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Simplicissimus Web Services on AWS

  1. 1. Simplicissimus Web ServicesOverview of the Simplicissimus Cloud Infrastructure AWS for Media, Entertainment, and Internet | Milan | October 26, 2011 Giacomo DAngelo CTO, Simplicissimus Book Farm S.R.L.
  2. 2. Help everyone to understandthe transition to the creative industry as an opportunity to improve the quality of everyone life Our MISSION
  3. 3. Our Market: The Digital Publishing World Ebooks Digital Magazines Digital Newspapers Publishers Authors ...Digital Contents and all Stackeholders by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  4. 4. Simplicissimus Business Units1. Hardware: ereaders and tablets distribution2. Ebooks production3. Newspapers and Magazines production4. E-content Distribution Platform5. E-content Retail Platform6. Self Publishing Platform7. Web and Mobile Dedicated Apps by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  5. 5. Simplicissimus Main Assets on AWS Stealth:, @sbfstealthNarcissus:, @sbfnarcissusUltima Kiosk:, @ultimakioskUltima Books:, @ultimabooks by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  6. 6. Stealth: the E-content Distribution PlatformContent providers can Resellers and storesupload their contents can utilize the Stealthinto our web API to sell contentapplications, in one without any concernssingle place, with about technology, filedescriptive metadatas, mngt (reliability andprice, availability and security) andprotection details burocracy by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  7. 7. Narcissus: the Self Publishing PlatformArtists can upload Thanks to ourtheir contents and distribution asset,manage them on Stealth, all NarcissusNarcissus, with contents can bemetadatas, price and distributed to all mainavailability control, E-content stores andsales control, without resellersany intermediary by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  8. 8. Ultima Kiosk: the Publishing Platformfor Magazines, Comics and Newspaper Different skins:● The coolest kiosk to ● Unique app with purchase contents contents from● The most effective different publishers way to read ● White-label and contents: free-app single-publisher● The only way to app publish digital ● White-label and contents: gratis single-magazine (or newspaper) app by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  9. 9. Ultima Books: the E-content Retail Platform● The coolest online Main tech features: library to purchase ● User-customizable contents shelves based on● The only one with a semantic engine digital bookseller in ● Multi platform flesh and blood :) frontend (ereader)● The only one with a ● Ecommerce as as weekly useful service newsletter (try it!) (UltimaBooks PRO) by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  10. 10. Main issues before adopting AWS1. Hardware related issues2. High startup cost for every single project3. No scaling, no long tail4. No flexibility for developing and testing purposes5. No High Reliability6. No Smart Recovery Strategy7. Many daily activities for sysadmins by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  11. 11. Why AWS: our main benefits1. The only hardware in our office are our personal notebooks :)2. Flexybility for daily operations (test, deploy, dev, backup)3. Startup of new projects without concerns4. Automatic disaster recovery strategy5. Scalability6. Agility7. Reduced Time to Market8. Cross technology platform by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  12. 12. Main Costs due to the AWS adoptions1. Learn how to architecting for the clouds2. Build multi-AZ systems3. Build customized management tool based on AWS API4. Fewer sysadmins activities but more specific then before5. Suggestion to avoid lockin: build a decoupling software layer from AWS API by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  13. 13. Stealth, Narcissus, Ultima Kiosk and Ultima Books are powered by AWS1. S3 as long-time and reliable repository2. EC2 instances as web server3. EC2 instances as processing server4. EC2 instances as semantic information processing platform (IDOL, Authonomy Technology)5. Load Balancer + Auto Scaling + CloudWatch to manage the peaks of traffic6. RDS database by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  14. 14. AWS Optimization: CostsThe biggest projects are on reserved instances,every new project starts on on-demand ones.Example:● Stealth -> Reserved● Narcissus -> On Demand● Ultima Books -> Reserved by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  15. 15. AWS Optimization: Costs and ReliabilityLots of small instances in load-balancing withauto-scaling through multiple A-ZExample:Ultima Books● 1 AWS Load Balancer● 4+ EC2 in Auto Scaling● Multi AZ RDS Database● 2 Availability Zones by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  16. 16. AWS Optimization: CostsCloud Horizontal Scaling benefits:● The needed computing capacity is not constant during the week● Increase and decrease the capacity following the users demand● The infrastructure should be elastic by Simplicissimus Book Farm
  17. 17. Thanks! Q & A, if you want :) CONTACT ME:LINKS:Presentation: Giacomo DAngelo @giacomodangeloSimplicissimus: giacomo.dangelo@simplicissimus.itStealth: http://sbfstealth.comNarcissus: CTO, Simplicissimus Book Farm S.R.L.Ultima Kiosk: http://ultimakiosk.comUltima Books: http://ultimabooks.itTWITTER:@simplicissimus, @sbfstealth, @sbfnarcissus, @ultimabooks, @ultimakiosk