Future of Work and Jobs 2013
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Future of Work and Jobs 2013

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Future of work and jobs, a webinar presented by futurist Glen Hiemstra for Fastco Exist, of Fast Company. The webinar was presented on 24 May 2013 and attended by 150 people.

Future of work and jobs, a webinar presented by futurist Glen Hiemstra for Fastco Exist, of Fast Company. The webinar was presented on 24 May 2013 and attended by 150 people.

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  • 1. work  is  about  what  we  actually  do  to  stay  alive:  grow  things,  make  things,  trade  things,  run  things.  
  • 2. job  is  about  how  we  “make  a  living”  with  what  we  do,  and  before  the  20th  century  few  people  had  jobs  like  you  and  I  think  of  them
  • 3. Pillars of 20th CenturyIndustrial Society• how we make, buy, grow, sell,manage, travel, communicate• the home as we lived it• private, then government, thenprivate solutions• the school house• the idea of retirement• the job
  • 4. Pillars of 21st CenturyInnovation Economy• new processes for making, buyingselling, growing, managing,traveling, communicating ....• back to future homes• learning beyond school• the end of retirement• the stint, not the job
  • 5. it’s what aproduct orservice - orperson knowsknowledge value economy
  • 6. must find new and better ways organizecommunities to enable learning formillions.knowledge value needs…..knowledge
  • 7.  Job-based Fixed Time & Place Supervised Static, Secure One size, full time Pay per Scale Technical or Personal Change is Slow &Ruled Stint-based Asynchronous, Moving Self Managed Innovative, Uncertain Many Options Pay for Performance Technical andPersonal Globally oriented Locally sourced Change is Fast & Chaoticnature of work in global future20th 21st
  • 8. There is one rule for the industrialist andthat is: Make the best quality of goodspossible at the lowest cost possible, payingthe highest wages possible.Henry Ford
  • 9. income gap economics
  • 10. its a wide wide worldAmericas14% WorldPopulationEU, CIS, M.E.,Africa33% WorldPopulationChina, India, Japan,SE Asia, Australia53% World PopulationAmericas$2TEU-CIS$4TAsia$4T
  • 11. what are the future jobs?
  • 12. Entrepreneur
  • 13. Bioscientist
  • 14. Biomedical Engineer
  • 15. Technology
  • 16. Jobs of the FutureExotic...• Gene Pharmer• Food Engineer• Bioengineer• Brain Augmenter• Biomedical Engineer• Spaceport Traffic Control• Human-related Spacecraft Maintenance• Nature Convservationist• Ethics Lawyer - for memor aug, gene programming, etc• Domestic Robot Programmer
  • 17. Jobs of the FutureMore routine...• Dental Hygienist• Human Resources Specialist• Pharmacist• Biotechnology Salesman• Biomedical Engineer• Entrepreneur• Programmer/Software Developer• Network and Computer Systems Administrator• Lawyer• Nuclear and Solar Power Engineer
  • 18. thank you for your timefor more informationwww.futurist.comglen@futurist.comwww.twitter.com/glenhiemstrawww.facebook/glenhiemstra