created a way for you be significantlymore profitableWhy you might join us
  • 5. The Duct Tape MarketingConsultant Program
  • 6. • Programs• Training• Documentation• Support• SystemsThe Basics
  • 7. Total Online Presence
  • 8. Program overview• 8 live lessons• Complete online portal• Video/audio• eBooks• Resources/action plans• Real time updates
  • 9. Meet the stages• Content platform• Organic SEO• Email marketing• Social media marketing• Online advertising• Mobile and location• Analytics and conversion
  • 10. The Marketing Catalyst
  • 11. The Marketing CatalystThe System:• 10 sessions with consultant togo over 13 key marketinglessons• Step-by-step action items• Include video and audio formore tips and guidance
  • 12. Complete systematicpoint of view
  • 13. The Benefits to ConsultantsSales• No one has these tools• Demonstrates a clear roadmap to the prospectDelivery• Complete guide for how to• Prebuilt course portals• Backup for entire staff
  • 14. • The Marketing Executive - 1 on 1 marketingconsulting - $1500-5000/mo – 2 meetings/mo –10-12 hrs/mo – annual engagement - $30,000• Strategic Marketing Consultant - Distance or inperson consulting - $750-1500/mo – 2meetings/mo – engagement is 10 meetingswith set curriculum - $5,000• Online Marketing Consultant – 6 virtual or in persongroup sessions focused on all aspects of onlinemarketing - $2500How a consultant generates revenue
  • 15. • Immediate business building• 3 1/2 day Intensive Training• FastTac Mentoring – 5 months• Ongoing Training calls – 3x/mo• Annual ConferenceTraining
  • 16. • Day 1 – Understanding DuctTape Marketing• Day 2 – Integrating Duct TapeMarketing Products• Day 3 – Building Your Practice• Day 4 – Setting up for successIntensive Training
  • 17. • 10 coaching sessions withMaster Consultant• Getting started• Developing your plan• Generating leads• Converting leads• Launching clientsFastTac
  • 18. • Update with John• Practice Building• Core ConceptsOn Going
  • 19. • All consultants• Best way to grow• Best way to network• Best way to think bigger• Best way to learn fromsuccess of othersAnnual Conference
  • 20. Building Your Practice withDuct Tape Marketing
  • 21. • Our system• Our books, message and brand• eBooks• Signature Brand Audit• Lead conversion training• Speaking for Leads• Special eventsMarketing tools
  • 22. Best selling books• Duct Tape Marketing (with audit)• The Referral Engine• The Commitment Engine“What, exactly, are you waiting for?This book will pay for itself in oneday.”Seth Godin, author of Linchpin
  • 23. eBooks
  • 24. Speak for Leads
  • 25. Lead Qualification Tool
  • 26. Consultant Blog
  • 27. Sales ToolsPostcard seriesPPT DecksHourglass poster
  • 28. The Duct Tape MarketingCustomer and Consultant
  • 29. • Small business network/ clients• Marketing background• Enthused about the Internet• Enjoys public speaking• Successful entrepreneurWho is an ideal consultant
  • 30. • Small digital marketing agency• Independent marketing consultantThe Consultant Models
  • 31. • 2-50 employees• No strategic marketing employee• Over 3 years in business• Hires professional services• Enthused about Internet• Desire to take business to next levelWho’s an ideal customer
  • 32. • Marketing/business experience• Client base/network• Credibility• Resources• Sales skillsHow much does a consultant make?
  • 33. • Foundation - $50,000/yr• Growth - $100,000/yr• Momentum - $200,000/yrThree phases to businessThe Duct Tape Marketing Coaching Programs allowedme to be successful today, not tomorrow, that meant theworld to me.Glenn Froehlich – Duct Tape Marketing CoachSeattle, WA
  • 34. • 3-5 Catalyst or Ongoing engagementsallows you to recoup your investmentReturn on InvestmentWith the Social Media Pro Program alone I recoupedmy initial investment in a matter of weeks. I love thisbusiness!Jennifer Metituk – Duct Tape Marketing CoachGrande Prairie, AB Canada
  • 35. • Demand is great• Cooperation benefits all• Virtual work across linesWhat about territories?
  • 36. The Duct Tape MarketingConsultant Investment and Steps
  • 37. Investment• $4,990 for initial licensing and then licensing andsupport fees as follows with minimum yearcommitments at a time:• Year 1 - $620/month = $7,440• Year 2 - $620/month = $7,440• Year 3 - $308/month = $3,696• Year 4+ admin fee (currently $100/month)
  • 38. Franchise/LicenseOpportunityAction Int’l Y2MarketingBusinessAdvisorsDuct TapeMarketingDescriptionBusinessCoachingMarketingConsultingBusinessDevelopmentConsultingMarketingConsultingFranchise/License Fee$40,000 $39,995 $75,000 $23,566Total Investment $60,000 $39,995 $75,000 $23,566MonthlyRoyalties/TrainingFees$1,500 +5%10%+(Minimum$5,000/yr)Greater of$1,100 or 20%of gross sales$100/moFranchise Term5 Years(Renewable for$5,000)Ongoing 5 Years AnnualRequiredNet Worth$100,000 N/A$35,000 to$75,000NoneRequiredCash Liquidity$60,000 N/A $10,000 $10,000
  • 39. Take the next step• Complete Express of Interest•• Schedule discovery meeting withManaging Partner• Review of the toolset• Determine mutual fit and success plan• Next Intensive Sept. 11-14, 2013