Catherine Appleby 6N Film Christmas Homework

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  • 1. Christmas Homework
    Catherine Appleby
  • 2. Gulliver’s Travels (Letterman, 2010, USA)
    Directed by: Rob Letterman;
    Starring: Jack Black; Known actor in many comedy films.Emily Blunt; In a majority of comedy and action films.Jason Segal; In a lot of comedy films. Billy Connelly; In a number of comedy and adventure films.
    Release Date: 31/12/2010
     Genre: Adventure; Comedy
    Audience: Young teenagers to young adults, 12 - 24
    Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Film Co
  • 3. ...
    Billboards – taking on part of the comedy of the film.
    Movietrailers – on T.V., online, website etc.
    Before other films
    On leaflets
  • 4. Meet the Parents, Little Fockers(Weitz, 2010, USA)
    Directed by: Paul Weitz;
    Starring: (In the previous films)
    Robert De Niro;Ben Stiller; Owen Wilson;
    Distributor: Paramount
    Release Date:24/12/2010
    Genre: Comedy;
    Audience: Teenagers aged 15 – 19, both genders.
  • 5. ...
    Posters – Outside cinema,
    Online – Trailers, images, adverts on various websites.
    Trailer before other films start at the cinema.
  • 6. Tron Legacy (Kosinski, 2010, USA)
    Director: Joseph Kosinski
    Starring:Jeff Bridges; Very well known actorGarrett Hedlund; Majority films in with genre ActionOlivia Wilde; Various Sci-Fi and Action films Bruce Boxleitner; Various action films
    Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures International UK
    Release Date: 17/12/2010
    Genre: Action Adventure; Sci-Fi;
    Audience: Teenagers to young adults, mainly the male population
  • 7. ...
    Online: Trailers, images, adverts
    Posters – outside cinema, large stand-alone posters
    Merchandise – Food etc.
  • 8. Megamind(McGrath, 2010, USA)
    Directed by: Tom McGrath;
    Starring: Brad Pitt (voice); Big name star in Action filmsWill Ferrell (voice); Well known comedy star.Tina Fey (voice); In a number of comedy films
    Distributor: Paramount
    Release Date: 03/12/2010
    Genre: Action Adventure; Animation; Comedy; Family;
    Audience: Young children, families
  • 9. ...
    Online – trailers, images, adverts
    Posters outside cinemas.
    T.V. Adverts
  • 10. The Chronicles of Narnia:The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader(Apted, 2010, UK)
    Directed by: Michael Apted
    Starring: All in previous films
    Georgie Henley; In 5 Adventure, Family and Fantasy films respectively.Skandar Keynes; In number of adventure filmsBen Barnes; Number of fantasy films
    Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox Film Co
    Release Date: 10/12/2010
    Genre: Adventure; Family; Fantasy
    Audience: Family, children
  • 11. ...
    Online: Trailers, images, adverts
    Trailers before other films in cinemas
    Posters inside cinema
  • 12. Common to each other
    All these films have been released during a joyful time of the year.
    Mainly all attract to families
    No type of horror or thriller films to keep a happy and light feeling to the season of Christmas.
    Christmas is a time for families to spend time together.