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Yr 10 force leah
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Yr 10 force leah


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  • 1. GCSE Fortismere Photography Department GCSE Photography Assessment Sheet STUDENT: TEACHER(S): TITLE: Minnie Barker-Samson Mr Holden Coursework Target grade Wag DATE: UNIT: 6/1/14 Coursework A B+ Summer Task The pictures that you have taken in this task show some sense of discovery, however they don’t really tell me an awful lot about the place that you visited. I would have liked to have seen more pictures and also a lot more sustained investigation of your chosen subject The exhibitions that you visited have some good analysis and you have clearly begun to look at and describe the more complex issues involved in the construction of the image. The in-depth analysis you have written for the “Vision of the Universe” are particularly strong. Overall you have completed all the tasks set but I fell that you have not gone in-depth enough with both your contextual work and your visual practise. You must make sure that your final project demonstrates a deeper level of investigation and analysis. FORCE Strand 1 - Force of nature – (T-) Some interesting images You have thought through the images well and demonstrated a good understanding of the brief. However I would like you to use contact sheets and then edits rather than showing all your images in one go. Strand 2 - Applied Force – (T-) .A good selections of images but again you need to have some detailed analysis of a relevant artist that you can link to your own work. Strand 3 - Force of transformation – (T-) This section is strong and is starting to show a real sense of development. I think the ideas shown particularly around the double exposure of the human portrait can be developed much further. Please keeps up the investigation and you must continue to put in detailed analysis of other photographers work. GENNERAL COMMENTS Well done Leah some good work here I think that you should continue to be experimental in your process and try out more ways of capturing the derelict man made enviroment. Remember to keep up the contextual links throughout and fill in the sections that I have spoken about. Force continued Create contact sheets instead of large images Second response to applied force and edits and artist Artist needed Waterloo leak street response to your graffiti work Expand starn brothers Take enlargement to location to photograph Close up abstraction – More Artists are needed to expand your contextual element in this unit. Final pieces could be printed out larger to have more of an impact the existing images could be an interim outcome
  • 2. GCSE Landscape – Put all work onto one tab makes it easier for the examiner to read and mark. Make sure to make contact sheets for each shoot that can be place before your edits Movement – More detailed Artist analysis is needed to expand your contextual element in this project use the talking about photography sheet. Light painting Artists need to be added (Micheal Bossanko) You still need to upload you France stop motion video