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Branding And Brand Image
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Branding And Brand Image


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  • 1. Branding and Brand Image
  • 2. In relation to's theory of brand identity our brand consists of the following elements:-
    Brand Essence? It represents minorities as it is an 'upcoming underground' music and the genre itself is a minority as it is not classed as mainstream music.
    Brand Slogan? 'Bring On The Bass'.
    Brand Personality? It is fast paced, upbeat and something to rave to and for everyone to enjoy.
    Brand Values? It is a representation of many things including Love, Youth, Pride of Hometowns and much more.
    Brand Appearance? As it is an auditorial product it has no visual appearance however the music is shared between Mc, Instrumental and Vocals (Singing).
    Brand Heritage? It is a mixture of all traditions and cultures but the genre originated in the early 2000s.
    Emotional Benefits? It offers a release from worldly affairs and gets you in hype as it is highly energetic and the beat is forceful.
    Hard Benefits? It is cheaper because there are no manufacturer costs, printing and publishing costs as albums are made on request. The 'real' quantifiable benefits to the consumer are that it is easily accessible and is cheaper to purchase as it is not sold at a music store.
  • 3. Examples of Brand Identity/Image that was inspirational
    The media text is produced by 'Speedy Dubz' which is an independent label. They promote and create music individually to tailor everyone’s needs. This is an example of their work which can be found on YouTube and MySpace.
    These are a few of the artists that work with Speedy Dubz to be successful:-
    Skanka Productionz
    DJ Phelan
    Shaun Jnr
    DJ Zee-One
    DJ Jay Vibez
    The typical traits of this institution and its collaborators are that they are mainly young people who have a love for music production and interest of the genre as a whole.
  • 4. Logo
    This is the logo my group used for the construction of the magazine advert and the CD covers. It is original and follows other styles of ‘ruky’s’ designs in the past. It is black and purple and any fans would be able to recognize that it is Ruky’s music and that the genre is bassline so they know what to expect.
  • 5. How you maintained a brand image across your products?
    To maintain a brand image of our artist (Ruky) we needed to keep a consistent colour scheme and we did this by using black and purple. These colours were already being used by Ruky in his previous album covers and designs.
    In the ancillary tasks of the album cover and magazine advert we had to copy this style to get a professional and consistent look.
    The fonts used were bold to grab the attention of the reader and modern like for the youth audience who would consume the products.
    The images used in the magazine advert and album cover were of the performer and the dancer that took part in the music video created. This was to make it look real and that the audience had a little idea of what they might expect in the video.
  • 6. Ancillary Tasks
    This is the magazine advert which is also available on our blog
    The font used is bold and purple to catch the young audiences attention
    Pictures of the dancer and performer used to promote the music video
    Website also included to give a realistic look
    Audience knows when to expect the video to be released
  • 7. Ancillary Tasks
    This is the different album cover pages, the style used is similar to the magazine advert but this is deliberate for a more professional and valid look.
    Album cover - Front
    Album Cover - inside
  • 8. Continued...
    Inside cover 2
    Back cover
  • 9. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why is brand image important your industry?
    The music video would be uploaded on to YouTube and Ruky’s label would distribute it through the internet as a torrent available for download with a charged free or sometimes free. Examples of this are and
    Along with the label Speedy Dubz the music would get promoted and Ruky would make a name in the up and coming genre of bassline. The institution would benefit from having such a creative and young artist making good music.
    Overall, the combination of our main product and the ancillary tasks is effective because the brand identity is there of the artist. The dancer and performer are easily recognized in the video and on the CD covers and magazine advert and with the use of black and purple and the conventions of bassline the product as a whole is authentic.