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Intuit Careers Career Advice Series - eHarmony for Applicants - Creating social media profiles that attract the right employer. Gail Houston, Senior Recruiter with Intuit and co-lead of the …

Intuit Careers Career Advice Series - eHarmony for Applicants - Creating social media profiles that attract the right employer. Gail Houston, Senior Recruiter with Intuit and co-lead of the Crossroads Career Transition Workshop teaches applicants how to create a profile that will attract recruiters and hiring managers.

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  • Morgan Stanley estimates that there were about 830 million “unique” users of social networks worldwide at the end of 2009. Based on a total Internet user population of 1.7 billion at the end of 2009, according to ITU’s World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report 2010, this suggests that around half of all Internet users could currently be using social media applications. Current estimates of the number of social media users vary significantly, partly due to difficulties defining and categorizing sites and applications as “social networks”, but also due to margins of error in estimating the number of “unique” users (since users of one social network are more likely to use several other social networking services as well). Many social network users access these services over their mobile phones. According to ITU’s report Measuring the Information Society 2010, mobile broadband subscriptions reached an estimated 640 million at the end of 2009, driven by growing demand for smartphones, new applications and social networking services, and are set to exceed 1 billion this year. The market research firm eMarketer projects that just over 600 million people will use their phones to tap into social networks by 2013, compared with 140 million in 2009. Facebook passed the historic milestone of 500 million users on 21 July 2010 — if Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous nation in the world after China and India.


  • 1. eHarmony for Applicants Creating a social media footprint so the right employer finds you Gail Houston 12/16/2010
  • 2.
    • We’re all searching for the special someone
  • 3. Okay, so you’re not looking for a date
  • 4. But you are looking for that perfect employer
  • 5. What we will cover today
    • Why you need to be social
    • Creating your social footprint
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Your signature line
  • 6. Why do you need to be social? Over 830m users worldwide on social networks - 2009
  • 7. Why do you need to be social? Employers have moved to social sites
  • 8. Most want to be social but don’t know how So What Can You Do?
  • 9. Create profiles that attract employers - before
  • 10. Create profiles that attract employers - after
    • Add an email so recruiters can find you easily
    • Add what types of roles you have done – your keywords are critical – why do you love it here
    • Websites – select “other” and then add up to 3 websites – product, blog or personal
    • Connect your sites (i.e. twitter)
    • Make your profiles / info tabs visible
    • Let recruiters know they can contact you regarding job ops.
    • Connect, Connect, Connect
    10 changes
  • 11. Select Your LinkedIn User Name
    • Profile
    • Edit My Profile
    • Public Profile
    • Customize your URL
    • Enter chosen name (LI will check for availability)
    • Set Address
    Create public profile URL
  • 12. Make Your LinkedIn Profile Visible
    • Settings
    • Public Profile
    • Full View
    • Check all the boxes
    Select Full Public View
  • 13. Join appropriate groups and introduce yourself
    • Click Groups
    • Enter “Intuit Careers”
    • Join
    • Click Groups – My Groups
    • Click edit the order of my groups
    • Put 1 beside the skill related group
    • You can hide group visibility
    • Join 50 groups – if you are an alumni – check out the jobs tab and introduce yourself to the group
    Employers will post jobs for free in groups – goldmine! Edit group order
  • 14. Create profiles that attract recruiters- Facebook Use keywords to tell recruiters what your skills are Work email and Websites are Publically Visible Websites and Write Something Visible Info Tab Visible Hide the Rest
  • 15. Select your Facebook user name
    • Account
    • Account Settings
    • User Name
    • Change
    • Select
    • Check Availability
    • Save
    • (note you can only change user name once)
    Try to use same user name on all sites Add both your personal and work email but make work visible
  • 16. Make Your Facebook Profile Visible
    • Account
    • Privacy Settings
    • Customize Settings
    • Basic Directory Info – View Settings – Select Everyone for:
      • Search for me on Facebook
      • Send me a message
      • See my education and work
      • See my interest and pages
    • Under Sharing on Facebook - Things You Share – Select Everyone for:
      • Websites
      • Work email
    Find One Find Them All List Your Websites What Are You Looking For
  • 17. Create Profiles that Attract Talent - Twitter Account Settings Profile Settings
  • 18. Create Your Social Media Signature Line
    • Renaming Naming a Hyperlink
    • Copy the URL you want to rename –
    • Right click on the URL
    • Click Edit Hyperlink
    • Text to Display (at the top) – this is what you are naming your Hyperlink – in my case Intuit Careers
    • Address (at the bottom) – this should contain your URL address
    • *You need to include your title!
    • Gail Houston∙ Senior Recruiter
    • Intuit ∙ Intuit Careers
    • 214.387.2000 ∙  
    • Find Me on: LinkedIn ∙ Face book ∙ Twitter
  • 19. How to learn more about Intuit Careers Join: YouTube - Facebook - LinkedIn Group Intuit Careers - LinkedIn Group – Intuit Alumni (employees may join) - Follow: @intuitcareers – Intuit Careers Twitter ID @ghouston – Gail Houston – Right Talent Social Media