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Social media policies for SMdayBE


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Introduction to creating a social media pol

Introduction to creating a social media pol

Published in: Business
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  • WelcomeWho am I?20 years of marketing (product and general marketing)10 years of international salesMe and social networkingMarketing strategy no longer worksMove towards face to face networkingMove towards social media
  • Who is active on social media A. Personally vs Professionally B. On which platforms: Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – G+ - YouTube – Review sites – etc. C. Who has used Social media: Youtube – review sites – etc.
  • Transcript

    1. Social Media activities • Awareness Building • Inventory Services • Policy Creation • Training • MonitoringMic Adam • Market research
    2. Agenda• Social Media Policy Survey Overview (Vanguard Leadership – October-November 2012)• Steps towards a Social Media Policy• Social Media Policies made simple
    3. What we know!
    4. Frequency of access706050 Daily40 Weekly30 Monthly20 No account10 0 be In re er s e+ k g o ed ua itt Tu lo bo gl Tw nk B sq oo ou ceLi ur G Y Fa Fo (c) Vanguard Leadership – Oct-Nov 2012
    5. What is bound to happen?
    6. And also this...
    7. SoMePol @ companies (c) Vanguard Leadership – Oct-Nov 2012
    8. Employee Awareness of the SoMePol (c) Vanguard Leadership – Oct-Nov 2012
    9. Time for a poll!Who has a social media policy?
    10. Social Media Policy
    11. Your idea of a Social Media Policy?
    12. It can be different
    13. And one step further...
    14. These times are over... Mostly
    15. Topics that need answering• Legal Framework?• Policy or Guidelines?• Why do you need a policy?• Who makes the policy?• Perspectives of the policy?• How do you make a policy?• What needs to be in the policy?• How do you implement a policy?
    16. First, the legal framework…• No specific social media legislation• CAO 81 & 38• “Wet op privacy” – (8/12/92)• Impact of general legislation • Labour law • Privacy law • Intellectual property law • Other laws (slander; stalking; etc.)
    17. Guidelines or Policy• Policy is official and enforceable • Control legal burden • Cover HR items • Identify risk• Guideline is a suggestion and not enforceable • Communication piece • Motivate and inspire users (ambassadors) • Create positive frame of mind
    18. Who contributes to the policy? And Why?  Marketing  HR  IT  Legal  Mngt Team  Employees  Unions
    19. How to create a social media policy? • Social media policy creation software • • • Social media policy examples • http://socialmediagovernance.c om/policies.php • Write one your own
    20. How Long Is your SMP? 6%38% 1 page 2-3 pages 4+ pages 56% (c) Vanguard Leadership – Oct-Nov 2012
    21. Social Media Policy/Guidelines 35+ areas of interest
    22. So M C e om O D pa ve efin 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 ny r v t ie ion So w s M So Sp e 42,9 ok Ac Me es c 32,1 pe ou Em rs nts Em p o n 21,4 pl loy Ru oy ee ls ee R 28,4 G ule R u es ide s 10,7 po lin n e Ti d C s h 57,1 ps & art D 28,6 o Tric R s & ks eq ue Don 32,1 st t ac s What content does the SM P focus on? 50 ce ss 10,7(c) Vanguard Leadership – Oct-Nov 2012
    23. Anatomy of a good policy
    24. Some examples
    25. Key to success Roll-out
    26. How were they informed? 6% 0% 16% 40% 18% 20%Not Intranet post Email Presentation Training Video
    27. Roll-Out van een Sociale Media Policy
    28. Best Practices
    29. A good alternative!
    30. Need or want to discuss more about Social Media Policies!