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Sociale Media Presentation at Amcham (Belgium)
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Sociale Media Presentation at Amcham (Belgium)

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Social media presentation and workshop for AMCHAM members in Belgium

Social media presentation and workshop for AMCHAM members in Belgium

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  • 1. Social Media activities • Awareness Building • Inventory Services • Policy Creation • Training • Monitoring Mic AdamJoris De Sutter • Market research
  • 2. Agenda• What is social media?• How to implement social media?• Practical Steps • From a PC point of view • From a mobile point of view
  • 3. A quick intro – a video
  • 4. What is social media?Vanguard Leadership March,2010 (c)
  • 5. Recall of flawed U-shaped locks could cost firms tens ofmillions of dollars, experts say.
  • 6. Social Media landscape - new territories Geo SM location Monitoring Aggretors
  • 7. Social Media Platform Overview You!
  • 8. Social Media Platform Overview You!
  • 9. Social Media and Networking is of all ages!Vanguard Leadership March,2010 (c)
  • 10. Worldwide• Facebook: 500 million• Twitter: 190 million• LinkedIn: 80 million• Youtube: 50 million• Blogs: 200+ millionBelgium• Facebook: 3.5 million• Twitter: 75.000• LinkedIn: 850.000• Blogs: 1 million
  • 11. When social media goes bad... • Damage your brand • Loose your job • Never get hired • Ruin your life • How to get robbed
  • 12. Examples with a common thread
  • 13. Facebook don’ts...
  • 14. Goverment is looking over your shoulder too
  • 15. Blendec Lesson: Social media marketing doesn’t always need to cost a lot of money. Creating funny, original video and leveraging an already large user base can be used to increase sales.
  • 16. StarbucksLesson: Thinking of ways to build your company are great, but directlyasking your consumers what they want, is better. Acting on thatinformation and doing it publicly is key to the success of this campaign.
  • 17. How do you get startedwithout loosing yourreputation?
  • 18. Process to implement a Social media plan and policyAwareness Social Media Inventory Training Monitoring Building Policy Goals, Teams Project: Objectives, Ambassadors define – strategy roll-out
  • 19. Practial steps
  • 20. START withSocial Media Monitoring
  • 21. Social Media Strategy Cascade Photo LinkedIn Blog World Wide Members Core Company Circle Employees LBS Employees WebFacebook Twitter Video
  • 22. Approach to setting up your social media presenceOutward Bound Step 1: Setting up core personal profiles Step 2: Set up company profiles Step 3: Start engagement from the company Step 4: Conversations by core people Step 5: Involving your employees Step 6: Conversing with your clients and the worldInward Bound Step 1: Monitor Company accounts Step 2: Monitor conversation on Company and people Step 3: Monitor conversations (competitors, clients, trends)
  • 23. Lets go mobile • Foursquare • Twitter • Linkedin • Facebook
  • 24. Before I forget...Social Media is.... Vanguard Leadership (c) - May 2010 28
  • 25. Do you still have questions such as..• Do you really want to know what people are saying about you, your company and your products?• Do you really want to protect your and your company’s reputation?• Do you really want to use social media tools more efficiently and make money?
  • 26. Connect with us to schedule ameeting or get more information!be.linkedin.com/in/micadam http://twitter.com/micadamBe.linkedin.com/in/jorisdesutter http://twitter.com/smartphonehelp http://bit.ly/cPdiom http://micvadam.wordpress.com