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Overview of social media policy

Overview of social media policy

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  • WelcomeWho am I?20 years of marketing (product and general marketing)10 years of international salesMe and social networkingMarketing strategy no longer worksMove towards face to face networkingMove towards social media
  • Who is active on social media A. Personally vs Professionally B. On which platforms: Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – G+ - YouTube – Review sites – etc. C. Who has used Social media: Youtube – review sites – etc.
  • Livecast – platform to stream video from (video podcast with content)MMO = massive multiplayer onlineMOG = Massive online gameMMORP = Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
  • Another myth about social media
  • We are seeing 2 types of behaviours of companies:Those who close down the access to social media (esp. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)But sheep do escape... And then what.Thos who leave it open and have no rulesSetting up for disaster and discussions after the fact
  • How you could your or your company’s social profile look like?


  • 1. Social Media activities • Awareness Building • Inventory Services • Policy Creation • Training • MonitoringMic Adam • Market research
  • 2. Agenda• Overview of social media• Steps to implementing social media• Social Media Policy
  • 3. What is happening?
  • 4. And there is more ...
  • 5. Who has a social media policy?
  • 6. What is social media?Vanguard Leadership March,2010 (c)
  • 7. Social Media and Networking is of all ages! LinkedIn Classmates EcademyTwitter Facebook
  • 8. Social Media is no longer for the happy few Source: Insites Consulting – 2012
  • 9. Social Media in your company...Social networks are being Social networks are open blocked Approach, Policies & Monitoring are needed!
  • 10. How do you get startedwithout loosing yourreputation?
  • 11. Where are businesses today? You!
  • 12. Social Media Policy/Guidelines 35 areas of interest
  • 13. Start listening...Monitor Social Media
  • 14. Step 7: Social Media Routine
  • 15. Orchestrate Social Media? • Social Media Manager • Conversation Manager • Community Manager • Online Content Manager
  • 16. Employee/Client ambassadorship
  • 17. Social Media Policy/Guidelines
  • 18. Overview of legal framework• No specific social media legislation• Impact of general legislation • Labour law • Privacy law • Intellectual property law • Other laws (slander; stalking; etc.)
  • 19. Topics• Policy or Guidelines?• Why do you need a policy?• Who makes the policy?• Perspectives of the policy?• How do you make a policy?• What needs to be in the policy?• How do you implement a policy?
  • 20. Anatomy of a good policy
  • 21. Key to success Roll-out
  • 22. Best Practices
  • 23. More video’s & policies?
  • 24. Need or want to discuss more about Social Media Policies!