data.bris Business Development


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A brief overview of where the JISC-funded data.bris project is in terms of business development.

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data.bris Business Development

  1. 1. Towards ongoingResearch Data ManagementStephen GrayIT Services R&D/ILRTIT Services R&D / ILRTUniversity of BristolUsing emerging learning and research technologies to enable excellence
  2. 2. Discussed ~• Existing research data storage• The data.bris ‘research data service’ pilot• The current phase: a plan for a permanent service by Jan 25th 2013 • Whats decided • Whats nearly decided • Whats not even nearly decided IT Services R&D / ILRT
  3. 3. Research Data Storage IT Services R&D / ILRT
  4. 4. Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF)• £2m petascale research data storage facility launched in 2011• Has ongoing investment• Overseen by Research Data Storage (and now Management) Board (RDSMB) • representatives from all faculty and support services • reports to HPC Board which is chaired by PVC for Research• Each ‘Data Steward’ (researcher) has 5TB for free, additional storage available at a cost…• …now moving to ‘Pay Once, Store Forever’ model IT Services R&D / ILRT
  5. 5. What Bristol hadn’t got• Historically, no mechanism for collaborative research• No means to publish data• No easy way to transfer data to anyone who might publish it• No requirement for research data to be retained, have metadata, be curated (or even sorted)• No way for ROSE (Institutional Repository) to accept data deposits IT Services R&D / ILRT
  6. 6. Research Data Management IT Services R&D / ILRT
  7. 7. RDM: The Plan #1 eighteen-month data.bris pilot in Faculty of Arts & Humanities#2 three-year roll out across the University, starting Aug 2013 #3 data.bris as a permanent research data service IT Services R&D / ILRT
  8. 8. Some data.bris pilot deliverables• UoB Institutional Research Data Management Principles• Research data deposit web interface: Temple Cloud• Web interface/s for publication of deposited datasets• Integration of datasets with Research Information System (Pure)• Guidance and training materials for research staff• Business Plan IT Services R&D / ILRT
  9. 9. IT Services R&D / ILRT
  10. 10. The next 3 years: Decided• Managing what? (Primarily) datasets which underpin outputs• Nature of work to be done? • Providing training, advice on DMPs and promoting good RDM • Doing hands-on curating, checking metadata, gathering usage stats • A Manager, some Developer time & trainee posts IT Services R&D / ILRT
  11. 11. The next 3 years: Nearly decided• Do we want a ‘basic’ or ‘full’ service?• What’s the difference?... IT Services R&D / ILRT
  12. 12. The next 3 years: Nearly decided Minimal service• Compliance• Little subject-specific knowledge • Generic training & guidance • Little/no individual DMP checking • No institutional policing of external mandates IT Services R&D / ILRT
  13. 13. The next 3 years: Nearly decided Full-service, over 3 years• Discipline-specific knowledge (esp. metadata & training)• ‘Policing’ of funder/publisher mandates esp. EPSRC & mandatory deposit to data services• Checking individual DMPs• Some hands-on curation…• …the flexibility to dedicate effort /staff at project level IT Services R&D / ILRT
  14. 14. The next 3 years: Not nearly decided• What does RDM really cost and what does it generate?• In addition to the storage policy, can you have a ‘Pay Once, Manage Forever’ model?• Are funders willing to contribute directly, towards RDM?• And how will other HEIs react..? IT Services R&D / ILRT
  15. 15. A reminder or IT Services R&D / ILRT