Top 10 deadliest sharks
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Top 10 deadliest sharks






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    Top 10 deadliest sharks Top 10 deadliest sharks Document Transcript

    • There are over 350 species of sharks Only 30 are dangerous to people Which sharks are the deadliest?
    • Gray Reef Shark •Pacific and Indian Oceans •6.5 to 8 feet long •Hunt along outer edge of reefs and in lagoons
    • Black Tip Shark •Warm water, especially near the equator •Up to 6.5 feet in length •Long, pointed snouts and black markings along the edges of their fins
    • Sand Tiger Shark •Bulky body with flat, pointed snout •48 upper teeth and 46 lower teeth •Four different species of sand tiger sharks •Live in Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans
    • This man survived a sand tiger shark attack. He was lucky not to lose his leg.
    • Shortfin Mako Shark •Up to 13 feet long •Weighs up to 1,200 lbs •Known as the fastest fish in the sea •Fishing has reduced it’s number and threatens the species
    • Blue Shark •Swim in packs of either all male or all female sharks •Live in both warm and cold waters •Usually stay near the surface of the water, but have been seen as deep as 500 feet
    • Great Hammerhead Shark •Lives near coral reefs •Up to 20 feet long •Swim in shallow water
    • Oceanic White Tip Shark •Up to 13 feet long •Has long pectoral fins that are rounded and colored white at the end •Can be either bronze or olive in color
    • Tiger Shark •Lives in Indian, Pacific & Atlantic coasts •15 to 25 feet long •Lose their color & stripes as they age •Jaws strong enough to crack a turtle shell
    • Losing her arm to a tiger shark doesn’t stop Bethany Hamilton from surfing.
    • Bull Shark •10 feet long •Only shark able to live in either fresh or salt water •Broad, triangular teeth like saw blades •Some experts say it’s the most dangerous
    • •Lives about 40 years •Swims near surface along coastlines & reefs •More than 20 feet long •Largest meat-eating shark in the ocean
    • National Geographic video v=O2FInaOCq