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Presentacion Maderas Ureta 2010

Presentacion Maderas Ureta 2010

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  • 1. Corporate Presentation 2010
  • 2. Index  History  Presence  International Expansion  Group in numbers  Products  Oak lumber  Value Added Timber  New Strategic Product  Strategy Plan 2
  • 3. History Grupo Ureta Maderas (GUM) is 100% property of Andrés´ family and is the headquarter of a Holding dedicated to the Wood Industry, established in Burgos (Spain). The Company has its origins in 1875, with more than 130 years dedicated to the Wood Industry and is now the fourth generation. Initially, the GUM´s activity focused on the sawing and commercialization of pine and fir. At present, and due to a change in the market preferences, the Company decided to focus on the sawing and commercialization of European oak. However, it continues to commercialize all kind of wood according to its clients´ request. Since 1990, GUM decides to gradually produce and be present in the three principle areas were raw material is located: Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. 3
  • 4. History Group´s legal and mercantile reorganization as Ureta Hungría Kft. Purchase of Uretapol Sp.Z.o.o. Holding. Star-up. Hungary industrial (sawing firm in Presence in Nantes Second presence land. Start-up and Poland). 275 m3 International Trade in Nantes design of the of sawing Fair. InternationalInitiation of International Trade logistic and MU start-up. installations. Move Cut workshop boost. 300 m3sawing in Fair. technological Commercializa of HSA to Burgos custom.made ofadditionalQuintanar de Logistic centre sw centre in tion of wood for oak installation in sawing installed inla Sierra 4.500 m2 in Nagykanizsa derivatives. commercialization. MU. Poland.(Burgos). Wroclaw (Poland). (Hungary). XIX s 1951 1988 90´s 1990 2001 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 HSA start-up. Prospection of Sanza Top. 200 m3 of Move of MU to MU and HSA First firm of wood markets (sawing firm additional better merger. Main the Group. in Russia, in Ukraine). sawing in installations in logistic Poland and Ukraine. Villimar national other Easten Exports to (Burgos). centre. Countries. China. 200 m3 of Legal merger. additional Investment in sawing an intelligent installed in warehouse in Poland. Initial Burgos. negotiations with Hungary State. 4
  • 5. Presence  Four companies integrate GUM: Uretapol (Poland), Sanza (Ukraine), Ureta Hungría (Hungary) and Maderas Ureta (Spain).Leyend Alliance GUM Firms 5
  • 6. Presence: Hungary Strategic Logistic Centre Strategic Raw Material Centre  Easy access to both Poland and Ukraine.  Plenty of forest resources.  Commercialization to Spain, Portugal, Maghrib, Egypt,  Located at 20 km from Croatia, 50 km from Slovenia and Turkey, China, Malaysia and Vietnam. 90 km from Austria.  Improvement of logistic management.  Forest running: Public enterprise ZALAERDÖ Rt - 56.117  Corridor to Adriatic Sea.  Forest area: Estate (56%), Private (43%).  Active forest policy: Reforestation. Ureta Hungría 49.000 m2 installations Dry capacity: 4.100 m3 / year Excellent Infrastructure Qualified Labour Force  Road, motorway between Budapest and Zagreb.  Labour force with good technical preparation  Railway: Connection to Asia.  Competitive labour costs and lower than Spanish  Commercialization to Portugal, Spain, Maghrib, Egypt, ones. Italy, Turkey, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.  Corridor to Adriatic Sea. Next Steps: Laminate 6
  • 7. Presence: Poland and Ukraine Uretapol Sanza  Main sawing and drying centre of the Group.  Located in Berezhany, at around 120 km  Located in Milicz, at 60 km from Wroclaw. from Lviv.  54.000 m2 of installations.  26.000 m2 of installations.  Sawing capacity: 15.400 m3 / year.  Sawing capacity: 10.000 - 11.000 m3 / year.  Nominal drying capacity: 775 m3.  Nominal drying capacity: 200 m3.  Guaranteed quota asigned by the Polish  Commercizalization to Uretapol and “Ureta State. Hungría”.  Commercizalization to Europe, Middle East and South Asia. Next Steps: Bio - Mass Waste (30.000 Tn capacity) 7
  • 8. International Expansion 2010LeyendGUM FirmsCurrent MarketPotential Market 8
  • 9. The Group in Numbers Main variables for 2010  Sawing Capacity Sawing volume: 30.000 m3 (14.087 m3 final product).  Drying Capacity 15.000 m3 final product.  Outsourcing Capacity 6.000 – 8.000 m3 additional. 9
  • 10. Products GUM is specialized in both production and commercialization of oak elements in many different dimensions and qualities: – Long boards 27 mm/32 mm/38 mm/50 mm/65 mm /80 mm/100 mm , 2.1+ and longer – QF flooring lumber 27mmx100-280 mm x 1200 + – Short lenght boards 27 mm/32mm/38mm/50 mm/65 mm/80 mm , 0.9 to 2.0 meters – Parquet strips fresh and dried – Squares 38x50, 50x50, 65x65, 80x80, 100x100 – Friezes and Mosaic – Beams, produced according customer request in 2-3 weeks lead time. – Solid flooring , all qualities and dimenssions 22x70-200 x600 + (added value) – Engineeredflooring , 21mmx180/200/220 (added value) – Retails products: Boards, flooring, laminated beams … (added value) In 2010, the Group is betting on three strategic products: – Laminated: Stairs, windows and doors components, 3ply , 4 ply – Pellets (bio-mass). – New timber species: Ash, beech, African species… 10
  • 11. Laminated / quality STANDARD STOCK SECTIONS European Oak from our own sawmill production sited in Poland and Ukraine. FSC mixed 70% Outer layers solid and almost defect free. Inner layers may be finger jointed and /or edge glued.( except 90x90 and 100x100 mm which is sold every layer) Up to 10 mm x 10 mm sapwood permitted on 1 corner of each piece. Planned four sides ( S4S) after laminating tolerances +2/0 mm Glue DIN EN 2004 D4- Cross cut to length. All dimensions available upon request. Lead time : 3-4 weeks. 11
  • 12. Laminated dimmensions SPECIFICATIONS 72x72 72x82 72x92 72x102 72x112 72x122 till 3000 mm 63x72 63x82 63x92 63x102 63x112 63x122 till 3000 mm 45x80 45x90 45x100 45x110 till 3000 mm 90x90 100x100 till 1900 mm 300x32 x 900/1000/1100/1200mm 1000x32 x 900/1000/1100/1200 mm 300x42x900/1000/1100/1200 mm 1000x42x900/1000/1100/1200 mm Other specifications available upon request. 12
  • 13. Solid Flooring Euro oak Solid Flooring. Own production. Lead time 10 days , any quantity 21x70 /21x90 / 21x120 / 21x140 /21x160 and 21x180 Lenght 600 mm and longer Qualities available: – QF1A – QF2 – QF 3 – QF4 – QF 5 13
  • 14. Engineering Flooring Lamel Europeen Oak Flooring 20.5 mm .(21 mm) Quality : Rustic Ab. (qf 2.3.4) Dimensions : 21x185 -21x200- 21 x 220 mm Length : 180-245cm. : 100 % Full Birch Plywood wpb glued 15mm , European oak top layer 5,5mm thickness Total 20,5 mm. Production : De Boards are glued with 2 component cold pressed glue wpb Remarks : Boards are filled and sanded , 4 side profiled Lamel Europeen Oak Flooring 16 mm . Qualities : Rustic Ab. (qf 2.3.4) Dimensions : 20x160 -20x180 -20x200mm Length : 180-245cm. Production : 100 % Full Birch Plywood wpb glued 12mm , European oak toplayer Thickness 4 mm Total 16 mm. : De Boards are glued with 2 component cold pressed glue wpb Remarks : Boards are filled and sanded , 4 side profiled 14
  • 15. Strategic Products TIMBER LAMINATE Oak / beech Own production BIO-MASS OTHER SPECIES Pellets Beech, Ash Tree … 15
  • 16. Strategy Plan The Group Strategy Plan for 2010 can be summarized in five strategy lines: – International market development => Increase of international sales around 85,4% vs 2009. – Spain business consolidation => Spanish sales of 8,5 M€ including Retail. – Opening of a logistic strategic centre in Hungary (April 2010). – Product diversification through international sales channel. – Board of Directors leading the project. And is preparing the path for the future…. – Start new business such as pellets. – Develop alliances or joint-ventures for international expansion. – Sell or alliance in Retail. 16
  • 17. Why Ureta Group the right hardwood partner – Flexible and guanranteed European oak supply. Being the only big supplier with owned sawmill – Know how for outstanding customer service. – As consecuence of beine producer, reliability in deliveries, flexibility in production and quality consistency. – High potential of development in value added products and new species ( laminated, flooring products). 17
  • 18. 18