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SharePoint Development 101
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SharePoint Development 101


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. You’re Doing It Wrong:A New Developer’s Primer for SharePoint – or – Everything that you know is useful, but is still, somehow, very, very wrong. #spdev101
  • 2. Wake up!
  • 3. Me:Technical Lead @ Planet TechnologiesDeveloperFatherCommunity OrganizerVirginia Tech HokiePenny Arcade Expo EnforcerUNSC M12 FAV “Warthog” gunnerWorld Famous Jungle Cruise Skipper (ret.) #spdev101
  • 4. Who are you?
  • 5. SharePoint Development 101• What do you get?• What’s the same?• What tools do I need?• Key dev concepts you need to know• 10 things every SharePoint developer should know• How to get your code rejected by your SharePoint Architect(s)• Resources #spdev101
  • 6. What do you get?• You get a lot of functionality for free – Authentication/Authorization – Page Templating – Workflow hosting/reporting – Data storage• You get a LOT of functionality for free – Federated Search – Metadata management – Excel Data Services – Access Services – – Business Connectivity Services Scalable Service Hosting – Single Sign-On – Visio Workflow integration – Etc. – Etc. #spdev101
  • 7. What’s different?• Website Structure – Web Application → Site Collection → S.C. Root Web → Subwebs• Deployment – Code → Assembly → Feature (usually) → Package (.WSP)• Fea⋅ture /ˈfit ər/ -noun ʃ 1. A functional unit of SharePoint functionality, scoped at a Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, or Web level• Packages – First added to the server farm – Then, deployed to individual web applications (or globally) #spdev101
  • 8. What’s the same?• SharePoint is an ASP.Net app – Web.config – HTTPHandlers/HTTPModules – Authentication – Master Pages – Web Parts == Composite Server Controls • Inherit from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart – Postbacks/Event Lifecycle Model #spdev101
  • 9. What tools do I need?• Virtual Machine w/ Visual Studio, SQL Server, Active Directory, IIS, and MS Office running a server OS (64-bit for SP 2010)• Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SDK – Documentation – Code samples• SharePoint Visual Studio add-ins Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2008 Extensions, Version 1.2 (VSeWSS)  WSPBuilder (for VS 2008/SP 2007 or VS/SP 2010)  Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint Development (SP 2010 Only)  Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 - Preview 2 (SP 2013 only, SP 2010 is OOB) #spdev101
  • 10. Add-Ins: SharePoint vs. Visual Studio SharePoint SharePoint SharePoint 2007 2010 2013 WSPBuilder WSPBuilder NOPE :(2008VS Visual Studio 2010 Tools for2010 WSPBuilder NOPE :( SharePointVS Development Microsoft Office Developer Tools2012 NOPE :( Built-in :D for Visual StudioVS 2012 - Preview 2 #spdev101
  • 11. Key dev concepts you need to know• Memory management (IDisposable)• ASP.Net Web Forms page lifecycle (Page• events) handling & process flow Exception• (try/catch/finally) not just thru server controls) HTML & CSS (raw,• JavaScript (SharePoint Client-Side Object• Model) JavaScript (jQuery)• JavaScript (KnockoutJS, Modernizr, etc)• Regular Expressions (because SCIENCE)
  • 12. 10 things every developer should know
  • 13. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know10.Whenever possible, avoid creating custom Site Definitions • Use Web Templates #spdev101
  • 14. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know9. Solution packages are NOT side-by-side, versioned deployments #spdev101
  • 15. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know8. Web.config changes should be made in code, not by hand • SPWebConfigModification #spdev101
  • 16. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know7. Sandbox limitations are not enforced at compile time. You need: • Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools • Office365 Sandbox FxCop Rules #spdev101
  • 17. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know6. Out of the box master & layout pages should never be modified #spdev101
  • 18. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know5. JavaScript and Publishing Content Pages do not play well together OK (In a Content Editor Web Part): <script type=“text/javascript">…</script> Not OK (CEWP or page content): <a href="#" onclick="javascript: …">link</a> List data is always stripped of JavaScript #spdev101
  • 19. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know4. Yes, you can have ASP.Net “yellow screen of death” callstacks on errors In your web.config file: 1. Set mode to “off” in the customErrors element 2. Set debug to “true” in the compilation element 3. Set CallStack to “true” in the SafeMode element In code! • SPWebConfigModification #spdev101
  • 20. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know3. There is a right and very wrong way to iterate through a SharePoint list OK: SPListItemsCollection items = myList.Items; for (int i = 0; i < items.Count; i++) { // loop } Not OK: foreach (SPListItem item in myList.Items) { // loop } #spdev101
  • 21. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know2. Many of the out-of-box web part classes are inheritable (but not all) You need: ILSpy #spdev101
  • 22. 10 Things Every SharePoint Developer Should Know1. The rules for proper disposal of SharePoint objects isn’t cut & dry – but there is help. SPDisposeChe (Write ck down) this #spdev101
  • 23. How to get your code rejected by your SharePoint Architecture Group• Don’t dispose of your SPSite and SPWeb (and related) objects properly – The SPDisposeCheck utility is invaluable for this• Use SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges when unnecessary or just plain badly• Log errors to whatever’s handy at the time• Make changes to the web.config file without consideration for others #spdev101
  • 24. Resources• SPDisposeCheck Utility –• StackOverflow/SharePointOverflow – –• Twitter (#SPHelp)• Your local SharePoint User Group #spdev101
  • 25. Demo!
  • 26. Questions?
  • 27. One more thing…
  • 28. Right now: Downstairs, in the lunch place… Delicious Cake (really).
  • 29. Thanks for coming!• Don’t forget your evaluations• You can find me at: • Blog: • Twitter: @ghurlman • Email: • Princeton Area SharePoint User Group • SharePoint Saturday New York & New Jersey • Manticore Theatre @ PAX East #spdev101
  • 30. Photo Credits••••• #spdev101